Wedding Weekends, Father’s Day, Kittens, & Jobs

Hey-o! Happy Monday! I have had a lot going on lately! Gina’s wedding was this weekend and it was SO MUCH FUN! For those of you who don’t know (probably most of you), Gina and I have been friends for 15 years now. I met her when I was 15, but we really became good friends during our junior year in high school. We lived together our first semester of college and then I transferred, but we literally spent every weekend having sleepovers for like, four years straight. I was obviously excited to be in her wedding as co-Matrons of Honor with Kassie!

Friday evening was the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. The rehearsal was so quick! We went to an Irish Pub for dinner! Jon made it just on time! My parents agreed to watch Jackson all weekend long, thankfully, so Jon was able to join us for dinner. Him and the husbands (Gina’s husband and Kassie’s husband) formed the Wolfpack recently, so they’re like bests now, basically. I had broccoli and brie stuffed chicken for dinner and holy cow, it was so incredibly delicious! I was so glad too because I was really wishing I ordered everything but that. We left around 9pm because I was sick and super exhausted and we were also getting our new kitten on Friday night!


Our kitten was adopted out of Missouri (I think). I actually was hooked up with the little guy via Instagram. He was rescued from a kill shelter and was due to be euthanized, so he was pulled by a rescue group. He was delivered by a rescue transport person. He’s about 7-8 weeks (8 on his paperwork, but I have a feeling that isn’t accurate- my vet said he’s closer to 7 weeks in weight). We barely got to spend time with him this past weekend, but I’m happy to say that this kitten is super well socialized and a very happy, very needy kitten! He is a purr machine and meows nonstop. Very Tom of him! He loves to puff up and try to show Kitty who’s boss.


Saturday was the day of Gina’s wedding! I was feeling really tired and not too great Saturday morning, so after pumping, I headed right back to bed. I woke up in time to throw everything together and then Jon and I headed out so he could drop me off at the W (the hotel where we were getting ready). We picked up Kassie and grabbed some coffee and started our day!

I really love wedding days! It was just Kassie, Gina, Hannah (the other bridesmaid, who will be Gina’s sister-in-law shortly), and Gina’s mom. It’s so fun drinking mimosas and getting ready together! Gina looked amazing! Her hairdresser and makeup artist did a fantastic job with her (she’s pretty anyway!). We had to head to the venue at 2:30 for pictures.

The wedding ended up being super chill. Gina’s mom planned most of it and they had a wedding coordinator, so this was one of the easiest weddings I’ve been involved with! We basically showed up, drank mimosas, and that was it! The weather was also absolutely amazing for the middle of June! It had rained Friday afternoon (before the rehearsal, magically) and that cooled everything down. It was cloudy and so cool out! I almost needed a jacket at night! The ceremony was so short and to the point, which really, everybody appreciates when it comes to weddings! And then it was time to celebrate! The food was SO good! There was a taco bar, a Southern bar, and then chicken/beef. The cake was Nothing Bundt Cakes. SO so so delicious. There was a photo booth there and it was so much fun! I need to take some pictures of that and upload them! We danced like crazy and Jon even split his pants! Gina’s mom told me how much she loved watching Jon dance all night, haha. He loves tearing up the dance floor! And really, it was hilarious that Jon split his pants! I’m pretty sure my favorite quote of the night was when I said to Kassie, “I’ve had 2 cupcakes already!” and she said, “I’ve had 8 gin and tonics!” Hahahaha. I have some good photos on my camera, but I haven’t uploaded them, so here are a few I downloaded from Gina’s mom!




After the reception, we headed over to the W for a little after party. It was SO packed! We stayed until about 1:30 or so and then headed home.

I went to bed at 3 since I had to do one last pump and I wanted to spend some time with the kitten since we’d been gone all day and he has to stay in the bathroom when we’re gone!

Sunday morning, I slept until 9:30! Pretty late for us! We got ready and then Jon and I went and grabbed breakfast together at J. Christopher’s before going to my mom and dad’s to get Jackson. He was super fussy by the time we got there since he hadn’t napped all morning really, so I cuddled him and put him down and spent the afternoon chatting on the patio with my mom! We ended up staying there for dinner, and then we came home and I cleaned up the house and read my book. We hung out briefly and “celebrated” Father’s Day. I think Jon was disappointed by my lack of planning and celebrating, but it was a busy weekend! I did make him a Shutterfly book of Jackson’s birth, but I gave it to him two weeks ago because I was too excited, haha.


This morning was vet day for the Kitten! I took him to see Dr. Lobeck (one of the vets who took care of Tom!). Dr. Lobeck said he was excited to see my name on the schedule with a new kitten! The kitten (currently unnamed- I would like to name him Mr. Waffles and Jon wants to name him Buddy, but I call Jackson “Buddy” so I don’t want to name him that!) looks healthy! No fleas or parasites! Possible ear mites but Dr. Lobeck said it didn’t even look like he has ear mites. He’s due back in two weeks for more shots!

