The End of House Hunting

Happy Monday! Remember back in the day when I actually blogged most Mondays? Or really just blogged regularly at all? That probably won’t ever happen again. It shouldn’t even be happening right now, but I’m procrastinating on writing a paper. Surprise surprise!

So, our Atlanta house hunt has finally come to an end! I’d like to say it’s because we found the perfect house, but it’s not. It’s actually because Jon has been promoted in Charleston, SC. Well, he should be getting promoted, anyway. The sales rep there resigned, and only one last person has to sign off on Jon’s promotion. But they mean business- they want him up there part time for the next month, and to still cover his Atlanta territory part time, and his real start date in Charleston will be December 1st.

I was a little hesitant at first about it because we have a baby and I don’t care to leave my parents! They are a huge help and obviously, I love living near my friends too. I also like my job and am doing my master’s program and am planning on doing my internship next fall at my hospital. I told Jon that I didn’t mind if he took the job, but he couldn’t expect me to quit my job and follow him up there when he knows I’m in grad school. He told me that was really one sided and was a little pissy with me, but then I reminded him that it was really one sided to expect me to leave everything I have here so he could take a promotion that he doesn’t even need.

He was still pretty on the fence about it but I kind of encouraged him to take it. I could tell he really wanted to say yes but I think he knows it’ll put a lot of stress on our family, but he supported me when I went and did travel nursing. He tries to be supportive of me traveling now and taking adventures (he’s not so good at it anymore, but he’s not terrible), so I know it’s my turn to support what he wants.

So, we will be renting a 2 bedroom place in Charleston and Jon will primarily live there. I will actually make my parent’s house mine and Jackson’s “home” and start pulling stuff out of storage and reorganizing stuff since this will be more permanent. I only have to work 62 hours a month at my job, so as of right now, I will keep daycare in Georgia and work here in the first 2 weeks of the month. Then I’ll probably head out to Charleston and work the last two weeks of the following month back at my job here, so I will still spend a good chunk of time in Charleston with Jon and I’ll still have my life in Atlanta. And then Jon will either come back to Atlanta as a sales rep, or I will move to Charleston when I’m done with school.

It’s kind of exciting to think about the paychecks Jon will be making and the opportunity this provides us. When we do buy our next house, we won’t even have to think about a downpayment or paying closing costs. We will be able to afford the house we want, instead of making sacrifices to stay in our price range now (which is not a huge difference, honestly- the houses get really nice just above our current price range). And Jon said we can travel the third week of every quarter! Hopefully he means that, because you all know I’m down to travel FOUR TIMES A YEAR! I’m pretty responsible with money, so we’ll hopefully be saving a lot, especially in case anything happens with his job, but I guess one of the payoffs for separating our family will be the money, which will allow us to really be able to spend time living out my dream together.

I’m hoping they get approval from the big boss this week so we can just have it all finalized. I’d plan on going to Charleston with Jon the first weekend in November to look for places to live.

Since I haven’t done many baby updates either, I’ll give a quick little one on this Mom thing. Jackson is so much more fun now! I think these last few weeks have been the first time I’ve wanted to keep him home from daycare to hang out with me. It’s not as hard to take him out since he stays up longer in the afternoons and can do his afternoon nap in the car. I just really have fun with him. It took almost 8 months (on the 26th) to really enjoy him and not feel like every day is just the same and that it is boring and monotonous. It still is. I mean, our days are basically the same every day, but he is constantly learning and it is so fun to watch him learn to bang his hands together or wave or babble or crawl up the stairs. I love that kid more and more every day. I would by lying if I didn’t say that I still am not positive we should have had kids. I still think about how much I miss not having a baby every day. I wish I could leave the house in 10 minutes. I wish I could drink a hot cup of coffee or eat a hot breakfast at home. I wish I could be spontaneous and make plans to go out in the evenings without even second guessing who will be watching my child. But then he says “Mama” and smiles at me with his big toothy grin and it is really like, the best thing ever. Or I sit him up after changing his diaper and he clings right to me and grabs on. I still haven’t forgotten how god awful the newborn days were and I knew that as time passed, it would get better. This lifestyle is exactly what I expected since I came into this whole motherhood thing with pretty realistic expectations, but the depth of love you have for your child really is unfathomable until it happens. I knew I would want to be my own person still and I do, but my kid is my world. If I could tell anybody expecting anything (MORGAN!), it would be to just enjoy your life right now, before you are so consumed by your child. It’s hard to even put into words how protective you become of your child, but it amazes me. I can seriously cry just thinking that some kid may make fun of him in the future. I can’t protect him from bullies and I can’t protect him from getting in car accidents or being unhappy in the future. And I just hope that nothing ever happens to my baby, because it breaks my heart just thinking about it. Your heart just gets so incredibly full of love for such a tiny human and really, hardly anything else in the world will matter as long as your babies are okay. Life will really never be the same as before your child came along.

