Very Quick Life Update

Wow, it has been BUSY around here! Jackson is in daycare but that really hasn’t alleviated my schedule much! I’ve only been taking him for about 4-5 hours a day when I’m off. I do his morning stuff, put him down for a nap, feed him, and get him to daycare around 11. He stays until about 3 since that’s when traffic gets heavier heading from my house to daycare. I’m hoping to start increasing his time there since he’ll be going for 8 hours total on Thursdays now, but I feel bad because he hasn’t adjusted to napping there yet so he’s exhausted every time I pick him up! Thankfully, he seems to be pretty happy when I get there, so I am feeling better about that, but I hate dropping him off there. It is so hard leaving him with so many other kids and only two adults, because I know he doesn’t get as much attention. And really, that’s probably a good thing. We don’t need more kids in this world that think the world revolves around them, but it doesn’t make it any easier!

This morning/afternoon, I need to go clean and hopefully make it to the pool for even 30 minutes today because it is beautiful out for June! Breezy, no humidity, and not very hot! But I have bathrooms to clean, maybe floors to clean (probably not), diapers to stuff, recipes to look up, and laundry to do. I need to start cooking again! I have been pretty lazy and am still eating terrible, so I told myself that starting next week, I’ll get it together with cooking. I forgot all the old, easy recipes I used to know, so I need to find some new stuff.

Now for a recap! My sisters both came in town over Memorial Day weekend! My sister, Annie, and nephew, Tank, came from Wisconsin on Wednesday and stayed through Monday. My other sister, Tonie, came in on Friday and left on Monday. I stayed at my parent’s house the entire time with Jackson since I figured it’d be easier than loading up baby stuff and my pump two times a day for that long!


We spent most of the time hanging out around the house and going to the pool a few times. We had dinner out the first night that Annie got in town. Annie and I went out one day at got coffee. I hung out on the porch with my mom. Jackson did lots of sleeping on his aunts and grandma and almost none in his crib! It was so nice to just relax with my family and not have to go anywhere or do anything. It was also nice to have Jackson almost completely taken care of but still be able to see him and spend time with him! I can’t wait until next May, because my oldest sister (Tonie) is moving to Asheville so she will be so much closer!

Last week was my first week back to work. I only worked for 4 hours and it was an extremely slow morning. I barely got back into the groove because it was literally that slow. But it was kind of nice to ease back into it. I have a feeling I’ll be fairly forgetful for awhile. I also had clinic last night (the health clinic that I volunteer at) and it was nice to be back there again too. I went a few weeks ago, but I just sort of feel like I’m getting my own life back a bit! Having some freedom and having Jackson in daycare has really made me happier overall and I definitely cherish my time with him so much more! I love picking him up from daycare and getting baby cuddles!

I went to Gina’s Bachelorette party this past weekend in Chattanooga! I loved Chattanooga! I’ve gone for short periods of time in the past, but it is much cuter than I expected and so much less crazy than Atlanta! There were some awesome bars and some great rooftop patios! We got to relax and it was nice to have some time with just my friends! We did a Brew Choo where you bike around on this trolley thing to different bars and it was tons of fun! I didn’t drink the entire time (aside from 1/2 a shot) so I was the DD. I think I’ve just realized in my old age that I can have a good time without drinking and I get hungover so easily that it just isn’t worth it when I’m supposed to be having a good time! (I still would enjoy drinking for a special occasion when I’m home.) It also kind of makes it more difficult to enjoy drinking when I know I have a baby to take care of the next day. But, despite being totally sober, I had a fantastic weekend. We did go to a bar (Social Circle) that was awesome and had tons of games and outdoor space, but it was definitely a place to meet people! This guy was actually talking to Kassie (she’s married and kept leaning back to avoid him- it was pretty entertaining) and his friend came up and looked at me and said, “Now you! You’re cute! I’d like to know your name!” and then I just stared at him blankly. He asked my name again and all I said was, “Um, I’m married and just had a baby.” He was like, “Ah, okay! Well you’re still really cute!” He looked like he was probably young to mid 20s though, so way too young and also, I just don’t even want to entertain that anymore! There used to be a time where it was still fun to chat with random people and now I just don’t care!



Aside from those two busy weekends and going back to work, not a whole lot has happened. Jon and I had a good, long talk last night about how things are going in our marriage and as parents and it was nice. Surprisingly, we don’t argue much now, but I also don’t feel like there’s tons of time to connect, either. So we just sort of coexist and brush the surface of everything, so it was nice to turn off the TV and hash out some things that have been going on lately.

I am hoping to get back to the gym next week. I had a chiropractor appointment on Monday and have one Friday. I haven’t noticed any difference and plan on still trying PT, but I want to be active again and get back to it, even if I have to lift light. This is my first real week of daycare life (last week I didn’t do a ton) and yesterday Jackson had shots, so I figured I’d give myself one more week to try and get everything in order and get used to the daycare routine. I plan on working every Thursday for 6-8 hours right now (we have a new shift in the ER, 9-3, kind of nice!) and Sundays for 8 hours right now (will go to 12 hours on Sundays in July). Eventually, I hope to up my Thursday to 8 hours, but I need to decrease another pump before I can comfortably do that, so that’ll be my goal for the next month.

Anyway, this is sort of all over the place and not very in depth. I planned on making a longer post about both of the weekends mentioned above, but I haven’t had time. I need to go get the bathrooms cleaned at least since they’ve been driving me crazy, pump, pool, shower, and pick Jackson up from daycare!


2 thoughts on “Very Quick Life Update

  1. We do have a ton of bratty and self entitled kids now a days lol. I don’t think adding an extra staff memeber will encourage that though, sounds like that daycare needs it.

    I love Tennessee, it’s so gorgeous, peaceful, and cheap.

    You’re lucky that you are able to work a flexible schedule with your job like that. If I have kids, it is going to be hard juggling going back to work on a normal schedule and a baby. We should all have more flexibility like that.

    • It’s definitely nice to have the flexibility! That’s the reason I haven’t left this job yet! I’m so burnt out at this job, but I can’t beat the schedule. I would have to work full time at another job before being able to get this flexibility back, and we have an awesome scheduler at this job and I may not find that again! I’m sure the daycare could add more staff, but then I’m sure it would increase the cost of the daycare to have such a good ratio of staff to babies!

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