Moving :(

Happy Friday. This weekend is Crista’s bachelorette party and I’m kind of bummed about not being there. They went to Austin, but Jon wanted to go to Billy’s bachelor party this weekend too and honestly, I hate flying so much that I was really anxious about doing it JUST for a weekend. But the girls are out on a boat and it looks like tons of fun.

It really is crazy how life changes. Not just because we have a baby to take care of, but now financially. Jon and I have been very fortunate to be where we are. I know we’ve also both worked really hard to get where we are and I really am proud of the life we created. I love that I chose a career that allowed me to work overtime and gave me the funds to travel. I’m glad I joined the Army and came home from a deployment with almost $50k in the bank. I traveled with that money and I paid for CrossFit and I lived in my house and didn’t ever stress during college because my college was 100% paid for (I actually got paid almost $5,000 a semester to go to school, like, in my pocket). Jon joined the Army in high school and became an x-ray tech and then specialized. He did so well that now he does sales and is doing well financially. He is so smart and hard working! And we made smart decisions with our money.

So… This whole moving and saving money is new to me. Well, saving isn’t new to me. I’m a saver. I like having a lot in the bank. But still, the stress of higher house payments is still totally looming overhead. The fact that we really should save another $15-20k to comfortably put 20% down on a house (we don’t have to though because of my VA loan) is a big deal.

I have always said I want us to always be in a position to enjoy life. I know I blogged about this before. But living is so much more important than stuff. I admire the European way where houses are nowhere near as big as houses in the US! Why do they have to be so dang big here?! And why do we work SO HARD here?! What about living?!

It really stresses me out thinking that we could stress about money to the point of not taking trips. Life would be no fun then.

And aside from that, I’m just sad that we’re moving out of this house. I know I mentioned it before plenty of times too. But the location! I had kind of committed to myself that we’d live here until we were ready for our next baby. Why buy a bigger house for a kid we may never have? We love the location. Our mortgage is cheap! Why move?! And now I’m sort of kicking myself for selling it. Of course, it’s too late to back out, unless something on the buyer’s end doesn’t go through. And I think I’d crush Jon’s dreams. I’ve created my life here though. I like my CrossFit gym. The LA Fitness I use is hands down the best LA Fitness I’ve ever been to! I like my Whole Foods and know where everything is, which is a difficult task in Whole Foods! I like our sub shop and I love my commute! Jackson is so happy in his daycare and I’m comfortable with him being there and trust them. I just keep looking at our house and it’s so surreal knowing we’re three weeks away from leaving this house forever. I feel like I can’t adequately soak it in. I remember the first few nights in our house. Well, Jon and I weren’t together and he wasn’t really moving in with me, but he started staying at my house from the start and never went home.


That was our first dinner in my house.


We actually had our wine bottles and some other stuff on the mantle at the sides, but took it down to get our house ready to show. We also had a rug once, but Tom peed on it. RIP Tom- you rug ruiner.

I don’t know… I don’t know why leaving this house is making me so sad. I wish we could stay. I wish we were staying! But… I suppose it’s time to make a new home for ourselves in a place that Jon loves as much as I love this house.

Anyway, we had a tough week this week. Separation anxiety is totally in full swing. Bad. I thought Jackson was sick and that’s why he was waking up for the last two nights in hysterics (and not wanting to go to bed), but we took him to the doctor today and he’s totally healthy. He just has separation anxiety. WTF. She said they’ll wake up in the middle of the night and realize Mom and Dad aren’t there and that it’s not okay. WTTTTFFFFF. So, now I’m deciding how to approach this if he wakes tonight. I’m hoping he’ll sleep all night since he went down much better than he has been!

I also only made it to the gym twice this week and I was so motivated to go at the beginning of the week! I went Monday and Wednesday (Tuesday I was SO sore) and planned on going yesterday, but it poured. Like, a serious downpour. Jon got home at 5:50 right in the middle of it and then Jackson started his meltdown. So I decided not to go and honestly, I’m glad I didn’t go because the parking lot at the gym flooded and one of the girls had to tow her car because it wouldn’t work anymore!

I did get lots of schoolwork done this week though. I was proud of myself.

Tomorrow morning I’d love to go work out BUT Jon will be gone so no can do! Instead I’m going to have brunch with a girl from a mom’s group on Facebook and her baby. Hopefully it’ll be fun! Then I think I’m going to get together with Laura after Jackson’s nap if he cooperates! And then have a night of homework once he’s in bed! Woohoo! I plan on going to my parent’s house on Sunday so they can watch Jackson for me while I do school stuff too!

Okay, I need to go wash bottles and then make some dinner and relax.


4 thoughts on “Moving :(

  1. So sorry about not being able to go to the bachlorette party, especially if it’s on a boat! But yeah, it’s crazy with money and buying/selling homes and you just have to save when you can. I’ve always admired how self-sufficient you are and you are a crazy hard worker… even from your Arby’s days back in high school, you worked. So many kids now in HS don’t even do that! Or they think they are too goo for particular jobs! Then going into the military and doing school while nursing and working… you have a crazy hardcore work ethic and yes, I do agree people should slow down, travel more, and enjoy life! Work hard so you can party hard!

    Hope your brunch goes well and Jackson is doing okay and gets over the anxiety. Even as a baby he might even know that the move is happening and sort of tell you guys are stressing about it?

  2. I hope Jackson gets over the anxiety soon, poor little guy!
    That’s rubbish you missed out on the bachelorette, I hate saying no to stuff, probably why I’m STILL at my parents and STILL saving for my down payment! I hate saving, I’ve never been good with money, I really wish I was!
    Your right to be proud of the life you have worked hard to create.
    I wish houses were bigger here, my dads in a wheelchair, my parents house had to be extended for him to get around in it, he can’t visit most people in there houses (including my sisters) because the hallways and bathrooms are too small for him to get around. Although I do like that a small house means less time cleaning.
    I love the floors in your condo and your armchair. I’m sure you’ll grow to love the location of your new place when you find it!

    • I never really thought about houses being wheelchair friendly! I actually don’t know that the houses here are really wheelchair friendly though, even though they’re big. I know one of our old houses was actually built with bigger doorways and hallways specifically to fit wheelchairs and the doors were quite a bit larger than the standard doors here. I would much rather just spend money but I’m a catastrophe planner, haha. So I feel like we need to have money to lose our jobs for like, a year and have our house burn down at the same time!

      • Haha my sister is a catastrophe planner too, she goes into meltdown if her bank balance drops below her required amount! I’d be screwed if anything happened though so I’d definitely prefer to be better with money!!!
        Yeah wheelchair friendly is not something you think about until you have a situation where you have to, one of my sisters just had twins and her stroller has to go in and out her patio door and stay in that one room because it’s too wide for the doors!!

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