Adulting So Hard… Is No Fun.

What a busy weekend! Our whole weekend has been spent getting our house ready to move! I’m so sad about leaving this condo! I really am happy with being in such a small space (our house really isn’t that small- it’s 1100sq/ft). I still love being so close to everything- Jackson’s room, our room, the kitchen! It’s all right here! Which is what Jon hates about our house! And I’m still so bummed about giving up the location! I really have a feeling we’ll end up much farther north than where we live now!

So, really, not much to report on the life front. I spent all of last week taking care of Jackson and all weekend prepping the house for tomorrow. I’m dropping Jackson off at daycare in the morning and will be cleaning the house for the pictures for the MLS listing. Hollis should come in the afternoon to take the photos and I’m giving him the disclosure on our place and then it’ll be listing on Tuesday. So strange! We delivered the cats to my parent’s house today and they watched Jackson this afternoon while we finished up some tasks around the house.

I can’t even fathom what it’s going to be like living with my mom and dad again. I love my parents and thankfully, they have two extra bedrooms! One has a crib already for Jackson and also has a bed in it (my old bedroom) and one is a TV room with a bed and a futon (my brother’s old room). But not having my own kitchen is going to be so weird!

I really wish Jon and I had been able to enjoy this weekend a little more! I missed him while he was gone last weekend and he has a really busy week this week too, so I’ll barely see him. Hopefully next Saturday we can do something together and I really hope we can have some time apart too! I have been stuck at home with Jackson nonstop or at work, so it’d be really nice to get out and hang out with some friends! I know people offer to come over in the evenings, but I feed Jackson in his room and get him ready for bed around 7pm, so right in the middle of possible friend time. So, it’s more of a hassle than it’s really worth.

Want to know something crazy? Just yesterday I was thinking that I really wish AtlantaFresh sold milk. I love their yogurt and cream and really, I LOVE grassfed anything because I think it’s way better than regular. So Jon and I went to the Whole Foods by my mom and dad’s house today and THEY SELL MILK! Apparently it’s new (just checked the website), but I was so excited! And for grassfed milk, it’s only like, $4.99 a gallon (around there)! Cheaper than Organic Valley Grassmilk! However, that Whole Foods doesn’t have Batdorf & Bronson coffee! WTF. I’m going to have to run all the way down to my Whole Foods for my coffee and stock up when we move north! And I’m pissed because I accidentally bought decaf coffee last time so I had to buy something else today. Hopefully it’ll be good.

That’s apparently all I have to talk about. Coffee. And milk. And cleaning my house. I’m going to go eat something, pump, and chillax for the evening. It’s going to be a busy week.

2 thoughts on “Adulting So Hard… Is No Fun.

  1. I’m kinda jealous you guys have so many Whole Foods stores. We have one lone store in Mt. Pleasant and it’s always packed. You can’t even find parking there! But, I’m glad you got your milk and your coffee because both are pretty freaking essential especially since you have a baby.

    I think living with your parents for awhile might not be a bad thing, it sounds like you have a lot of room at least so the three of you aren’t living in a single bedroom or something. I do agree it would be weird sharing a kitchen though. Best of all you have babysitters around to watch Jackson.

    • I am SO excited about having babysitters! It’ll be nice because if I do go back to CrossFit up there, I won’t have to miss evening classes if Jon gets stuck coming home late since my mom is home by 3:45. And we can have date nights without having to leave him there overnight and feeling bad about it! The kitchen is really the only thing I’m kind of nervous about, and I don’t even know if nervous is the right word. I don’t know that they have the space for our stuff since their kitchen is pretty packed! The Whole Foods by my parent’s is new. I used to drive like, 30 minutes to get to one when I lived up there a few years ago! It really sucks because there is another WF going in literally 2 miles from our house now! I would LOVE to be able to grocery shop whenever, without worrying about traffic! I guess that’s a perk to living so close to such a big city! Plenty of WF! Although, even a lot of the other cities I went to didn’t have this many, come to think of it!

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