Showing Houses & Lacking Motivation

Ugh, showing houses sucks. A lot. Mostly because of having a baby. But our house is spotless 24/7 and it’s kind of nice, but the whole juggling a baby is just really hard to do. We have a showing at noon today and I wanted to go to the gym and go grocery shopping before hanging out with Laura, but I think I may skip the gym. Because I skip the gym EVERY DAY! And you can tell by looking at my butt because it is getting really flat. #mombutt

I totally knew this lack of gym motivation would happen after the baby, but it really is the worst. Once I’m out of the habit of working out, it takes a few weeks to get back into it, and I just don’t have the desire to make so much time to go right now. I have legitimately been super busy lately and don’t want to keep Jackson in daycare even longer to work out, but I’m going to need to figure something out. When we move to my parent’s house, I’ll drive right by LA Fitness, so I may feel better stopping by the gym for 30 minutes to work out instead of having to drive out of my way to get to the gym and then sitting in traffic to get back to daycare now. AND my mom will be able to keep Jackson in the evenings if I run to CrossFit instead of having to constantly miss since Jon is never home on time!

It has been a stressful two weeks. Jon is FINALLY back in town. He actually came back in town on Tuesday night, but he had a Dale Carnegie course this week too and I worked late on Thursday night. I also managed to take our carseat to work with me and had to leave work for an hour to run all the way to the daycare to drop the seat off (thankful for coworkers who stay an hour late so I can go fix my dumb mistakes) since Jon had to pick him up.

We have a possible offer on our house coming this weekend, but we’ll see. I’m not getting my hopes up. I actually am still really sad about leaving our condo so I’m not in a hurry to move, but I’m also not liking having to be out of our house in the evenings with a baby and feeling in limbo. We know we’re moving out and we have a huge transition looming overhead. Not to mention my master’s program starts back up on the 10th, so I’ll have even more to juggle. So I sort of just want to jump into this and stop wondering when it’s going to happen.

I don’t even know how I’ll share a kitchen with my mom and dad. Or how I will NOT RECYCLE! I think I’m going to need to call their trash company to provide some recycling bins because I feel guilty throwing away my cardboard and plastic when I go to their house one evening a week! Old people kill me, all set in their silly ways of not recycling.

I am FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY getting out today! Granted, I’ll be running errands this morning and I’ve been doing laundry/cleaning all morning (while Jon naps- must be nice to have all the responsibilities at home taken care of by somebody else), but I told Jon I am taking this Saturday to MYSELF. So, Laura and I are going to get together and I have no idea what we’re doing, but I am going to enjoy it! I’m working from 7-3 tomorrow and I hope to relax in the evening! Hopefully we won’t have any showings! I can’t Mom for two weeks straight! I need a break.

Alright, my last few blogs have been pointless because my life has been the same, monotonous life for two weeks. I am about to get ready and head the grocery store since I need to be out of the house by noon for a showing, and Jon is taking Jackson up to my mom and dad’s so I need to have his stuff together too.



3 thoughts on “Showing Houses & Lacking Motivation

  1. Does LA Fitness have a day care? Maybe you can hit the gym and take Jackson to their day care while there’s a showing?

    I’m so afraid of having kids while in the middle of my master’s degree. I know plenty of mom’s doing, but it just seems sooo overwhelming haha.

  2. OMG the recycling thing really bothers me, we can get fined if you don’t do it properly here, but my Mum just can’t get out of her ways! I thought it was just her, haha!

    I’m so bad at getting back into the gym after just a few days off, I’ve not been regularly for a few weeks and also have developed bit of a flat butt!

    Enjoy your day to yourself you definitely earned it!!

  3. I think once you get back in the swing and habit of going to the gym, you will be fine. Give yourself some grace though, moving and selling a home are hectic and to add Jon’s travels, work, grad school, and baby on top of that… you are holding it together pretty well if you ask me!

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