Hey-o! It’s 9am on Thursday morning an I already have had Jackson at daycare for 45 minutes! WIN! I actually have wanted to keep him home most days, but he’s so into everything right now that I was kind of looking forward to having a day to myself, without following around a tiny little human. I want to go get my hair done today because I haven’t had it cut in 8 1/2 months (right before Jackson was born), but really, sitting in a chair for hours on a nice day just doesn’t sound like any fun. I hate getting my hair cut and colored because I can’t sit still for that long and it seriously makes me want to go crazy. I used to never do both at the same time because of how long I would have to be there (also, I was miserable when I got my hair done right before my due date. I was insanely hot and tired of sitting and just absolutely miserable. Get your hair did before you get huge, pregnant ladies.) But now I’d rather knock it out in one day. Today just isn’t that day.

Jon went to Charleston yesterday and looked at two places. He really wants a 3 bedroom (for the visitors that we “always” have- not) so the prices are a bit high. He said both were decent (both in West Ashley, but close to the water, for anybody familiar with Charleston) but he wants to keep looking next week. I think he really wants to live in Mt Pleasant but I prefer the west side of Charleston so I won’t have to sit in traffic getting into town from Atlanta with Jackson in the afternoons/evenings. Hopefully we find something soon. I still really want to get settled right after Thanksgiving. I’m getting really anxious to explore a new city and keep looking at Charleston online!

I still haven’t decided on a trip location for January! It’s so hard!

I went to my ortho appointment on Tuesday and the doctor said I can start taking my boot off now. He said to take it off for 1 extra hour every day and build up over a few weeks. I’ve been wearing it out of the house only now. I got tired of wrapping it up at work, so now I just leave it at the door. My foot does feel better most of the time, but I can tell it isn’t completely better. I should probably clean it off and keep it on at home some more.

Jackson and I had lunch on Tuesday with my old coworker. It was so good to see her! Jackson did really well until the last few minutes (understandably, the service was super slow) and then he got ants in his pants. Since we’re living a lot farther north now, I really haven’t been doing much lately. There’s so much traffic to get downtown where all of my friends live now, but Kassie should be moving in with her parents again in a few months and I’m really excited about that! She lives close to my mom and dad (since we went to high school together) so I can’t wait to just hang out with her sometimes! I need to make more of an effort to get together in the evenings with people, but really, I’m just sort of into “family” life. After Jackson goes to bed between 6-6:30, there are bottles to wash and I need to pump and then I usually have stuff to clean up or homework to do. And I wake up by 6 every morning, so I want to be home to relax before bed. I was pretty old and lame before, but I’m even more lame now. I do think I’m going to lunch on Sunday with the girls though, so that’ll be nice. If Rachel comes with her daughter, then I’ll bring Jackson so everybody can meet the babies (Rachel hasn’t met Jackson yet and I haven’t met her daughter).

Alrighty, time to go pump and get on with my day! I kind of wish I could go to the gym this morning but we’re not there yet! Ah well. I’ll just spend my day working on my papers for grad school.

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