Friday Thoughts

Hey guys! It’s FRIDAY! Not insanely exciting since I’m planning on going back to work tomorrow and Sunday, but I only have to work 9-3 both days. I just wish I could have a little more time to hang out with Jon and Jackson, but such is life! Jon will be to Atlanta around 2pm today, so at least we have this evening to do something together. And my parents are in town this weekend too, so I think tomorrow night, Jon and I are going to go out and do something. Not anything for NYE because we’re old and tired and I work on Sunday morning, but just to get out together and have a date night.

It has been a pretty boring week around here! I still have a lot of red spots from HFM, although only one actual blister. I think the drainage has stopped from the ones on my face, but I’m worried that all the ones on my face are going to scar. Which isn’t really the end of the world, but I’d have to start using some sort of BB cream regularly or something if that happens until the scars lighten up. And I’m lazy.

Jon went to a new gym in Charleston last night (new for us, not new in Charleston). He said he really liked it and that they had kettle bells and an area for olympic lifts (with the bumper plates) and that even at 5pm, it wasn’t very busy. It seems like it’d be a good gym, but I have no idea how much it would cost to do classes there (the regular gym is $30 a month, which is good). They have childcare too, so I’m sure that’s additional. I tried to call and get more pricing information but they just kept telling me to come in. So, I guess I’ll see when I get there. It sounds sort of similar to the gym I went to in Massachusetts though and I LOVED that gym! I was thinking of trying to get a punch card for CrossFit and then just join a regular gym so we can save money. Although, CrossFit gyms aren’t as big there (just in that there are not nearly as many as in Atlanta- there are TONS here- I have no idea how common it is otherwise) and the few I looked at didn’t list punch cards on there, so who knows.

I went to have lunch with Laura yesterday. She wasn’t scared of my HFM, so I went and picked her up from work and we had Chipotle together. I feel like I haven’t seen anybody since being back in Atlanta.

It’s super nice out today! Not sure if it’s cold or not, but it’s sunny and clear. Jackson is napping now, so I need to shower in a minute and then my dad and I are going to run to Costco to grab some stuff. I need to swing by Target to order contacts and then drop a book off at UPS to get shipped back to Amazon. I should check to see when my classes start. Hopefully this weekend Jon can confirm our schedule for Poland so we can start booking rooms. I need to go through all of my photos from Yosemite and delete the duplicates so I can put them on my external hard drives and delete them from my camera to free up space for Poland. And I need to work on my Shutterfly book for Jon before school starts again too, since I get so caught up in schoolwork during the semester that I never work on that type of stuff. We also need to go shopping for warm clothes this weekend for Poland. Still in search of warm, comfortable snow boots to take to Poland!

I really want to go back and start making Shutterfly books of all of my vacations, but that would take so long. I just hate that I have thousands and thousands of photos of trips to such awesome places and no way to easily go back and look at them. I used to scrapbook, but those take up a lot of space. I love that with the Shutterfly books, they’re so compact and I could have an entire bookshelf of them. I really wish I had done them all along, but too late.

I really hope I can get ahead on schoolwork for January so I’m not working on it all in Poland. But I have the same shit professor from last semester who literally would take days to respond to emails about assignment. I’m pretty frustrated about it. And we have super full days in Poland too, since we want to go to so many cities in such a short amount of time, so I won’t have a lot of time to really sit down and work on stuff. I’m really hoping our Wifi works well there, since I doubt there will be a lot of McDonald’s in the Old Towns where we’re staying (McDonald’s always has Wifi- I can’t tell you how many times we’ve gone to McDonald’s in other countries just to get on Wifi).

I have no idea why I decided to write down all of my random thoughts again. I need to start adding more pictures one of these days, but I’ve been lazy.

One thought on “Friday Thoughts

  1. I’m the same with photos from trips, I always have good intentions of making books or even printing some for frames but never get round to it and now there are so many to go through I wouldn’t know where to start, too overwhelming…and I’m lazy! ha!
    I really want to try crossfit, everyone raves about it but I’m trying to save and already have 3 different gyms I go to!
    Enjoy your date night and trip planning!!!

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