Poland, HFM, Baby J, & Post-Baby Bodies

Hey-o. Wednesday is looking much better than yesterday! I’m still bored out of my mind sitting at home, but oh well. Poland is officially booked! I can’t believe we leave in three weeks! We have a LOT of planning to do, and school starts in a few days so I need to get it together and get planning. I’m really excited to pick out our AirBnBs, because they have such cute ones right in the middle of the old towns for dirt cheap. Jon and I need to go shopping for some warm clothes! Does anybody who lives in the snow have any recommendations for good snow boots? I have a pair of North Face boots that I love, but I’m not sure how waterproof they are. I could probably spray them and waterproof them. I also want to get a longer winter jacket. I think I bought mine before I went to China in 2011 and while it’s still in great condition, it’s just too short for me.

I was also looking at medical relief trips last night. I really think I might try to do one this year. They have one to South Africa and one to Thailand this year that I would LOVE to do! They are 10 days long and I would try to extend past for maybe another 4-5 days. I have always wanted to do a trip like that, but honestly never knew where to look for one that isn’t religious. I found a company last night and am going to try to get either Jessica (my old travel nurse friend) or a nurse that I work with to go with me. I really hope it works out, since I know we’re planning on trying to get pregnant again later this year and I don’t think I’d be able to do this with two kids.

After all this travel planning, I can’t imagine having another baby. I feel like it’s manageable to travel with one, but it’s going to get much harder with two. Jon can get Jackson ready for daycare before work, but throwing another one into the mix would make it awfully hard. And with Poland and Iceland this year for sure (and I want to do another vacation at least), it just makes me want to keep traveling. Jon and I have already talked about taking Jackson with us on vacations starting next year (or later this summer if we go in the US), but I’m kind of thinking maybe we just need to wait another year before trying for our next baby.

Speaking of Jackson, he’s a fun little dude these days. I’m thinking he’s close to toddling around! He took his first three steps (not in a row) and he’s killing it running around the house with his little push walker. But he’ll run into something and drop his head down and just let out a cry because he’s so disappointed that he’s not moving anymore. It’s pretty adorable. He eats like a little champ. My Hispanic daycare lady with the super thick accent always tells me “He eat so good!” He LOVES chicken chili, carrots, avocado, and bananas. He’s been eating three meals a day and two snacks, plus four bottles still. Pilar (the daycare lady) the other day was like, “Miss Liz, why he scream so much?” Haha. He is constantly squealing but I’m pretty sure it’s because he’s excited about life. He claps now and he is so happy about it! He loves being on Grandma’s bathroom counter and looking in the mirror. His favorite toys include the refrigerator and the dishwasher. And Rascal. He spends more time chasing Rascal around the house than doing anything else. Jackson will now lay his head down if you say, “Nigh nigh” in a soft voice. It has to be the cutest thing ever. Once 6pm hits, he knows bedtime is close. We usually play on the floor with him then and we’ll say “Nigh nigh” a bunch and he just keeps laying down on the floor. He is over his hatred of getting his diaper changed and getting dressed. He still loves bath time. He has been super sweet lately and has been really good. He keeps crawling over to me and holding onto my legs and wants to be hugged (which is sad since I can’t do that right now!). He cries occasionally if I walk away, but settles once I’m out of site for a second. Except at daycare- then he never cries. He gets to daycare and wants to go play with his train and doesn’t even want me to pick him up to say goodbye! He gets so excited to see Daddy on the phone now and when he comes home on the weekend! Jackson was crying last weekend when Jon came home and cheered right up, and then Jon closed the door to go pee and Jackson lost it! It was pretty adorable! He definitely knows his Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Grandpa. I really enjoy this time with him. He really is a ton of fun and he’s been in such a good mood lately. He always sleeps great, he eats great, he isn’t very clingy anymore, and he’s just a happy boy.

In other random news, my foot is MUCH better now. I still wear the boot to work and sometimes if I’m going out of the house, but it hasn’t hurt in probably a week at all. I won’t go back to working out probably until February because I want to make sure it’s good and healed before pushing it, but I’m so glad it’s finally better. Also, I really am officially almost weaned off the pump (I think all the Benadryl and Dayquil helped dry up my milk). I’m pumping once a day or every other day and yesterday I only got about 4.5oz of milk. My boobs are back to being way small! And although they are not anywhere near what they were pre-baby, they aren’t too pancake-like (which I hope doesn’t change once my milk stops completely). I’m hoping after Poland, I can actually start gaining weight back and put some muscle on. My legs have just gotten so thin and my belly isn’t what it used to be (understandable). And my butt is so flat. I don’t think my body is ever going to be what it used to be, which is fine. But it’d be nice to start fitting into my old clothes better. My shirts should all fit now (they’re all in Charleston), but my pants are huge on me because of my weight loss and lack of muscle. I live in leggings every day, especially since I have the boot and stuffing jeans in them isn’t comfortable. I just feel like a slob though. I wear my hair back all the time since Jackson pulls it. I feel like I never really make an effort to look like a decent human being. And it’s hard to want to when I feel like nothing fits me, so I just wear leggings so what’s the point of fixing my hair?

Alright, well I’m about to head to the grocery store with my mask on so I don’t show the world my weeping facial blisters. I need to feed my child tonight so I guess I can’t be stuck in the house forever.


4 thoughts on “Poland, HFM, Baby J, & Post-Baby Bodies

  1. You sound way happier, must be the thought of organising your trip!! Medical relief trips sound amazing, a few of my nurse friends do them, makes me wish I’d done nursing. Jackson sounds like he is at such a good stage and sooo cute! Glad your foot is better, hope the HFM doesn’t hang about too long!

  2. I’m glad that your foot is doing better and you should be able to work out again soon! Honestly, you looked pretty great to me for just having a baby and even now, but I realize we are all our worst critics and we know how our body was before and after and how we feel. Plus I know you love working out and crossfit and want to get back for sanity’s sake too!

    Going to Poland, and travelling in general, sounds really exciting. I think it would be neat to do a medical “mission” trip but good luck with finding a non-religious one. I hate the idea of religious medical trips because it is guilt-tripping people into a religion for medical care which is something they NEED, a basic of life. It’s just so… propaganda. I just hate it. I think churches should do things like that to serve the community, but most go about it in a really terrible way.

    • Yeah, I honestly don’t even know how medical mission trip works. Like, do you have to pray with the people who come to see you? No clue. But I did find a place who does regular medical relief trips, so I HOPE I’ll be able to make it work. Even though I love to travel, it’s hard for me to take that step “alone,” even though I’d have the whole rest of the crew! I definitely am to the point where I miss working out. I’ve also gotten lazy though, so I kind of just want to veg out, but I miss the endorphins of a good workout!

  3. I don’t know, I guess it would depend on the organization or church. If it was say, a Unitarian Church, it might be okay (that church and the United Church of Christ are generally very accepting of all faiths ). I just don’t like the idea of making people adopt a religion to receive care they need.

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