Buying and Selling Houses! AH!

Happy MONDAY! This weekend went so fast. And this will be long. Sorry guys (not).

So, I’m considering selling my condo. Our condo is 1100 square feet, which is totally fine with me. But Jon HATES it. Like, complains all the time about our house. Personally, it’s less for me to clean and I am totally fine with it. He thinks we have no storage room, which is sort of true, but I also like. We can’t collect tons of shit because we don’t have room for it. We do minimal toys for Jackson (which I also like!) because we don’t have room to have twenty single-purpose toys. And the location? I LOVE where we live. LOVE IT! We live right at the perimeter, just north of Atlanta. The commute to my job is so easy and fast since I go against traffic and it’s all highway, so there aren’t a million stoplights. Jon works all over the Atlanta area, so it’s convenient for him. They’re putting a Whole Foods in just minutes from our house. The gym is easily accessible even in rush hour, as is any grocery store except Whole Foods right now, LA Fitness, Target, and Wal-Mart. All of my friends live downtown, so we are close enough to them. And we live in the land of parking lots still, since we are far enough outside of the city. Also, this exit is one of the only exits without traffic in this area. Our road is the perfect road. While the entire rest of this town has a ton of traffic, not this road.

The ONLY downside of this location is that it is NOT accessible to my mom and dad. The ONE reason I am considering moving up north (by “up north,” I mean to where my parent’s live, about 25 minutes north of our house with no traffic, but about 1 hour north with traffic) is to be near my mom and dad. Okay, so two reasons. The first is that when I go out of town, it would be really nice for my mom and dad to live close enough to Jackson’s daycare to pick him up if they need to. Right now, if Jon and I go on vacation, it’s really difficult because there isn’t anybody to watch him. For my mom and dad to drop off and pick Jackson up, it would literally be a two hour round trip to take him to daycare, if not longer (love Atlanta traffic). So, if we were close to them and Jon and I wanted to take a week long trip, they would easily be able to pick Jackson up after work. The second reason is the cost of housing. The area we live in is an expensive area. A cheaper 3 bedroom house is in the low $300s, and that’s for an older house. A new 3-4 bedroom house is in the high $400s here (a new house is not even an option in this area!). In my parent’s area, a 5 bedroom house is high $200-low $300s.

I will NOT be house poor. Like, will not. Refuse to be. No way. Not a chance. I love to travel and to actually live my life too much to spend all of our money on a HOUSE. I would honestly rather stay in this 1100sq/ft for our $900 a month and this super awesome location and take trips than move and have a nice house and be stuck at home. I want to eat a $70 sushi dinner if I want to! I want to go to Europe if my little heart desires! I do want a nice house. I want a nice kitchen and a light, airy, clean space. I would love a little more storage. But I don’t need huge. I don’t need brand new. I just need something comfortable and visually appealing.

So, we have friends who are the property gays in Atlanta, haha (that’s what they call themselves). They are my friends who flipped houses to afford their adoption and now live in a SUPER nice house downtown. Their renovations are gorgeous! But they don’t do any work themselves. Josh is a realtor (as a second job- he actually is some sort of engineer, I think) and he finds the houses and then they have contractors fix them up. Jon and I are going to meet with them to discuss the cost of a renovation. We also are going to start looking into schools in the area we live in. We know our county is not high on the list of schools, but perhaps we can find a good one and just drive to it. Once we check out the schools, I think we’re going to list our condo. And once we list our condo, we’ll be moving in with my parents for as long as it takes to find the perfect house/possibly renovate.

My issue with this is, again, DAYCARE! I already said how long it would take to get to daycare down here, but I am finally comfortable with our daycare! I don’t want to switch again, but it’s not even feasible to bring him down here really. But if we move back down here, then I can’t be on a wait list for 2 months again. And I can’t be on a wait list by my parent’s house and not get a slot and then have to go stay with them. Also, we just got a new cat with claws (totally should have waited) and my parents don’t allow claws in their house. So I would HAVE to get Rascal declawed, and I’ve been sort of against declawing lately. We’ll see…

This is a good time to sell though. Our area has REALLY gone up in price. I bought my condo for $106 and I just looked and a 2/2 condo (the same layout as ours and it is remodeled like ours- but ours has wood floors and newer appliances- the one listed doesn’t even have a fridge) for sale in our condo and it’s listed for $160k. Guys! $160!!! That’s $54k up from what I bought mine at! And we did maybe $5000 in renovations on ours (we did our own floors, paint, and then changed out outlets and stuff). Houses are going so fast in this area. The condo is already pending in our complex. Uhhhh! What to do, what to do!

