Hey-o. Happy Thursday. I’m feeling stressed out today and irritated with Jon (always). There was a house we found super close to downtown Charleston last week (in West Ashley), but Jon kept telling me we could find a house for that same price in Mt Pleasant and that he really wanted to live in Mt Pleasant. So he decided to wait on getting a lease on that house until he could go back and look at houses in Mt Pleasant this week. I kept stressing that the house was nice, close to downtown, cheap (especially because they dropped the price by $250 a month the day he looked at it), and I thought that house would be rented by this week. Of course, the house is rented, and there actually aren’t any decent houses in Mt Pleasant, or West Ashley now for that matter, that are anywhere even close to that price. Basically, for a decent house now, we’re looking at spending $6,000 extra in a year than we could have spent on that house. Although I’m excited to explore in Charleston, I’m getting frustrated with the decision not to buy a house in Atlanta and to put ourselves through this, especially because it would have been cheaper in the long run to just buy a house in Atlanta. And the market has really slowed down in Atlanta (I’ve still been tracking the houses, and a lot of nice looking houses are coming on the market in our price range and aren’t going nearly as fast), so I feel like we could have found something decent here in our price range. Also, it’s already getting old being alone at home with Jackson. I know my parents are here (obviously, because I live with them) and they are a huge help, but I’m ready to be out of my mom and dad’s house! I want our own space as a family! And I also want to be able to take vacations, but if I’m only keeping daycare in Georgia, then my mom has to agree to watch Jackson if I take a trip because I can’t leave him in Charleston with Jon since we don’t have daycare there! I am starting to wonder if I need to somehow work out a way to do a nanny in Atlanta and daycare in Charleston. But I really like our daycare here and I hate always placing Jackson with new daycare ladies!

I’m SO READY to get back to the gym now. I don’t crave working out at all. But I weighed myself with my boot on yesterday and was 95lbs. So I’m probably like, 93lbs, and that was after eating all day. My legs are so small and people are constantly telling me how thin I am. And my pants are so baggy on my legs now! I’m only making about 30oz of milk a day now and I feel like I’m eating a decent amount still (I eat when I’m hungry, as always), so I don’t know why I’m not gaining any weight back! I think once I quit pumping for good and get back in the gym, I’m going to have to start adding protein powder every morning to try and put on some weight again. And I need to start lifting to get my muscle back. And maybe just eating even more, even if I’m not hungry, so that I can pack in the calories.

I need to go work on my paper. I’m not feeling motivated at all. I think I’m just too frustrated today and it’s nice out and the last thing I want to do is work on this stupid paper. I can’t think of any words to use and my eyes hurt from looking at my computer. Ugh. I’m grumpy. And I am getting my hair cut tonight and the last thing I want to do is sit in a chair for hours getting my hair cut.

Maybe I should go eat some chocolate and turn my frown upside down.

4 thoughts on “Whining.

  1. Yeah… I guess I should have mentioned that. As soon as homes pop up, they are rented and sometimes sold. Mt. Pleasant is a great deal more expensive than West Ashley and Jon will be further from the VA. I really can’t think of any reason to live in Mt. P over West Ashley except maybe the middle school and you guys don’t have to worry about that yet, or really at all where you were looking because the crummy WA middle schools are out my way (the elementary schools here are good). I really liked that house on Colony Drive too. My friend Stevie lives in West Ashley near Avondale and he was looking somewhere and the house was rented with 8 hours of being listed, but he finally found a place. I really can’t help you with the daycares but there is one located near Colony Drive because that’s where my favorite restaurant is (Bluerose Cafe) and I just know I see the daycare’s playground when I go to eat. But I hope you guys find something soon!

    I’m heading to the gym today. I can’t run with my knee but I can arc trainer and that works too.

  2. Eat the chocolate girl. It will all work out. HUGS!

  3. That’s so tough to do! Being split up like that. Can you guys rent an apartment on NC instead of a house for the time being? Another house may end up popping up while you guys wait.

    Wow! I knew you’d have no problem in getting back to your post pregnancy weight lol. You know what I noticed, that designer clothing run a ton smaller and they have a petite sizing. I don’t mean crazy designer lol. But I noticed that when shopping for pants at Nordstrom because they have a fall sale right now at 40% off and I’ve had to go up two sizes in some pants. Worth a look with the sales?

    • We don’t want to move again, so we’re trying to get somewhere we can stay until this time is over in SC. I hate to find something temporary again, especially since I know another move is in our near future in a rental, which sucks! But I think there are 2 houses in the running now, even though they are both expensive. I wear a size 24 (European sizing, obviously) now and they are HUGE on me 😦 I’m really just ridiculously small. I have to gain weight back!

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