Halloween and Vacations!

Happy Monday! Look who’s blogging more often! You know what is so obnoxious?! The house we LOVED that we put a full price offer in on and the seller dicked us around for 5 days and then accepted another offer, is BACK on the market! I was so tempted to put another offer in on it because I loved that house and it was in such a good location, but that’d be silly. Jon officially has the job in Charleston and is actually going there during the week for the month of November, and December 1st is still his first official start date. As long as he finds a place for us to live, Jackson and I will be out there for the first half of December with him. I’m actually pretty excited to start exploring, but it’ll be tough to be apart and I’m sad for Jackson not to see his dad every day.

This weekend Jon and I took Jackson to a pumpkin patch! It was kind of a sad pumpkin patch, haha. We got there and there were hardly any pumpkins left and it was just surprisingly not very busy! But it was still fun. Jackson didn’t really know what to make of the whole thing. He did a lot of staring and just kind of taking everything it, but not much playing. He did love the goats though, so that was pretty cute! He definitely loves his animals! I’d show you guys some more pictures of Jackson, but my computer isn’t uploading my photos right! I think I’m out of space, but my external hard drives are in storage! Uhhh! And I have no idea what I’ve already put on there so I don’t know what can be deleted off of my computer. Bummer. Good thing we should be going into our storage unit soon and I can find the box with our safe in it (my external hard drives are in a fireproof safe cause I’m smart like that). Also, good thing I have that cute boot on in all of our cute fall photos! It was really unseasonably warm yesterday, so Jackson didn’t get to wear his cute little flannel shirt that I bought him for our fall day, and I ended up having to take his socks and pants off too so he didn’t roast out there. Yesterday was the longest he’s ever been outside and it tuckered him out. He was so fussy and tired all evening!


Last week I went over to Kassie’s to care pumpkins with her, Gina, and Laura. We do this every year, but we always put it off and just end up hanging out instead of carving pumpkins. So we did the same thing this year! It was fun to hang out though since I really haven’t seen Gina or Kassie in awhile.

Tomorrow I have an appointment to hopefully get rid of this boot that I’ve been wearing. Since we’re no longer buying a house, I’m going to go back to CrossFit! I’m going to go to the same gym that I went to years ago when I lived up here, so I’m pretty excited. They have good hours and the gym is a lot of fun. I really like the owners. My legs and butt are so nonexistent now since having a baby and then not working out lately. It’s pathetic. I just need to get back in shape. Except sadly, I don’t even miss working out. I think I’m just so into the habit of not working out that now I just don’t even care about it. But I know I need to do it so hopefully I can overcome my laziness and make myself go to the gym.

I really have nothing else to say. Life is so boring these days. I have been researching vacations for January, but I’m not sure where to go! I was planning on Costa Rica, but then I just found out my sister is going to be living there for 6 months out of every year (how did I miss this?!?!?!), so I might as well wait until she goes and just go visit her! Since I didn’t see 30 countries before 30, my new goal is 40 before 40. I’m hoping to hit up 2 or 3 countries this year. I’m considering just doing Paris in January since we didn’t go last year and I actually really like traveling in winter, but all the holiday stuff will be over in January so it won’t have that wintery feel to it anymore, other than the cold weather. If we had more than a week, we could do the beaches in Thailand, but it may feel rushed with how long it takes to get there. Same with New Zealand… I would love to do Machu Picchu but we wouldn’t be ready to hike that yet. So maybe Columbia, since Kassie loved it there. Or Nicaragua is supposed to be pretty cool too. Who knows. I also really want to go to Hawaii but I heard January isn’t really the best time to go, so I think we’ll wait. I figure I’ll start looking as soon as school is out in December. So for fun, here are the countries I’ve been to because I am procrastinating from school work.

Hong Kong

Alrighty, but really, I should go do work. I am slacking on my final papers BIG TIME because I am SO OVER school. But I have to go to the daycare at 3:30 for the Halloween parade and I should probably shower at some point. I’m just kind of a slob these days. And now that Jon won’t be be here most of the time, I should take full advantage of daycare hours.

2 thoughts on “Halloween and Vacations!

  1. Omg that is such a cute family pic, Jackson is getting big and is so cute!!

    I have been thinking a lot about travelling recently I think because I didn’t go away during the summer this year I’m starting to feel it now, but house saving UGH! Everyday is a struggle between being sensible and keeping saving or being spontaneous and booking lots of trips with my savings!!! I just feel happier if I have a trip or something to look forward to!

    I was the same with running I left it so long I didn’t even miss it or want to do it but got back into it again last week, I bet once you to cross fit once you’ll be hooked again!!

    • I always stress about savings and I would tell Jon we couldn’t go out to eat because we need to save money and then I’d be like, “Let’s go to Europe!” But I guess I have always prioritized traveling because I love it so much, and I would rather travel than have a house, haha. I even wanted to go on a trip in January when we were still buying a house here and really, we probably would have been broke if we did that! I really hope I get hooked again on the gym! I feel like my priorities have just changed so much, but I know that my health NEEDS to be a priority! I want to raise Jackson seeing healthy lifestyles and valuing exercise! And of course, I want to be around for as long as possible with him! Jackson is huge now! It’s crazy!

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