Maybe I should save my weekend update for another post since this is so long. I just go back and forth with this whole house thing all the time. I get so ready to list our condo and then always get cold feet and decide no. But I told Jon if he is willing to look in our area now (after we go check out schools), then I will list our house. I’m going to call and get our preauthorization for a loan! AHHHH!


7 thoughts on “Buying and Selling Houses! AH!

  1. Good luck with deciding to move. It’s definitely not an easy decision. You also have to factor in the cost of moving… movers, closing costs, cleaning, deposits, etc. I feel like living in a good location is really important, with traffic and everything, but being close to parents might be good since you have Jackson (I still think you’re close as it is! Mine live 2 hours away). Definitely have another place to live BEFORE selling your condo though! My friends moved from another state and didn’t have a place here, and they had to live with his parents for like 2 months with their baby. Not fun..

    • Oh no, we are totally living with my mom and dad, haha. I WANT to. I want to save some more money AND I want to see how it is to live back in that area (they live where I went to high school, but as an adult with jobs, we don’t know how convenient that location will feel now). So, our stuff is going into storage while we find the perfect house and see how it all feels again. Luckily my parents have two extra bedrooms and already have furniture and a crib at the house, so literally ALL of our stuff will go straight into storage and Jackson will still have his own room there. It won’t be ideal, but I actually really like my mom and dad and so does Jon, so it’ll be okay (kind of, haha). I’m sure we will be ready to get out of their house at the end of it, but hey, if we save a few thousand dollars, it’ll be nice. And we pulled the trigger- I’m having the real estate agent who sold me my condo come over on Friday to walk through and start the listing process. AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

  2. $54,000 more?! Wow! It really is a seller’s market right now & sounds like it would be a good time to sell if it’s something that you really want to do! Houses are a little bit higher around here right now but not that much higher, haha. Plus if you live with your parents for awhile, maybe the housing madness will slow down & you’ll be able to find something easier than right now. Ah! So exciting! Good luck with everything!! 🙂

  3. I don’t like big houses at all, it just seems so overly excessive. What am I going to do with all that space? Spend hours of my time cleaning it? I think not. I’m with you, smaller houses are great and they don’t allow for you to accumilate so much crap that you don’t need.

    Condos are so cheap down there. In my area, the average house goes for $200-$300k and you can find houses for under $200k, they just need a bit of work. But condos here, they have skyrocketed. It’s difficult to find condos under $200k now and the ones that are, are apartment condos with only one bedroom. So buying a house here is the better and cheaper option.

    I feel like getting the house will ultimately be the better option. Especially for when Jackson gets older and if you guys want more kids. I don’t think you have to move anytime soon lol, you guys still have some time. Well, closing on a house takes a few months, so if you do buy a house in your area, by the time that you get off the daycare waiting list, the house will finally be closing. I would suggest not living on a house that’s being renovated. Construction just makes chaos to live in. I know financially it makes more sense though. If you like to garden, just think you can grow your own veggies and fruits in your backyard!

    • We wouldn’t live in a house while getting renovated! We would just stay with my parents until it was complete. I wouldn’t even attempt that with a baby! Our condos are way cheaper than most in the area, haha. Most of the condos near mine around in the high $200s/low $300s and then you still have to pay condo fees. But the other condos are newer construction and I live in a few of the older condos from when this town was originally built. A house is definitely the way we’ll go, but just browsing last night made me so nervous. A move in ready house is AT LEAST $330k and there are VERY few available… Ugh. I closed on my condo in 3 weeks from when I found it, so I don’t expect anything to take too long. If we list next week, I assume we’ll be out no later than mid-Aug. And I am so not looking forward to cleaning a bigger house! I feel like 1100 sq/ft is enough to clean! I can’t even imagine doubling this!

  4. Interesting to read this. I’m in the UK and just put my house on the market. I believe the agent has over-valued it, as we have only had three viewers in three weeks. Yesterday he contacted me and suggested we reduce the price, to the figure that I thought it was worth in the first place! It’s so stressful! Luckily, I’m out in a rush to sell, so we’ll leave the price as it is until after Christmas, then see what happens.

    • Yup, we have since sold and got just under what we asked on it! And ended up not buying since we are now relocating and are unsure if it’ll be permanent or not! It is super stressful! And I’ve heard the housing market is way different in the UK too and that it’s a lot more expensive.

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