4th of July Weekend

I just started typing “Happy Monday!” but it’s definitely Wednesday. My, how time flies when you’re having fun!

We had a three day weekend this past weekend, which is kind of the norm for me. I did work on Friday afternoon for somebody and I’m pretty sure we just chilled on Friday night. Jon and I had plans all week during the week last week, so one of us was always out of the house while the other watched Jackson. It was nice to just hang out with each other!

Saturday morning, Jon and I woke up and decided to head up to Blairsville to hang out at the cabin with my mom and dad. We haven’t been up there since I was pregnant and it was so nice to go back up there! And honestly, it was totally doable with Jackson too! We only stayed the day, but I think we’ll be trying to go back sometime in the near future. We got up there around 11am and hung out on the patio and then I took a nap.

We went out to dinner with my mom and dad and then Jon and I had to head home since it was Jackson’s bedtime. I ended up going to the Carter’s outlet and getting a ton of baby stuff, so now we’re pretty well stocked up on 9 and 12 month outfits for Jackson. We also caught this sunset, which is right near mine and Jon’s first house together:


Sunday morning I had big plans of the gym, but I decided to go run errands instead. I needed to make a trip to Whole Foods so we could eat, and then when I got home, I really wanted to hang out by the pool for a bit. I spent an hour there which is longer than I ever go for (especially because I never make it to the pool anymore!), but it felt so nice to just sit and relax alone! When I got back, Jon had Andrew over and his sister and her boyfriend, so I hung out for a minute before hopping in the shower. Jon and I headed downtown to visit our friends, Josh and Joey, and meet their little girl that they just adopted! Josh and Joey flipped houses to pay for the adoption and the house they are in now is gorgeous! It totally makes me want to renovate an old house downtown, but who am I kidding- I would hate to live downtown! It was so good to catch up with them and I’m also excited because Joey is going to be a stay at home dad and Josh is off until September, so I can have playdates on Wednesdays with Jackson and their daughter! We left around 5:30 since Jackson was over the visit, and then Laura came over and we went to have dinner at Panera together.

Monday was the 4th! Woohoo! I woke up early and ran to Target since I really needed to get some stuff! I finally bought a raft and a swim diaper for Jackson, so of course we took him to the pool for the first time!


The pool really isn’t the same with a baby. I wanted to get some sun but clearly I have the whitest child ever, so we kept his pale little body in the shade. And after about 20 minutes, he was done with the pool too. He went down for a nap when we got home. We were supposed to have brunch with Crista and Billy, but we kind of got blown off, so we made a super late brunch at home and relaxed for the afternoon. I think there may have been naps. That evening, we went over to Gina and Brian’s for a cookout. We got there way early since I knew we’d have to leave to put Jackson to bed and we wanted to have some time to visit, so we beat the crowd! We left around 7:15 and then spent our evening relaxing.


Yesterday I decided to keep Jackson home. I thought maybe he was teething and really, I just wanted to relax and it didn’t work out for Jon to drop him off at daycare. So I put him down for a nap in the morning and then we went to take Rascal to his vet appointment. I got stuck in SO much traffic coming home! It took over an hour to get home! And then once I got home, Jackson was in such a mood! I ended up giving him Tylenol and feeding him until he fell asleep and then he slept for 3 1/2 hours! I never let him sleep that long but I didn’t even want to deal with the beast! Haha. I went to the gym at 5:30 and had a super good, super sweaty workout! When I got home, Jon had Jackson up and he was being a super sweet boy! Of course! I made us some chicken, caprese, and broccoli for dinner and then we put Jackson to bed!

I slept terrible last night! It took forever to fall asleep and then Jackson woke up at 5am. I thought maybe his nose was clogged up since he has been waking up with boogers clogging his entire nose, so I went in to check him and then he lost his dang mind! I fed him (I still feed him if he wakes up at night since he doesn’t wake up too often, so I figure he needs it when he does) and then decided to just pump since I knew he’d sleep in and I wanted to sleep in too! It took me so long to fall back to sleep! Ugh! Hate that!

I woke up with Jackson around 8:30. I got him fed and cleaned up and then made breakfast. I dropped him off at daycare at 11:30 and made it to the gym at noon. We had a super easy workout. I went to Target just to buy Foca for diapers but they were out! Bummer! So I headed to get Jackson since I knew he’s been super sleepy lately and got him down for a nap.

I pumped and cleaned up and now Jon is home! Tomorrow I work and then our weekend starts early! The rest of this month is crazy! We have so many weekends booked up through October and Jon is out of town a ton this month, so I’ll be solo parenting a bunch, which really sucks. I hate being home alone with Jackson at night because I just don’t feel as safe. Anyway, time to go wake Jackson up before he sleeps way too long again!

Has anybody ever run out of storage on here? What do you do?! Can I buy more?! I don’t know how this works!


5 thoughts on “4th of July Weekend

  1. My suggestion if you run out of storage on WordPress is to look at the size of your pictures and resize them. I resize all of mine to 550 x 375 or something like that and the dimensions work well. Chances are you have a lot of pictures that are say, 4 times that size. I’ve had my blog for years and only used maybe 25% of the storage.

    It looks like you guys had a really wonderful long holiday weekend! So glad you got to go visit your parents at the cabin, do baby clothes shopping, and go to the pool. I love that one pic of you and Jackson when he is in your lap too, it’s a really great pic of you (and him too). Hope that you can get some rest soon and he doesn’t keep you up again tonight!

    • Can I go back and change the sizes of already posted ones? I need to look and maybe just message you on FB about this!

      • You can, but the size of the uploaded image is what counts against your data, not the size it is inside the blog post. You can go to the post, save the image to your computer, resize it, and reupload it, though. That’s what I’d do.

      • That’s a lot of work! Maybe I will just delete all the photos and have photo-less blogs! I can keep the worthwhile ones and get rid of the food photos, etc and then resize them in the future. Do you just resize it as it’s uploading or do you do it in a program or something?

      • I do it in Picasa then upload

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