Charleston Tomorrow and NYE

I should be going to bed in a few minutes since I’m going to Charleston tomorrow, but I’m not that tired somehow! I should also be booking out hotels for Poland because we leave in 16 days, but I’m also not doing that. I actually was walking out the door this morning to go to a coffee shop and book all of our AirBnBs and then I got called into work at the very last minute, so my plans went out the door.

Jon came in town this weekend which was nice! Unfortunately, I had to head into work on Saturday and Sunday from 9-3. We did go grab a bite to eat on Friday night but I was feeling kind of gross, so we just came back to the house and watched Captive on Netflix.

On Saturday, I went to meet up with Gina after work down by our old condo (I still miss living down there!) for some coffee. I really feel like I haven’t spent nearly enough time with friends lately, although I think that’s just what happens as we get older and our lives change. Jon and I talked about going out for NYE to do something fun, but we didn’t. Instead, we went to grab some pizza and watched some more Captive in bed.

I got home from work Sunday and Jon had gone out with Andrew without telling me, so I was a little surprised to find my parents watching Jackson (they offered, but hello, let your wife know!). I had been wanting to go to the Botanical Gardens that night, but Jon didn’t get home until right before Jackson went to bed, and then I laid down on the couch and was too lazy to get up and get dressed to go. So, another night watching Captive at home!

Monday we headed down to the North Face store. I bought some new snow boots and a new winter jacket. I’m really not sure what happened in the last five years, but I’m pretty sure the North Face has almost tripled in price. I’m letting it slide since the last time I bought a winter jacket and boots was before I went to China (I think that was in 2011) and I love their jackets, but really? I’m kicking myself too, because last year I found an awesome winter jacket for $70 on clearance and told myself I didn’t need to buy it since I wanted to save money! I should have just invested back then. Other than needing a few base layers now, I’m pretty much set for Poland! I want to get maybe 1 or 2 more wool shirts. I haven’t been in cold weather in awhile, so I have a feeling Poland winters are going to be a little shocking for this Southern girl.

Gina came over Monday afternoon to hang out with Jackson. I feel kind of bad because hanging out with Jackson isn’t really anything exciting. Not only that, he was super clingy. I think he gets clingy when he wakes up from naps to strangers, but we did give him a bath and he was super happy then. But I’m just not sure it’s what people expect when they come to hang out, and we’re really just feeding him dinner and doing baths. That Mom Life isn’t really glamorous and fun, but it was still nice to have some company!

I already mentioned that I was called in today. When I buckled J into his carseat, I noticed he sprouted a new tooth! I have been expecting it since he was teething a few weeks ago really bad so I knew it had to be coming! He has his 7th tooth! If it’s anything like his last teeth, then the one on the other side should be coming in soon too.

I hung out with my boy tonight and made some Paleo pumpkin muffins for him. I just finished pumping and catching up on some trash TV, and now I need to pack real quick. I’m heading to Charleston tomorrow after I drop J off at daycare so I can pack for Poland. I don’t think I need much, but it’s easier to just go there myself rather than have Jon dig out all of my stuff, especially since I don’t even know where I put everything. I wish I could stay longer, but since my parents will be watching Jackson for 10 whole days soon, I don’t really want to leave him here longer than I need.

Jon and I are planning on having a date night in Charleston though since we’ll be childless! I should get there around two tomorrow and Jon has a later case, so I think I’m going to head downtown to do some solo exploring when I get there. And then we’ll go back downtown at night. Tomorrow is a high of 67 there, so I’ll just have to swing by and pick up my shorts at the house, haha. I’m sure I’ll sleep in a little on Thursday morning, but then I’m heading back to pick Jackson up in the afternoon from daycare. I’m going to miss my little bubby! He is just so much fun right now and I actually like spending time with him these days, so I definitely miss him! But it’ll be nice to have a whole night for just the two old married people! We’ll probably be in bed by 9, haha.

I work on Friday from 9-7, and then Jon comes back this weekend. He has a regional meeting on Monday in Atlanta, so he gets to stay here all day on Sunday too! I’m even off work this weekend! So I’m pretty excited for an entire weekend as a family without having to work at all! I’m so anxious to get back to Charleston and just start our life for a little while. I know it’ll be temporary since we’ll be right back in this situation in September, but I’m trying not to think about it! It’s only been three weeks of being here without Jon and it already feels like way too long, so I can’t imagine eight months of this! Hopefully by September, it’ll be easier to go back and forth with Jackson!

Now I’m rambling. Better go pack for tomorrow! I honestly wouldn’t even bother taking anything, but since we are going to do a date night, I figure I should at least get some stuff together. Or maybe I’ll just shower in the morning and just throw my make up in a bag. I have clothes to wear there. Who knows.

Oh, last bit of good news- MY OLD BRAS FIT AGAIN! Honestly, that alone gives me more motivation to get back in shape and dye my godforsaken hair and to just put a little more effort into my appearance. I just felt so frumpy with such big boobs, and none of my clothes fit and I just didn’t care to make an effort. Nursing bras don’t have any lift to them since your boobs can literally triple in size in the same bra, so my boobs were just taking up my whole front and falling towards my arms and just not cute. The fact that I have my little boobs back and they’re lifted and where they should be just makes me feel much more back to normal and not so gross. And I can fit into my clothes again which is so nice, so I can stop wearing only v-necks all the time! I put jeans on to go out to eat on Saturday and my mom even commented on the fact that I was in jeans. It was the first time I’ve worn anything other than leggings in over 3 weeks since I’ve been here.

Alright, good night guys!



One thought on “Charleston Tomorrow and NYE

  1. We have a North Face Outlet here now at Tanger in North Charleston… you should check it out for some of your Poland purchases, might find some cold weather gear there. I went before Christmas and got a new jacket for like $35. It wasn’t a jacket for really cold weather, but it was like 60% off retail price!

    Hooray for bras fitting again 🙂 🙂 :). Sometimes it’s the little things that make our day, right?

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