Anyway, I better get some schoolwork done today since I’ve been pretty busy and slacking on school big time. Thankfully it’s an easy semester, but still… I hate waiting until the last minute to get stuff done.


3 thoughts on “The End of House Hunting

  1. I saw the pics of you guys on Facebook the other day and they were great. Jackson has really grown a lot and it’s fun to watch him grow. It will be neat to finally meet you guys in person once you get here, and as I mentioned earlier, let me know if you have any questions regarding rentals and addresses and locations- I can always scope somewhere out for you. It sounds like this is a great opportunity for Jon, and cost of living here is lower, less traffic, more money… the move might really be a good thing for you guys. You’re not *super* far from Atlanta either, really.

  2. LIZ!!! Hahahah, okay totally taking your advice lol. I am already worried because I live so selfishly right now. Like I work out for an hour each day and I keep thinking about how that is going to go away (or be a huge struggle) once the baby is here, and how I can’t just leave and go to the store a million times a week like I like to. (And a million other things I do leisurely/selfishly.) BUT I also can’t wait to experience that love. Oh my gosh I can’t wait. Ok but ANYWAYS, you might be relocating to Charleston!?!? This is all very big news!! But sucks you have to split up like that for a while (or does it lol?) John and I don’t do well in long distance, maybe it’s just us, but we start to fight a lot and just don’t do well. But I’m so the person who just follows his plan because I never really had anything holding me back like you do. You’re a much stronger woman than I am 😉 But all the travel does sound fun! And we did never get around to visiting Charleston when we lived out that way, but I bet you would like it! (From that I hear lol!)

    • I am super selfish. Probably still am. Actually, I am definitely still selfish. It is SUCH a change not being able to just run to the store or work out whenever you want to! But then again, your priorities kind of change and those things just aren’t really as important. And all the work that goes into going to the store or the gym is so obnoxious that you’re like, ummm, I don’t really need to go to the store. I really had a hard time at the end of pregnancy though knowing how much my life would change. I think it must have been in my blog about 1209989 times how I was not ready to never sleep in again (and I don’t- I get up between 5:30-6:15 EVERY. DAY.), or how I would never get to just sit and read blogs and enjoy my coffee (I don’t- my coffee is cold EVERY. DAY!), or how working out would be a huge deal (it is- I have to plan taking him to daycare just for the gym because there is no way I can go with him at home- but at least you work out at home lot!). But really, it is way harder at first, and then you adjust to baby life. I remember how hard it was to go to ONE store during the day before, and one store was max. If I had to go to Target and Whole Foods, it took two days. The other day I kept him out of daycare and we ran errands and went to three different stores and he was totally fine. And even if he had a meltdown, I’m kind of like, a pro now, so I wouldn’t have even cared. I probably would have just thrown a bottle his way and carried him along while I finished my errands, haha. But really, just enjoy your life. Go out at 10pm and be spontaneous as much as you possibly can right now. I miss being able to run out at night with Jon if we felt like it. Jackson is in bed by 6:30 and we are never both out after that anymore. Just soak up the last of your baby-free life and never feel guilty for being selfish. Even if I’m still a pretty selfish person, I don’t feel guilty and I still feel like a pretty great mom. So, don’t worry about it! And yeah, the job was actually officially approved today, so Jon is definitely relocating and I’m definitely going to be living in two places! I like time away from Jon, but this will probably get old! We’ll be fine though! I’m not paying for my master’s degree to just give it up and go with his plan! I’ve spent too much time on this dang degree already!

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