House Hunting & Life Lately

Life these days… Man. I’ll just start by saying that the gym is like a distant memory right now. I magically still have biceps (probably not that magically- I do hold a baby all day) but I really can’t wait to fall into a new routine one of these days and get back to working out. But a routine seems so far off.

We’re still house hunting. We actually just put an offer in on a house we’d need to completely renovate, aside from the kitchen (which we would do at a later date). We had a ton of hesitation with it since there is literally no yard or anywhere close to play, but it’s in a golf course community with swim and tennis and we love the location. Definitely not the bright and airy house we dreamed about, but we always have the due diligence period to change our mind. And honestly, we went in way low- like offered $55k less than asking, and we aren’t willing to wiggle much because of the amount we have to put into it. It’s been on the market since June 10th though and is vacant, so who knows what desperation might do!

My mom has been helping a ton! I have worked until 7 a bunch of nights since my 9a-3p shifts get refused every time I try to pick them up. I actually miss Jackson every single day because I feel like I barely see him right now. And October is going to be so rough because I leave this Friday for 10 days, come home on a Sunday, and then leave the following Friday through Monday for a wedding. And I work until 7 a bunch of days in October since I had such limited availability. Jackson is so fun right now so I hate missing out on this time! We’ve start baby led weaning, so he is eating real food, but it’s a pain. The idea is that they learn to eat what you eat, but I eat like shit lately. And he is still learning, so most of the food ends up wasted on the floor. It is a lot of work so far, but I know it’ll pay off eventually. And he crawls around like crazy! And has four whole teeth! I am so super sad to leave him for 10 whole days though! When we booked the trip he wasn’t really as fun, so I was actually kind of excited about 10 days with no Mom-duties. I still am excited to have time away and to take a trip (especially with house stress lately!), but I really don’t want to be away from him for that long!

Other than that… well, nothing has been happening. Life has really been all about moving out of the condo (I’m no longer a homeowner!), working a ton, and trying to get schoolwork done. I haven’t really hung out with anybody. Jon and I have barely spent time together. Yesterday after we looked at houses until 3pm, we came to grab Jackson from my parents and took him to lunch with us. It was so good to hang out with him. This is a really stressful time… I’m adjusting more now, especially now that we closed on the condo and that chapter is over, but we had a few really rough weeks.

Well, what’s all I have for now. Off to get some more schoolwork done since I want to get ahead before our trip!


One thought on “House Hunting & Life Lately

  1. Wow, so much going on at once! I’m exhausted just reading this, Jackson downs like he’s at such a good age right now, sooo cute!
    We just can’t find anything we like just now it’s so frustrating because I seen so many places I think I’d have loved when we were still saving!

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