Friday Brunch

Hey-o. Happy Friday! I had planned on putting J in daycare today to do some work, go to the pool, and finally make it to the gym this week, but Stephanie asked if I wanted to grab lunch today. Since we have planned a ton of get togethers and something always comes up (J was born, her husband’s dad died…), I decided to blow off my personal plans and get together with a friend instead! Besides, I’ve been spending much more time at home lately since school has started and I definitely need social interaction to be a happy human.

Jackson slept in until 7:15! WOOHOO! This is super exciting since we’ve had our fair share of extra early wake ups lately, so when I woke up and it was light out, I knew we had a good night around here! I spent some time cleaning up and making breakfast and finally washing my hair this morning (it’s crazy how oily my hair is now that I’ve had a baby! I used to easily go 4 days without washing it- now after 2 it’s greasy!). Jackson was getting super tired and fussy around 9:15, so I put him down and he fell right to sleep. He woke up at 10:30, so I got him ready just in time to go meet up with Stephanie and her baby!


Stephanie and I met at Buttermilk Kitchen, which is known for brunch. I’ll be honest- it wasn’t the best I’ve ever had. My food was definitely good, but I have had better. And you couldn’t get a piece of french toast to sub as a side, which is kind of irritating. I like brunch places that let you sub things out. Jackson did pretty well at brunch! He did fuss a few times but it was so loud that you couldn’t even hear him. He spent a lot of time in my lap and I could tell he was tired (he had been yawning since he woke up at 10:30), and as soon as I laid him in his car seat after brunch, he was out.

I got stuck in traffic so he got a 40 minute nap. We got home, I fed him, and I had wanted to put him back down but he was playing around. I put him on the floor and he entertained himself eating mine and Jon’s clean underwear (I fold laundry next to him to keep him entertained when he starts getting fussy), but when that fun wore off, he started fussing and yawning, so I laid him back down.

And now he’s still asleep! I got in an episode of Real Housewives and filed my nails. I considered the pool or the gym, but Jon got off work early and is napping, and since he has baby duty all weekend while I work, I figure I’ll let him enjoy his nap before I dump Jackson on him while I go work out. Who knows what I’ll actually do tonight. I work tomorrow and Sunday (just 8 hour shifts, but waking up at 4:45 is still tiring!), so I think it’ll be a boring weekend for us around here.

I had to work Wednesday and Thursday and totally planned on working out in the evenings, but Wednesday was a late night for Jon and Thursday I was just exhausted. I am not used to working two days in a row anymore, sadly, and it was just so busy on Wednesday. I was in the mood to just relax at home. I should soak this house in anyway, since these are my last two weeks here! I did get a night out on Tuesday with Laura! I had been wanting to get out at night because it has been so nice in the evenings here! We ended up running some errands (of course) and we had some Mediterranean dinner on a patio. I had a portabella and caesar pita and it was SO good. Then we got ice cream, because that’s just what we do. It was so nice to get out of the house. Since Jackson goes to bed at 5:30-6 now, I just feel like I spend so much time at home. It sucks.

I suppose I’ll go. I need to clean up the house some more so I can get some homework done tonight. I’m trying to get ahead on school stuff since we’re going out of town for Labor Day and then I go out of town for 10 days to Tahoe and Yosemite, and then Jon and I go back out of town to Florida for Crista’s wedding! Busy semester for sure! I don’t have anything too hard to get done, but just a bunch of busywork that I don’t want to mess with later!

Oh, and Jackson is 6 months old today! Hard to believe that my boy is 6 months!


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