Happy 2 Year Wedding Anniversary

Happy Two Year Wedding Anniversary to Jon and me! WOOHOO! We made it!


I’ve said it before (probably in January), but we actually celebrate January 24th as our anniversary since that is the day we really got courthouse-married. But I changed my last name after our courthouse wedding (for travel purposes) and used my new last name at work (legally, I had to because nursing documentation has to match my legal name), and we felt married after our courthouse wedding (which was literally a 10 second spiel in the hallway at the courthouse). So, May 24th isn’t a big deal to us. As a matter of fact, Jon mentioned that this was our wedding anniversary about 50 times in the last week, and each time he mentioned it, I said, “Oh yeah- our anniversary is coming up.” I actually even went to write the date on my freezer bags for my breastmilk about an hour ago and was like, “Hey, what’s the date today?”

Since we didn’t take a honeymoon after our wedding, we went to Europe for our big trip last year over our wedding anniversary as our late honeymoon.


(In Zaanse Schans, Netherlands. I LOVED this place. And this was also the day after Jackson was conceived.)

This year, we “celebrated” by going to get coffee together. It actually wasn’t a celebration. I just wanted to go outside and the sales rep Jon works under told him to take a workday at home, so he was actually available to go too.


So much has changed! I have to say, I really loved our first year of marriage! Probably because I was living the life as a travel nurse and then Jon and I went to Europe for three weeks and obviously, traveling is my passion. And honestly, the first year of our marriage was actually really difficult marriage-wise and Jon and I were apart for our first 6 months, but I just had a really good time aside outside of the whole marriage thing… But I don’t think that counts, haha.

(This post is not about Jackson, but I will say that Jackson fell asleep while I was wearing him in the Ktan while we were out for coffee and Jon and I were talking about him. Jon was talking about all the things he looks forward to in the future with Jackson and I totally teared up looking at his adorable face all scrunched up on his arm as he slept because I love him so incredibly much. Being a mom still isn’t my favorite thing in this world all the time, or maybe even ever, but I can’t even put into words how much I love Jackson. Although I’d still really love to go to Iceland too and be able to travel as easily as I used to…)

Marriage hasn’t always been easy and our first year was really particularly rough. And as a matter of fact, Jon drives me crazy on a daily basis. Just last night I was telling him how it kills me how he leaves his socks under the coffee table every. single. day. and how I swear each time I have to pick up a pair of socks, it shaves 20 minutes off of my life. And then I said, “That doesn’t mean you should leave more socks under the table in hopes of killing me off sooner.” Although he drives me crazy, we laugh a ton now. We have made our obnoxious habits into jokes instead of getting so irritated with each other. I cherish the time that we’re together so much more now that we have a baby because it makes my life so much easier! Not only that, but I love seeing him interact with Jackson because he really is such a great dad. He may never be the most helpful husband around the house, but he is an amazing dad and he really does so much for Jackson. He also provides for us so well and makes my life easier because I don’t even have to work anymore. He supports me in everything that I do. If I want to be a stay at home mom, he will support it. If I want to work, he supports it. He supports my education. He even is kind of supportive of us getting another cat!

I told Jon today how grateful I am that having a baby brought us even closer together. I know the first year of having a child is supposed to be tough on marriage, but it hasn’t been tough on our marriage. Tough on me, maybe. But Jon has been so incredible that it just makes me love him so much more and makes me so grateful for his place in my life.


As another side note, I have no idea where the rank is on Jon’s patrol cap there. Also, we weren’t really allowed to wear fleece hats, but this was taken in the middle of the night (we both worked nights) at a bus stop in Tikrit. We were going to get a new ID card made. And I never really cared at all about wearing the proper uniform. I almost never wore my ACU top under my fleece jacket and I never wore a belt and I never tucked my t-shirt in. I wanted to be comfortable. Comfort>regulation.

I couldn’t be happier that this guy fell in love with me back in 2008 (and again in 2009 and again in 2013, haha). I have no idea why I joined the Army, but I sure am glad I did, because I got one amazing husband out of it (and a ton of money!).


4 thoughts on “Happy 2 Year Wedding Anniversary

  1. I’m so happy for you guys.

  2. Aww this post is so cute! Happy anniversary!!!

  3. Haha i love this post! Happy anniversary!!! 🙂 I love how real you are about your relationship!

  4. Real life really isn’t all rainbows and glitter. Happy Anniversary(kinda) love your wedding pic, you look gorgeous xo

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