Eats & Selfies. But Mostly House Updates

Well well, in the last 10 days, a lot has happened! We moved out of our condo and we are at my parent’s house. The condo still has a lot of stuff left in it so I need to make it back and still have the final cleaning to do on it, so I don’t think it has quite hit that those days are over. I had one shift so far at work and the drive was long, but it wasn’t miserable. I also haven’t had to go downtown from my parent’s house again, so it hasn’t really hit me how far north we are again.

The house hunt continues! We actually almost put an offer in on a house, but then my realtor asked if we wanted to go back tonight to look one more time. Jon got Andrew (his friend) to meet us there since apparently he was a home inspector before he moved here (he’s also an engineer). He found a ton of stuff wrong with the house and we just kind of decided we don’t want to bother with it. I would consider a really low offer, but I guess the seller had already declined a low offer before. There is a house that I’m going to see tomorrow in my parent’s neighborhood that isn’t even officially on the market yet and doesn’t even have a price set, so we’ll see. I still think we may be just too far north. I was so in love with a house we saw yesterday too, but there were a few things that we didn’t want to deal with (a kitchen renovation and a huge tree stump growing in the driveway, plus a garage downstairs so we would have to carry the car seats upstairs EVERY time!). I loved the location though… I am also still a bit hesitant to jump into anything because I really would like to save up a little bit more.

However, living with my parents is already annoying! Maybe it will get better since I think most of my frustration comes from not having a “home,” but we will get more organized. We’re still living out of boxes right now. Our clothes are just laying on the floor. We have just been so busy since Sunday that we haven’t put stuff away yet! And Rascal will get declawed soon enough and be allowed out, so he won’t be stuck in our bedroom. I did search for a stupid veggie peeler for so freaking long today though and I was starving, and then I dropped my huge tub of yogurt and the bottom broke and yogurt went everywhere, and then I opened the cabinet and my dad’s stupid bag of popcorn fell into my f’ing yogurt bowl and got yogurt all over it. Like, REALLY?! And we have no good place to change Jackson during the day other than my parent’s bed. And if I want to shower when he’s awake, I can no longer slide his highchair along our wooden floors (we had felt pads on all of our furniture) to the bathroom or into the kitchen. I have nowhere to contain my crawling baby.

Jackson had his 6 month shots today. He was horrible after. He was so tired but cried for so long, even when I was holding him. I was so frustrated. He never does that! He finally fell asleep and thankfully I decided to pump right away even though I was early for a pump, because he ended up only sleeping for 30 minutes! SO FRUSTRATING! I kept him home from daycare though because he seemed so sleepy after his shots and I wanted to love on him. Nope, never again. Despite how obnoxious he was, I still miss him and want to go cuddle with him! But I’d never wake the beast! And he started crawling in the last week. He can sit unassisted for short periods of time. And today we started baby led weaning and I gave him avocado and about had a heart attack every time he stuck the whole wedge into his mouth.

Not even sure what else to say! My mind is so fried. Last week was busy with work and Sunday was busy with the move. I feel like next week will be stressful (a lot of work, the closing, and I have TONS of schoolwork) and then the following week I go to Lake Tahoe/Yosemite, which I haven’t even started researching!

Anyway, I’m so tired. We just got home at 8:30 tonight from the second showing on that house and Jon went to have some beers with Andrew. I ate an entire frozen pizza for dinner (I’ll regret that later when I start sweating and my heart starts racing) and now I’m about to go do my last pump, watch a TV show, and go to sleep! I have another showing at 9am tomorrow and then need to get some serious schoolwork done.

Know what I find annoying? I don’t think I ever did this, but if I did, forgive me. I was once annoying. And if you do it, well, it’s nothing personal. I do a lot of annoying stuff too still. I hate it when people say “eats” instead of food. Like, Jesus de Cristo, you had “Weekly Food.” Or “Weekend Meals.” Or anything. Really, I don’t know that I ever would have even cared about it, but I feel like it’s such a blog fad to use that word and it just seems dumb. I hate it almost as much as I hate 10,000 selfies per day (sorry selfie people).


9 thoughts on “Eats & Selfies. But Mostly House Updates

  1. Haha, I searched the kitchen looking for a cheese grater yesterday, I feel your pain, living with parents is stressful at times!

    I’d take advantage of the situation though you can do some good saving while you are there and babysitting on tap if you fancy nipping out!
    I get annoyed when people say ‘feels’ or ‘all the feels’ I don’t know why it annoys me and I think I’ve maybe used it myself but it just makes me cringe!

