Boring Updates

Happy Friday night, haha. 9:15 on a Friday night and here I am. It’s been a rough few days. Monday I actually made it to CrossFit at noon. Tuesday morning I went to LA Fitness and did 20 minutes of cardio (pretty much a post-baby record, but I haven’t cared much about cardio) and some weight lifting, and then that was the end. Wednesday/Thursday were work days for me and long days for Jon, and today by the time Jon got home, I was just tired. No good excuse. Just tired. I actually took 2 naps today, but who really counts naps these days? I want to try to go tomorrow since I did just have to pay another $130 for the gym, so I might as well take advantage of it.

Jackson has been a handful again. These last few weeks have just been so difficult. Two teeth appeared and I thought we had moved past the teething. But then he got sick. So his eyes are watering, he’s snotty, and he’s so sneezy. And is he fussy! Daycare said he cried almost all day yesterday, which is really unlike him. They tell me almost every day when I pick him up how good he is. And Wednesday night, Gina came over and he seriously flipped out every time he looked at Gina (she came in his room with me to wake him up from his nap) for like, 20-30 minutes. I kept him home from daycare today, but we had to go to the OB/GYN and he flipped out when the front desk lady (two ladies there have worked there since I started going to the OB/GYN when I was 18) tried to come see him. And then he cried when the doctor came to do my exam. And fussed nonstop between his 2nd and 3rd nap.

Jon and I went to get subs from our little Italian deli tonight and he pulled 1/2 of my $10 sub onto the ground. To say that I was hungry would be an understatement and I was so mad! I had to buy another sub ($20 total for dang subs- seriously?!?!?! UGH BABIES!). The point of that story was really not about the sub, but to say that I just wanted to get out and go do something! The evenings have been really nice lately and I have been wanting to go sit on a patio in the late evening or go on a walk, but we can’t. Jackson is in bed between 7-7:30 and then we stay home too, obviously. I miss the days before him where we could just leave the house whenever we wanted without worrying about a baby. Although I’m not looking forward to living with my parents again (temporarily), it will be really nice to be able to leave the house in the evenings again! Once Jackson is in bed, my mom won’t mind if we go out and do something! I think we’ll take advantage of that while we can.

Anyway, I don’t even have much to say. I was mostly just killing time before cleaning up. This weekend is Kassie’s birthday celebration. Her friend planned a pool day/night out tomorrow from a hotel in Midtown and Sunday everybody is going to meet at Eventide Brewing Co. I’m not sure if I’ll stay tomorrow night or not. I sort of feel like I should, but we’ll see how tonight goes! Jackson has been making an awful lot of noise in his room tonight so I’m not sure how well he’ll sleep.

One thought on “Boring Updates

  1. Sounds like a really stressful day between Jackson’s meltdown, the OB/GYN, and the sub ordeal (I do agree that is a little pricey for subs but figure it’s a local joint and tasty, and probably a large sized sub). I’d be peeved too though, I always get excited over good food and subs. Glad you made it to the gym. I think moving in with your parents will definitely help because you guys can go out more often while Jackson naps since your mom will be there to handle anything during the evenings!

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