I threw on my gym clothes after the vet and headed out to CrossFit. I’ll be honest- I really wanted to take a nap. Like, really bad. But I am trying to work out more so I went to the gym. I’m still scaling a ton, but I managed to do 80 sit ups total, so my ab strength is definitely improving! It was a struggle a month ago to do 20 sit ups! And really, I don’t care about scaling. It’s kind of nice to not go all out at the gym. I still get in a good workout without being all crazy! And I think Jon may even start coming to CrossFit too! He was asking me to check with Steve (owner) about pricing for couples and said he thinks he’d like to get back into it. So, I really hope he’ll come because he doesn’t tend to be very active and I think living a long, healthy life is obviously important!

After the gym, I hit up the grocery store and then went and picked up Jackson. He’s taking a nap now and I’m hoping Jon will be home soon! Jon actually went to my mom and dad’s to use their garage so he could wax his car or something. I think we’re going to make chicken for dinner and I’ll probably clean up the house some more (seriously, how does the house need to be cleaned every single day?!?!).

I’m on call tomorrow from 11-3. I actually hope I get called in since I could use 1.5x pay… I’m working 9-3 on Thursday and I just picked up for a coworker from 9-3 on Friday. (Let’s be real- I need to work some more hours so I can at least cover the cost of daycare!) Wednesdays are going to be my days to keep Jackson home from daycare, so maybe I’ll see if my other mom friend, Lisa, wants to get together for lunch on Wednesday! Oh, and I talked to the new manager at my PCU job (the “new” job). I basically said it was too many weekends to work there and she asked how I’d feel about working 1 Sunday a month and 3 weekdays and told me to discuss it with my family and get back to her this week. But I’ll probably quit. I am considering her offer, because I actually do kind of like that job, but I just don’t know that I want to work a 12 hour shift every week. And I know it’ll only be more difficult once school starts back up. So, I know the best choice for our family is to just quit that job instead of trying to juggle two jobs. After all, I technically don’t even have to be working right now and I have turned into one of those moms who doesn’t want to work full time with a little baby at home! I miss him too much!


8 thoughts on “Wedding Weekends, Father’s Day, Kittens, & Jobs

  1. OH MY GOSH that kitten!! And I love the color of the bridesmaid dress on you!

    • Thank you! My mom said the same thing! I was so glad because the lighting in our house is terrible and I thought the color was so ugly on me! Haha!

  2. OMG first of all, Jackson is so adorable. I love when you post pictures of him. He keeps growing!! I know that’s supposed to happen, but I feel like he was just born yesterday lol! AND I felt so happy when I saw that you got a new kitten!! And so sweet that you rescued him! (Him right?) That is amazing! And no you can’t call him buddy lol. I like waffles 😉

    • I love the name Waffles! But Jon asked where it came from and it was actually a nickname that a guy that I dated (very briefly- and Jon even likes the guy!) called our other friend’s dog. So he’s like, “No, you’re not calling him Waffles!” Dumb. I still try to post Jackson minimally, but I’m getting more okay with having a few pictures here and there of him! I feel like he was born FOREEEEVER ago, but then at the same time, I can’t believe how big he is getting!!!

  3. Awww that kitten is far too cute!

    I love Gina’s dress! She looks gorgeous! And I love that the bridesmaid dresses matches hers. The bouquets are beautiful. The groom’s suit I love too, they look so handsome and the color scheme is great. I think that is the first wedding I have seen with a bigger groom party haha. I love easy low key weddings, they’re just a ton more fun. I wish my friends would get married so that I could go to weddings haha. But they all seem fine with just living with their BF and no marriage commitment.

    You could always keep that PCU job for the summer and quit before the semester comes. I don’t blame you though, if I have a kid, I don’t think I would want to work full-time haha. Unfortunately, engineering does not do part-time.

    Can you see my blog? Apparently my blog has disappeared haha.

    • The wedding party was actually equal- Gina’s side just had her brother as a “bride’s attendant,” which apparently is a thing now! (Kassie’s was her dog, haha.) I have a feeling that a TON of planning went into the wedding on her mom’s part, but since they had hired so much help, it just made it SO EASY to be a part of! I’m sad that weddings are almost over for us! I have one more in October and then just Laura left to get married! And since I only have a few friends, then they’ll all be married! It definitely is fun though being in them. I’ve gone to a few and it’s just not the same if it’s not a close friend getting married! I saw your blog the other day. I’ll have to go look and see if it’s there!

    • Nope, no blog! Where has it gone?!?!?!

  4. The wedding sounds so much like my sisters wedding last month, relaxed! You looked beautiful, all the dresses are gorgeous! It’s not enough you have the cutest baby, you have to go and get the cutest cat ever too??? I’m not a cat lover but that little guy is soooo cute!

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