House Hunting & Holidays

Hey-o! I feel like a lot has happened since my last update. Things are busy around these parts! Jon and I put our first offer in on a house that we really liked but we didn’t get it. I wasn’t surprised and considering the market, I figure we have a lot more offers to go before we end up getting one. I just found one that looked so nice, but it listed yesterday and is already under contract. So¬†basically, in our price range, we need to find a house, see it on the day it is listed, and make a full price offer immediately.

I actually went to the gym this week! Not a ton, but I did. I went on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and today. So better than I thought, actually. I had my last days at CrossFit on Monday and Wednesday and am now going back to LA Fitness full time. I plan to stick with just LA Fitness until November since I go to Lake Tahoe and Yosemite at the end of this month and then we go out of town right after coming back, and then we have another wedding the following weekend. So, lots of stuff going on coming up and I’m just not paying so much money for CrossFit if I won’t be able to go.

My left foot has been hurting since I ran on it the very first day back at CrossFit when I was 6 weeks postpartum. I thought it was feeling a little better, but now it’s way worse so I need to set up an appointment with somebody. I feel like it’s pointless since I’m not staying off my foot while I go on vacation, but I also already reached my max out of pocket for insurance so everything is “free,” so why not?!

Jon and I were actually supposed to go to Florida yesterday, but Jackson had some kind of bug this past week. He had a fever on Monday so I had to pick him up from daycare, then I had to call out of work Tuesday because of the no fever for 24 hour rule even though Jackson was totally fine. Wednesday he was SO fussy in the evening and he wasn’t interested in eating, which lasted for three days, and then he started spitting up a ton and just acting super unhappy at night. And now he’s been waking up at 5am with a snot nose and will not fall back to sleep! Of course, Jon and I are like, “Is he really sick? Do we go to Florida? Do we stay home?” Who knows. But Jon’s mom said it’d be best if we stayed home, and since there was a hurricane passing right by the campground, we decided that sounded like a decent idea.

So, yesterday Jon had the day off since he had taken off to go out of town, so we had kind of a down day. I ended up sleeping in (after getting up at 5am and laying back down) and then we ran to Costco and I ran to the gym and we basically hung out at home. I got schoolwork done and Jon napped for a really long time on the couch. I also spent 1 hour and 26 minutes on the phone with Comcast trying to cancel my service. I was SO IRRITATED! And then they tried to charge me a cancellation fee because they said I renewed my TV and internet contract in 2015, and I explicitly told them last year that I would not renew my contract when they offered me a cheaper bundle. They said the bundle was month to month. I had to throw a fit on the phone and then finally after sitting on hold for almost an hour and a half, the lady came back (after she told me that there was absolutely no way the fee could be waived) and said that I was right- they had presented a new contract to me but that I had declined. OMG. I FREAKIN’ SAID THAT IN THE FIRST 45 MINUTES OF OUR PHONE CALL (you know, because it took 45 minutes to get to that lady because apparently when I first spoke with the cable/internet people, they showed that I was still in a contract with my security system and I had to speak to them separately, even though that ended a few months ago). Anyway, so we WILL NOT be getting Comcast again. Google Fiber is in our area now, so we’re really hoping to get Google Fiber in the new house. I also tried to cancel my power but with all the power outages, I couldn’t even wait on hold for them. There was no option. So I still have to call and cancel everything else this week since we move next Sunday. Add all this shit to the list of reasons that I hate moving.

Today was a beautiful day and I was dying to get outside, so Jon and I went to Piedmont Park for their farmer’s market because I really wanted Blue Donkey coffee. Besides, it’s only 20 minutes away right now, and next week it’ll be 40 minutes away.


It really was nice to get out of the house! We got home and hung out for a little while, and then I ran out to the gym. I met up with Laura for 30 minutes while she got some coffee and then I had to head back home so Jon could go meet up with Andrew since it’s the first day of college football. Lame. So I plan on either doing some schoolwork or watching a trash Lifetime movie and taking full advantage of our last weekend in this house!

Tomorrow I’m getting brunch with Gina and Laura. I hope we go do something outside for a little while, and then Jon and I need to run to my parent’s house to check on Kitty. We actually brought Rascal back to our house this week since my parents are out of town and Jon said Rascal seemed lonely on Friday. He hasn’t been so bad here and Jackson loves him! Jackson just watches him run around and laughs so hard at him and is always trying to scoot over to him and grab him. Super cute. So, I guess we’ll keep Rascal, even though I’ve decided that I don’t need pets ever again.

Alright, time to go shower finally and get on with my night. I was writing this while I made sure Jackson was good and asleep before getting in the shower, but he seems to be. Hope everybody has a good holiday weekend!

3 thoughts on “House Hunting & Holidays

  1. Comcast is the WORST! I actually got a really good discount because the rep laughed at me once. I ripped her a new one and she offered me $20 off my bill. I still plan to downgrade my contract once the time is here. I wish we could get Google Fi out here or another provider but we can’t.

    I love that pic of you and Jackson. I saw it on Facebook earlier and think I clicked like or love there too, but it’s a really great pic. I’m glad you guys all got to go to the farmer’s market.

  2. Calling services is the worst, I don’t know if they do this in US but here they outsource call centres to India so 9 times out of 10 the person you get isn’t great at speaking English, SO frustrating!!
    That is a cute pic!

  3. I feel like you always have all these things going on, like weddings and trips lol. We live vicoursly here haha.

    Same shit happened to me but with Sports Illustrated. I never agreed to sign up for it but they said I did through Finish Line, I got so mad. And I cancelled everything and a year or so later they sent me a bill for $70! I’m not paying for that! They can go screw themself.

    I hear Comcast is the worst and I don’t know why. Verizon owns all the lines and they just rent it to everyone else so you’d think they would AT LEAST provide better service than Verizon.

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