Condo is PENDING

Happy Wednesday! Long time, no update! I’ve been busy with being back in school and should be working on some schoolwork right now, but I wanted to do a quick updates since WE ACCEPTED AN OFFER ON OUR HOUSE! I’m actually not that excited. I am glad that it’s going to be off the market and we can stop keeping it spotless 24/7, but I’m also really bummed that our time here is coming to a close. I’m sad that we won’t be living in this location anymore. My drive to work is about to suck and I’m going to miss taking the highway the whole way. I’m sad that Jackson will have to leave his daycare. I’ve grown to really like the other babies in the room and the daycare workers. I’m going to miss the convenience when I’m going to meet up with friends in the evenings and have an extra 30 minutes to drive (without traffic- upwards of an extra hour with traffic). I’m definitely sad, but I also know that we will be creating a home somewhere else. And after trying to do schoolwork in the “dining room” last night while Jon was getting Jackson ready for bed, I realized how nice it will be to have a separate area to work in.

I looked up the girl who is buying my condo. I actually got a quick look at her when Jon and I pulled up the other night because she was out talking to my neighbor and since I can search her name off the documents I’ve had to sign, I totally stalked her real quick. Guys, this girl is awesome! She studied anthropology and her profile pictures were her dog sledding, one of her and an alpaca overlooking Machu Picchu, and a bunch in Jerusalem! So I feel much better knowing this place is going to a girl who is about my age and who loves to travel too! Much better than some stuffy old boring person.

I just hope everything goes smoothly from here on out now. We have a 10 day due diligence period with a closing on 9-22 (we will be out before that- we will move out the weekend after Labor Day since Jon will be out of town the weekend before we close). Our realtor said the girl is very financially sound and has 20% down, so I hope that is a good sign that the loan will go through.

Jon and I did look at some AWESOME houses this past weekend. We found our favorite house ever for only $450k, haha. But really, the houses in there were amazing. They are a little older and so unique and I absolutely love them. I actually told Jon to check out traffic in the area before and after work (that exit gets so back up off the highway) so that we can see how it would be. It’s not really close to my parents, but it isn’t too far from where we live now. The houses are just amazing though and they really vary in price range, so lots of the houses are affordable for us. It made me excited to be able to buy a house and make it our own.

Aside from that, I’ve actually gone to the gym! I went Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (all to CrossFit), Saturday (LA Fitness), and Monday (CrossFit again). And I’m going today. But I’m so sore! It feels good though. I feel motivated again to work out and am really happy that I’ve made it back to the gym. It still is hard on days I work to get the motivation to go in the evenings, especially if I’m not doing CrossFit, but oh well. I planned on going yesterday but I am so sore and quite frankly, I was exhausted. I hung out with Jon instead and we worked out the details of the offer on the condo and I spent over 2 hours doing school stuff.

I got off work early on Sunday which was awesome! Although I need the money, I can’t say no to leaving at 11am on a Sunday! I think that when we stay at my mom and dad’s house (we’re moving the weekend after Labor Day into their house), I’m going to see if my mom will pick Jackson up from daycare one day a week so that I can work until 7pm and get a few more hours in. We need to really save up for the rest of the downpayment on a house. But anyway, on Sunday we really just went over to my mom and dad’s house and then Jon and I decided to go look at open houses. It was nice to get out with just Jon for a little while since we haven’t really been doing much lately!

School is back in and I forgot how much I hate it. The classes are actually fairly interesting this semester, but I hate doing this work. And it’s time consuming. I need to go to Costco (which is why I should not be blogging) but it’s convenient to go later today, but I have to get Jackson and he usually isn’t in any mood to go places after daycare since he’s so tired. And I have a vet appointment this afternoon, so that’ll take up all my “free” time.

I don’t think there is much else to update on. Life has been pretty boring lately. Lots of school, lots of work, lots of Jackson time, and lots of cleaning. Life is about to get even busier as we start packing and getting ready to move. We need to go find a storage unit for all of our stuff and start packing up and cleaning everything out (thankfully, our place is small so we haven’t accumulated much, and we already cleaned out the storage closet). I have a feeling I’ll at least start packing up my kitchen stuff that I don’t use as frequently since the kitchen is always the major task. Man… I can’t believe this is all actually happening.

Alright, it’s past 9am so I said at 9am, I’d go start on school stuff. Have a great day, everybody!


5 thoughts on “Condo is PENDING

  1. Exciting and sad at the same time, I get far too attached to things that I associate with memories, I cried for months when I had to sell my house with my ex, I was more sad about leaving the house that the relationship. I guess I knew with the market rocketing that I would never be able to buy a house so perfect again 😥 house prices here are ridiculous here now and houses are so freaking SMALL!!! Just think of all the memories you will make in your new place with Jackson!!!

    • I have heard that buying houses there is really expensive! I wish houses here were smaller! I feel like homes have just gotten unnecessarily big and there is just no point in having THAT much house! The hardest part for me is knowing we probably won’t be able to afford a house in such a great location again! I almost wish we had waited another year or two, since I think some of my friends will head back north once they have kids too. Then I wouldn’t be SO far from everything right now! And with the elections coming up, we’re trying to get a new place because I guess interest rates are expected to go up, and the interest makes such a huge difference in monthly payments!

      • Oh tell me about it, the interest rates are low right now here compared to what they have been but the economy is unknown especially when the EU exit starts taking place! Damn politics!
        Yeah as much as I’d love a big house I can’t imagine having to clean it or heat it!!
        House buying sucks….being a grown up sucks haha!

  2. Congrats on getting the offer! That’s great! Pretty soon you’ll have more space which will feel good.

    Ugh I feel you on school work. This is your last year right?

    • Nope, I have next year too! Next year is my internship, so that’ll be the really busy year since I’ll be working less. We’ll have more space when we find somewhere to live 😦 Haha. Who knows how long that will take!

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