Weekend Updates

Hey-o, Happy Monday! And happy 35th wedding anniversary to my mom and dad!


I know you guys have probably never seen my brothers on this blog, but I assure you, they look JUST like my dad. Also, my mom is 7 months pregnant in that photo! Guess who got her mom’s genes? (ME!)

This weekend wasn’t really everything I had hoped for, but it was actually kind of nice. I hung out around the house on Friday night and made a quick Costco run while people looked at our house. Saturday morning, Jon took Jackson to my mom and dad’s house. We anticipated quite a few showings since we had 5 showings last week, but we ended up only having one showing on Saturday at noon! We figured it’d be hard to get Jackson in and out of the house so many times, but it was totally not an issue since nobody came to look at the condo!

I had told Jon I needed a “me” day, so I stayed back on Saturday morning and ran errands. Laura and I were getting together in the afternoon but she wasn’t quite ready when I got back, so I laid on the couch in silence. It was glorious. Laura and I didn’t do much- went to Chipotle and went to the mall for a bit, and that was it. I wasn’t feeling wonderful and I had to wake up at 4:30am for work the next day, so we just came back to the house and chilled for a bit before I got the rest of my stuff together to go to my parent’s house.

It was almost Jackson’s bedtime when I got to my mom and dad’s house, so Jon put him to bed and then Jon and I went out exploring at the Avalon. It’s one of those live/shop community type things. Jon and I had gone back when it first opened a long time ago, but it has changed a ton! I wish we had planned better because I was really in the mood to have a real date night where I didn’t look like a slob. Oh well. We grabbed a bagel and cream soda and sat outside and watched the kids play (who were out way past what I think is an appropriate bedtime, haha).

I had to work Sunday until 3. No joke, one of my patients humped the air/blanket for EIGHT hours. Well, 7 1/2 hours, but holy jesus. Let me add that to the long list of reasons that I don’t do meth.

Jon was still at my parent’s house, so I ran some more errands after work and then came home to an empty house! It was wonderful! I am always running to daycare to get him after work or on weekends, I come home and take over usually and Jon will go out and do something. I just chilled and ate some dinner and watched TV and it was like the old days.

Having so much time to myself this weekend really made me miss our baby-free days. I love Jackson obviously. He just melts my little heart, but I think of my pre-baby days on a daily basis. I miss traveling, freedom, leaving my house in 10 minutes, sleeping past 6:30am… The list is endless. I know people say that once you have a baby, you can’t imagine life without them. Not true. I can imagine it! And I think Jon and I would still be just as happy without a child. But I do love the little guy!

Speaking of Jackson, his very first tooth popped up yesterday! I kept telling Jon that I really thought I could feel a tooth about to surface and he kept saying he couldn’t feel it. Last night I felt and his tooth has arrived, haha! I can’t believe our baby has a tooth! He’s getting so big! He was back to himself last night and squealing and happy! So I guess this past week, his extreme fussiness and neediness was from teething. I’m so glad we’re over that because I couldn’t take it anymore!

Anyway, I need to go clean up the house and make it show ready. I got stuck paying for another month of CrossFit (because I forgot about the fine print), so I’m going to make it worth my while, even though I would rather nap. Like, I would WAY rather nap or just relax at home. It has been so busy lately and I don’t feel like my weekend was long enough for a refresher! Or I may end up napping and then going to the gym this evening. Who knows!

7 thoughts on “Weekend Updates

  1. Ah his first tooth! I don’t think the teething pain stops for them though, at least for some babies. I heard they get fuzzy all over again with the canine or the molars. I don’t have kids so I can’t confirm that lol.

    You’ll get more time when they start going to school and doing after school activities! You’re planning to have more right?

    • We are planning on one more at least. Probably not two more, haha. I heard that the first tooth is the worst but once they break the skin, the babies are fine. So hopefully his other teeth won’t be QUITE this miserable! He was super fussy and needy all week. I guess we’ll see! I feel like his other bottom front tooth should at least be following soon!

      • Yeah once the first tooth comes in, the others follow quick! Well at least the front ones, the molars take more time? I’m gauging all of this based on my cousin’s baby who’s 1 now lol.

  2. How cute is your Mom and Dad in that photo???!!
    Awww first tooth, also cute!
    My sister is a nurse in Emergency, she tells us some ridiculous stories about the things drug addicts do although ‘humping the air/blanket’ for 8 hours…what the hell!! So much respect for all you nurses that have to put up with that crap!!

    • Luckily I didn’t actually have to do much with that patient. He didn’t do anything obnoxious. I just basically left the door closed and aside from him asking for a blowjob (twice), he was super easy! Haha. I love that picture of my mom and dad! My mom posted it a few years back for their anniversary and I saved it!

  3. I have always thought you looked like your mom but come to think of it I have never seen your brother! I’ve seen pics of you and Annie though. Glad you got your me day and got to chill with Laura for awhile!

    I think you’re right, that you and Jon would be happy without Jackson as well. The thing is, if a couple is not happy when they are child-free, having a child won’t make them happy. But I think you guys are just happy together so either way the cards fell would be in your favor.

    • I should post a picture of my brothers and my dad. You wouldn’t be able to tell if you saw a picture of my dad now, but the pictures of a younger him are almost identical to my brothers! Life was so fun without a baby- there is no way we wouldn’t be happy, haha! But maybe that’s just me 🙂

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