Lots of Boring Talk. #momlife

Hey-oooo. Happy Before 4th of July Friday! Things around these parts have been busy. Since I have to actually hold my pump parts in place now (I had to switch to smaller flanges that don’t come apart and I’m still too cheap for a real hands-free bra), I can’t type while pumping and I just don’t sit down much otherwise.

I’m officially back to work. Well, I had been, but I’m officially actually working more hours. By more hours, I mean that I work like, two 6 hour shifts a week (8s if I have to work Saturday or Sunday). But still, we have a new swing of things. Monday is my errand running day, Tuesday is a workday, Wednesday I keep Jackson home from daycare and we usually make plans for lunch with a friend, Thursday is a workday, and Friday is usually another errand running day. I’m kind of liking the predictability of our schedule and I definitely am getting back into the swing of things at work. My IV skills are sort of coming back. I’m remembering how to work with adults again. I don’t feel quite so lost.

I’m having a hard time with the gym though. I go Monday and Friday at noon. Jon does dinners on Wednesday evenings, so I haven’t been going on Wednesdays since Jackson is home with me. I get out of work in time to go to the gym, but it’s really difficult to go since I usually don’t get to eat a real lunch since I work a 4 or 6 hour shift and spend my lunch break pumping (so I just snack while I pump). I pump again after work at 3 and then have to pick Jackson up from daycare and change and feed him before he goes down for a nap. By the time that is said and done, I’m exhausted (I still wake up at 5:30am, even if I don’t work until 9, because it takes that long to get myself and Jackson ready and to take him to daycare) and I’m usually so hungry that the gym sounds like a terrible idea. So, my gym life is a struggle, but I feel so good when I actually make it to the gym. I hope this is still an adjustment period to a busier life and that I will start being able to make it more often. I just paid for the gym 3 weeks ago, so I’m still getting back into it.

I also officially dropped a pump. This may not be exciting at all to anybody other than exclusive pumpers, but now I pump every 4 hours instead of every 3 hours (and if I am late, it’s 5 hours between pumps). Just that one hour difference a day makes a world of difference. It is so nice and I really feel a lot more free! If I pump first, I can actually go out to dinner without stressing about having to pump in the middle of eating. It’s great!

I have started cooking a lot more meals lately. By “a lot more,” I mean like, one meal a week. But hey, better than before! I’ve been making enough for leftovers so it seems like a big deal! I made the pork tacos I mentioned on Monday and I actually really liked them! I did make the sauce sweeter and made extra and of course, I used a whole second can of pineapple, but the tacos were good! I actually sort of like them better warmed up as a pork bowl, but I would make them again for sure. My homemade whipped cream was also a success! Maybe I’ll start trying to make two meals a week, but this past week was so busy between mine and Jon’s evening schedule and Jackson was a little pain the butt, so it was hard to get anything done in the evening!

Jackson learned how to roll onto his belly, so now he rolls onto his belly at night and then cries because he can’t roll back. It is SO ANNOYING and I might just wedge him onto his back if it continues. He wakes up at 3 or 4 or 5am and cries because he is pissed about being on his belly and then if I flip him, he flips right back over and then gets even more pissed because he realizes that he’s hungry too. But I am not getting him in the habit of wanting to eat again at night, so we’ll be crying it out this weekend if he continues. We may be some tired parents this weekend! Obviously other than this new obnoxious development, Jackson is still the cutest baby ever and I love him to pieces, but he was fussy this week and didn’t want to be set down at all in the evenings. So there was lots of crying and way too much baby holding.

We got a new deep freezer! How adult of me to even mention that in my blog! We have a 5 cubic foot chest deep freezer, but I filled it with milk. So we got a 17 cubic foot standup freezer! I guess I’m not weaning any time soon!

I’m going to go. Jon is asleep on the couch (he asked me to change Jackson’s diaper and said he’d finish feeding him, but he was sound asleep 2 minutes later once Jackson was clean) and I should probably go eat some more food because I’m super hungry. I think we may run to Target tonight once Jackson is up because we’re parents now and that’s what we do with our baby for entertainment.


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