Last Normal Week & House Plans

Happy Monday! And it really is a happy Monday because Jon got up with Jackson this morning and I slept until 8am! That’s a big deal! I also went to bed by like, 10:30 last night so I got plenty of sleep!

This past weekend I had to work. I was supposed to work 7a-3p on Saturday, but one of the nurses I like asked if I could stay until 7 for her so she could do something that evening. Since I had to work on Sunday anyway, it’s not like I could do much after work so I agreed to stay for her. Besides, I’m feeling like we need to save up faster so I’m fine with extra hours. But that was my first 12 hour shift since before Jackson was born and I was pooped! I forget how exhausting 12 hours of work is and I am so dreading having to do it again in a few weeks! Thankfully, it was actually a pretty good day at work, so it wasn’t terrible! And Jon brought Jackson to see me during my lunch break, although Jackson pooped everywhere. I went to the cafeteria and couldn’t find him and somebody asked if I was looking for my husband. She said he was outside, so I went out there and he was crouched over a naked baby, haha. Oh babies.

Yesterday after work (another 7a-3p day), I drove by a condo that was for sale that looked super nice on the inside and was cheap, but the area was way too questionable. However, Jon and I have started talking about another transitional house. Something where we can keep our payments around $1000 a month (ours now is around $950) but that has more space. Probably a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house or condo. That way we have a lower house payment for the next few years while I finish school and take time off work when we have our second baby. By the time we’re ready to buy again, Jon should have been in his new job for a long time (he is a sales associate now, but he should be a sales rep soon, so he will be making a significant amount of money more). And then we can still TRAVEL! Obviously that’s pretty much all I care about. I’m actually feeling WAY better about this plan, because I just don’t want to spend all of our money on a downpayment and then pay so much more a month on a mortgage. I really hope we find something we like for a lower price. Especially because we would be able to afford the downpayment on a cheaper house with what we’re making off the condo, so we would be able to put an offer in immediately if we find something. I just feel like the houses I really love are still about $40k out of our price range, so why not buy something a little smaller now that has one extra bedroom and a better layout, and save up so that one day, we can comfortably buy our “dream” house! I’m actually getting excited about this because I really don’t want a house that’s too big right now. I still love the convenience of a smaller house with a new baby and all the cleaning, and I am excited about the possibility of still feeling like we can travel without being strapped for cash! So, while I am still feeling kind of sad every day about leaving our house and this location (I am soaking up every last minute of my 23 minute commute to work right now, because no matter where we move, my commute will probably be about 40 minutes. Unless we move to the area I work, I literally live in the most convenient location for my work that we would consider living- everywhere else is all back roads and has traffic), I am starting to get more excited about having a new house.

Also, this is the MOST exciting part about buying a cheaper house! There are tickets to Paris and Prague for 60,000 points! They’re about $1200 in cash, but we can buy one ticket with miles completely. Jon said he could go in January since it’s the start of a new quarter and I am seriously considering trying to plan a trip for us! I am really hoping tickets stay around 60,000 points for that time of year, because once we pin down a house and know what we’re spending, we can book it! We were supposed to go to Paris last December, if you guys remember, but we had to wait 24 hours while our Skymiles transferred and during that 24 hours, all that mess happened with the attacks on Paris and Jon said we couldn’t go! If we can’t go to Paris though, I might try to at least book a trip to Costa Rica since tickets are pretty cheap to Costa Rica anyway and it’s only a 4 hour flight from Atlanta! I told Jon that Europe is calling and I must go!

Anyway, this is our last full “normal” week at home. Next week we’ll be packing every day to prepare for the move on the 11th. And this weekend we’ll be in Florida, so I won’t even get to enjoy one last weekend here! My parents are going to take Jackson the Saturday night before we move, so I hope Jon and I can run out and have a late night fun time, haha. When I was pregnant, we left our house at 9:50 one night to get cheeseburgers, and I remember thinking that we wouldn’t be able to do that again. And we can’t! We can’t even leave the house after 6pm together because Jackson is already in bed! So, we can run out in the area we live in for one last late night run!

Alrighty, I should get back to my paper for a few minutes. Jackson should be waking up soon and I want to go to the gym today since I didn’t go AT ALL last week! I want to finish this paper up before we leave on Thursday/Friday, so I have a lot of work to do! And Jon has business dinners a bunch so my evenings will be taken up with baby.


4 thoughts on “Last Normal Week & House Plans

  1. I’m glad the new plans for the house is going to be a better one! I’m not a fan of overly big houses too, too much to clean haha. And now you can have your office to do school work in!

    Are you planning to have baby number two soon?

    • Nope, not yet! I have this year and next year of grad school, so we will probably start trying once I finish school in 2018. We had planned on trying during that school year, but after being nauseated and exhausted during pregnancy, I’m not sure I want to be in school during that!

      • Lol, you could always start trying like a month or two before you graduate. I can’t imagine going through all of that and being in school, I don’t blame you!

  2. That sounds like a good plan with the house. You defo sound a lot happier about moving! We debate between buying a ‘forever’ home that would fit a family and one for now that would be fine for the two of us all the time!! I know so many couples who have upsized to extend their family and ended up not having anymore kids, now they are rattling around in massive 4 bedroom homes and selling would leave them in debt, changing schools, etc! I guess its just your luck when it comes to property!
    I just booked flights to Prague for my sister for her 30th birthday for February, I’m so excited you could be getting to travel again soon. I know how much you love it!!!

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