    • If you fancy nipping out? Haha, must be a UK saying. Does that mean eating out? I love your comments ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t see the feels word a WHOLE lot, but I know it’s common with the younger crowd here. I notice it on TV sometimes and it always sounds so dumb.

      • Haha I didn’t realise that was a Scottish thing to say! It means going out somewhere quickly or for a short period of time! I usually like to nip out for a coffee with my friend! Haha!
        Kevin says it annoys me because I’m old now and don’t understand young people language anymore! Eeek! He could be right!

      • I would not have guessed that was what it meant! It’s so funny how different English can be in different places. I remember when my friend and I went to Australia and we were so excited after going to so many non-English speaking countries that Australia would be super easy to travel in! But we got to some of the more remote locations there and had NO CLUE what people were saying. We couldn’t understand their accent and the words they used were so different! I remember being at a cafe and trying to order lunch and we didn’t even know what the guy was asking us. I totally notice my age these days! I drove home at 10pm one night and was like, “Why are there SO many people out on the road right now?! It’s 10pm!!!!” And all the feels is definitely a younger phrase. I don’t get half the things kids say these days. I’m cool with being 30 though. I don’t need to understand their terminology.

      • Oh I know, I had the same in South Africa and Jamaica, they couldn’t understand me either, I got on way better in non-english speaking countries. It took me a while to realise people were actually speaking (sort of)English in Jamaica!!
        Its crazy because even in the UK which is tiny, there are so many different accents, people who live as little as 30 miles away have completely different accents.

        Most of my friends kids are developing American accents and using more American-English words though, as they all are obsessed with Youtube videos. **I always think ‘diaper’ is such a funny word.

        Yeah I’m cool with being older too, even if I am slowly turning into my mother. Haha

  2. The housing market is still exploding, everything is going up in pricing. One of my co-workers just made $300k in three years buying a house and holding onto it. Even though you want to save up more, you need to look at the trends and see what is estimated for house prices to go up in a year cause that year may come once you finish up saving for a better downpayment and it did no good because the market went up. My mom is facing that scenario now when she should have bought two years ago.

    Haha eats don’t really bother me. What bothers me is when someone posts a zillion pictures or videos of the saaaame thing. I know with snapchat it gets a little tough because you want to share youre exciting life with the world, but I don’t need to see 20 pictures and clips of the SAME party with the SAME peoppe doing the SAME thing in every one. My old roommate also posts a million things about working out and overly motivational qoutes, it drives me up a wall. You don’t need to write an essay everytime you post a picture of a barbell. Short and simple.

    • I agree with you on the same photos thing, haha. Totally drives me insane too. I try to mix it up, although I do post a lot of the same type of things (baby, cats, scenery, coffee). Jon said he talked to somebody at work who used to be a financial analyst and was saying houses are at the top of the market right now, basically. So, I don’t know how much higher they’d get. But we plan on staying in the house for awhile (AT LEAST 5 years, hopefully 10 or more) and we will never HAVE to move, since I can afford the mortgage on my income if I need to, if I work more. So we can stay until we need to when the time comes for selling, but we have definitely considered how the market will be when we actually want to buy. However, we can’t stay here forever, and I don’t want to spend money on rent, so we are definitely needing to buy sooner than later. It’s so stressful!

      • The Atlanta market is different than Boson then. Things are exploding here just getting more and more expensive. You used to be able to buy a condo in South Boston like 3 years ago for $300k now it went up to $600k and it’s only going to continue to go up, so I need to save up ASAP for a house lol.

        Yeah, it’s better to live in comfort and not so stressed. Hopefully you’ll find that house soon!

      • We just looked at a house today (well, I did- hopefully Jon will see it tonight) that we want to put an offer in on! So HOPEFULLY it works out! I do feel like Atlanta is getting closed to being maxed out for right now. Surely in a few years, it could hit a new peak, but I can’t imagine prices will go much higher than they are right now. They’ve steadily gone up over the last few years, but they seem to be sort of holding right now. I can’t believe how expensive Boston is. But their pay is higher than Atlanta for sure! I remember hearing what new nurses make in Plymouth compared to new nurses in Atlanta, and it was a good $10-15 an hour more than it is here. So I guess it makes up for the high cost of living! And besides, Boston was awesome ๐Ÿ™‚ I LOVE New England! I seriously miss living in Plymouth all the time! If it weren’t for the winters, I would seriously want to move there.

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