Wroclaw, Poland

I swear, every place I see in Poland is my new favorite city here. I knew Poland was picturesque from Instagram photos (no joke, I usually plan my trips using Instagram) but it is even better than I imagined.

Jon and I got to Wroclaw around 9:30am on Tuesday morning. We had taken a train from Krakow, which was pretty uneventful. Jon slept the whole time and I got stared at by a creepy guy who made me uncomfortable almost the entire time.

We were fortunate enough that our AirBnB host hadn’t had a guest the day before us, so we were able to check in early. We walked to our new studio that was literally right in the center of the Rynek (city center). I’m going to be honest in saying that I don’t remember what we did in nearly as much detail as I did about Krakow, but I think that’s because my mind wasn’t quite so blown with the food there.

But the town of Wroclaw! I thought Krakow was cute, but Wroclaw was adorable! Seriously! So freaking cute! The Rynek was literally a perfect square with a huge town hall in the middle and every building was perfect! Krakow has maintained a lot of the original buildings since it wasn’t ruined during the war, but the other cities in Poland were damaged and rebuilt. So although they were rebuilt to look the same, they are in much better condition overall. I think I took a thousand of the same picture in Wroclaw.

The morning we got to Wroclaw, we found Giselle on Yelp for brunch. The food was super good and I was so happy to have some eggs and a good coffee! The croissant was insanely good too. After breakfast, we had to head back to our studio to bundle up some more. Wroclaw was the coldest place we had been by far! I had on three pairs of pants, three long sleeved shirts, and two hats.

We walked over to Cathedral Island, which is usually an area in the towns with a huge cathedral. It was surprisingly not very busy in Wroclaw, so I got a lot of shots on my camera without many people. After walking around for awhile, we went back to our studio to warm up again. We have done this a lot of the days. Go out, eat, walk around, come back to relax for an hour or so, and then go back out for the evening. We went back out and found this amazing chocolate place right next door to us, E. Wedel Pijalnie Czekolady! Holy smokes, guys. This is literally the best hot chocolate I have had in my life. Ghirardelli is nothing compared to this. I had a sandwich for dinner there and then Jon and I went to the mall to get a scar for him (H&M wasn’t showing up on the map and the only scarves we found for men at the mall were like, $35. Turns out, an H&M was literally right across the square from our studio and we found a scarf there the next day for $4! Ugh!) We headed back to our room so it was cold and we were sleepy! I actually ended up taking Ambien since our room was kind of loud, so I slept like a baby.

Wednesday was our only other day in Wroclaw. We had a somewhat lazy start but I have no idea what we did in the morning. We walked around the town and eventually ended up going to Madame and I had a galetta (very similar to a crepe- like an open faced one). We sat looking out a window and it just reminded me how much I love Europe. I would love to explore some more continents (although I guess I’ve been to Asia and Australia, but I still want to go to more places) but I have such a love for Europe! The cafes are so amazing and their coffee is ten million times better than the US. I think I should have been born a European. I even got over my hatred for European breakfasts and I think I could give up my bagels now.

The rest of our day was spent walking around and going to E. Wedel’s for hot chocolate and dessert twice. We had dinner at Pod Fredra and it was decent, but nothing special. Maybe I filled up on dessert though, so I wasn’t that hungry. I don’t think either of us were really in the mood to be out to eat, so maybe that made it worse. The service was pretty good there though! Unfortunately, we didn’t tip on a pretty big bill because we were super confused about why there was a 23% VAT and an 8% VAT. We thought one was just the service tax, but now we think maybe alcohol has a different VAT. We literally cannot find anything online to decipher Polish restaurant receipts and only found that you usually tip 10-15% unless the service tax is added to the bill. (The bill that is written in Polish.) So, who knows if we’ve been tipping people properly or not. We have tipped like, 70% of the time, but we just don’t stress it if we don’t have cash or coins for it.

Also unfortunately, I somehow stepped in dog poop (maybe because people in Wroclaw just let their dogs poop all over, so it was right off the side of almost every sidewalk) and then it got on my scarf somehow. So now I’m wearing a scarf that is dirtied by dog poop. So gross.

We went back to our room to pack up and get ready to leave the next morning! The next day, we caught an early train to Poznan to spend a few hours there, before going to our final destination- Gdansk!


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