Blog Survey

Blog survey because why not?!

Guilty pleasure: Hmmm… Probably trash TV. I could sit and watch Catfish, Teen Mom, Real World, and other trashy shows (helloooo Bravo TV!) for way too long. Oh, and I can’t forget Forensic Files. And Five Guys.

Fave show to watch: I used to love Parenthood and Nashville, but both are off the air! I would actually say that my favorites right now are Food Network Star and Masterchef. I’m digging the cooking competition shows lately.

Favorite healthy eats: Is it sad that I don’t have any favorites right now? Haha. I’m more of a Five Guys girl right now. I just want greasy cheeseburgers on a daily basis.

Favorite treat: Well, I usually want Marble Slab chocolate ice cream with heath bars mixed in if I’m going out for dessert. Also, I love Capital Grille cheesecake but it’s $10 for the tiniest piece ever and I’m not paying $200 for dinner, so I don’t really eat it, sadly. Too awkward to get a to-go dessert at such a nice restaurant.

What supplements do you take: Prenatal vitamins.

Workout love: Always CrossFit. Except lately, I prefer just sitting on my couch. But if I’m going to work out, I prefer CrossFit. Specifically, Cindy is my favorite CrossFit workout and my favorite lift was back squats forever, but I think it may be deadlifts after hurting my hip.

Celebrity crush: None. What’s the point?

Favorite thing in your makeup drawer: I wear the same make up every day. I have two eyeshadows that I’ll wear, but really, that’s it. I guess if I had to pick a favorite, I would pick Almay liquid eyeliner. Everything else I could probably switch out and not be too upset about, but I am loyal to my eyeliner. And I love Jergen’s self tanning face lotion. I don’t think it gives me any color since I only use it once a day, but it’s not greasy at all and it’s really light. Plus SPF.

Health or fitness tip you’d like to share: Just live your life. Try to incorporate healthy behaviors, but the goal is to live a healthy life overall, long term. There is no need to be some crazy fitness person and stress over everything you eat unless you’re making a living off of your fitness.

Where do you buy your workout clothes: It was always Dicks or the Nike outlet, but I liked buying them at Marshall’s when I was pregnant.

Ideal date night: Date night? That sounds exciting! I think going out of the house with Jon after 7pm without Jackson would be fine with me. I don’t care what we do! I mean, we walked around an outdoor shopping area this past weekend and it was like, the most freeing experience ever. So, I’d be fine with anything!

Nail color: I always liked French tips, but since becoming a mom, lots of things just don’t really seem important anymore. Painting my nails is one of them. I’ll still do it for a special occasion and still love the look/feeling of having my nails so pretty, but it’s not really a priority. I kind of like red though.

Wearing: Underwear and a cheapie Target bra. It’s not even a sports bra. I don’t know what it is. It has these obnoxious tiny straps and my big ol’ titties need more support that this pitiful little “string” support. But nipples that spend 2 hours a day being pumped don’t like to hang free.

Favorite cocktail: Moscow Mule.

Favorite workout jam: I know it’s silly and I haven’t even heard this song in forever, but you know that “I got $20 in my pocket” song? Something about poppin’ tags? That song. It’s catchy and upbeat and just makes me want to work harder.



Bachelor or Bachelorette: Both.

Hidden talent: I have no talents. As a matter of fact, when Jon and I broke up years ago, he told me one of the reasons is because I have no talents and that he can sing, dance, and play the piano. He denies ever saying that, but we were driving along 400 (highway) together for some reason and he said that as we were about to go through the tolls. I mean, I could seriously never make up that line, nor could I ever forget it. It was one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard in my entire life.

If you could vacation anywhere, where would you go: ICELAND! ICELAND ICELAND ICELAND! Also, I really really really want to go to Scandinavia and explore all over.


6 thoughts on “Blog Survey

  1. That song is Thrift Store! And I’m going to have it stuck in my head now but it’s an awesome song ;). The ice cream with heath bar mixed in is pretty awesome as well…

    Speaking of the old-school MTV shows, have you seen the new channel that is classic MTV? It used to be called VH1 Classic or something but now it’s changed as of yesterday and will be playing old MTV shows.

    • That song is so motivating for some reason! I thought it was SO STUPID the first time I heard it, and then I heard it while I was at the gym and I was like, “This song is so catchy! I’m pumped!” Haha. I haven’t seen that channel! I watch everything On Demand so I never browse channels! I’m going to have to look for that!

  2. Iceland seems SO beautiful! I’d love to go there, too!

  3. Also now have Thrift Store stuck in my head haha! I love it to work out to aswell! I go to a boxing class that play rap music from like 2000 it’s so good for punching too, Haha!! yes for trashy TV, Kevin gives me such a hard time for watching crap…especially Teen Mom haha!!

  4. All you wear is eyeshadow and eyeliner? No mascara? Lol. You must be blessed with lashes cause for me, no mascara with eyeshadow or eyeliner means that I look like I have no eye lashes.

    Iceland yes! I want to go there in the freezing winter so I can see the northern lights properly haha.

    Eh talents are a learned skill. You learn to dance or play the piano, you just don’t pick up an instrument and know what you’re doing. So his argument is invalid. So if you wanted, you could play the piano too or whatever, it is a dumb comment.

    • Oh no, I wear mascara too! I feel like that’s a given, haha. Doesn’t everybody need mascara?! I want to see the northern lights but not bad enough to go to Iceland in winter! Although I’ve heard it’s not terrible in winter, actually, but it’s just dark all the time!

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