Weekend Recap! Wedding Showers & Coffee Time

Hey-o. It’s such a nice Sunday evening! I had a pretty boring week last week. It involved lots of errand running. I’d like to say it also involved gym time, but really it involved me eating a lot of food and not working out. I guess because I know Jackson is about to go to daycare, I know my schedule is about to normalize. Back to work and back to the gym. So, I’ve kind of gotten away from the gym again because I want to soak up this time at home and with Jon before “real life” starts again.

But for a quick recap…

Tuesday night, Laura and I went to Target to get stuff for Gina and Brian’s wedding shower and to try on shorts and swimsuit tops. No luck on the clothes. We also got a wok for Gina and Brian. All Laura and I ever do together is run errands, which is really nice because I get friend time in and I get a lot of stuff done while Jon has Jackson.

I met up with Lisa and Baby Ella on Wednesday for lunch at Fresh to Order. Ella is a month younger than Jackson and she slept the entire time! Jackson was awake and again, was a great baby while we were there! It was great to catch up with Lisa and talk to another mom, as always. Jackson was up for hours though and fell asleep before we even left the parking lot. I seriously contemplated driving around 285 (it takes about 45 minutes) so he would nap longer, but I ended up getting into the wrong lane so I decided against it. Instead, I found out that there is a drive thru coffee shop one exit away from my house! It’s not visible from the street but it had great reviews, so I checked it out! The donut was really good but the coffee was just okay. The mocha was really syrupy, but I’d give their other drinks a shot! Drive thru coffee is the most exciting thing ever with a baby! I always want to go grab a coffee but never want to stop and drag Jackson in for that, and I’m not a huge fan of Starbuck’s. And also, I love donuts. Love them. A lot. I did notice that a Dunkin’ Donuts is going in literally right next to my condo though! I’m not sure when it’s going it, but it’ll be in the gas station and I cannot wait!


Thursday was a Costco run and preparation for Gina’s wedding shower. Lots of cookie crushing and strawberry cutting and cleaning mason jars!

Friday night was Gina and Brian’s shower. My sister came in town that day so I went up to my mom and dad’s house to introduce Jackson to her! I was there for a few hours before heading back downtown to Gina’s so we could start setting up for the shower. We set up the food and Kassie and I worked on our decorations. Jon was going to go pick up Jackson at my parent’s house and miss out on the party, but I ended up calling my mom last minute and seeing if she minded keeping him overnight. She didn’t mind, so Jon was able to join us too!

A lot of people ended up coming to the shower and it was really fun! We played that game where you put a famous person/character on everybody’s back and then the person asks questions about the name on their back to everybody else. It was actually a really great ice breaker type of game and got everybody talking to each other. After the party cleared out, the girls sat inside chatting and the boys hung out on the patio drinking beer (just us close friends).



Random story: I sent Jon a photo of me in that dress after I put it on. He told me that I looked pretty and I tried to voice to text, “Except for these big old titties and this big old belly!” My voice to text came out as “Freddie bagel titties and this big old belly.” Hahahaha. I died. So now we talk about my Freddie bagel titties.

Jon had to pick Jackson up early on Saturday morning since my mom wanted to go to work. I used the excuse that I had to pump first thing in the morning and couldn’t go, but really I just slept until Jon got home, haha. Jackson was so tired when he got home (at 7:45am), so we put him down for a nap right away. I pumped real quick and laid down and Jon had already fallen asleep. We all slept unit 11am! And I woke Jackson up at 11, too! It was insane!

I decided to call Laura to see if she wanted to head to the mall and try and find a swimsuit top and some shorts that fit me. What I thought would be a short trip was really like, a three hour mall trip. I will save the post about my new mom-bod for another time because I don’t know where my phone is to upload some pictures. Let me just say that I had such a frustrating experience, but I did find a swimsuit top and a pair of shorts. So I guess it ended up being a success, even though I’m not in love with either item that I bought.

Saturday night, Jon and I went to see Crista and Billy’s new house. They don’t have any furniture in it yet and Jackson was so tired, despite taking plenty of naps that day. We decided to go grab some beers and some dinner. I wore Jackson and he fell asleep for almost the entire time, so that was nice because we got some uninterrupted time to chat.


This morning I slept in again. (Mostly because I was up from 5-8 even though I was exhausted.) We took Jackson to my mom and dad’s again as soon as we got ready and then headed out to look for cars for Jon. Even though his Jeep is only a year old (and was brand new when we bought it so we lost so much money on this dang Jeep), we HATE it. Well, I probably hate it more. But the seats are ridiculously uncomfortable and have given Jon so much back pain and Jon decided he wants an automatic now. I wanted a family vehicle with comfortable seats and enough space in the back to rear face a carseat without putting us up against the dash in the front. So, we’ve narrowed it down to a Chevy Tahoe or Silverado. I like them both a lot, actually. He needs to repair his windshield first (it has five cracks in it- I don’t know what it is about the windshield but it cracks all the time and we’ve already replaced it once in the last 14 months!) and get an estimate, but I have a feeling within the next two weeks, the Jeep will be gone! I can’t freaking wait, even if we’ve lost a ton of money in the last year on that stupid Jeep. We basically just looked around at the cars today though since we have a few things left before buying, and then went and picked up Jackson.

Oh yeah, and we tried Tom + Chee today. Have you guys heard of that? It’s supposed to be this fancy grilled cheese place and I kept hearing good stuff about it. Um, no. It was so greasy and for two grilled cheeses (two grilled cheese?), two soups, and two fountain drinks (I have no idea why I started drinking soda again- I haven’t drank soda in 10 years and I suddenly want soda!) it was $30! $30! FOR GRILLED CHEESE! And I felt like I had an extra 40lbs sitting in my stomach after I finished it. No thanks. Never again.

We ran to the mall so I could look for a dress (I found one I liked at the mall but they were out of my size) and see if I could get another pair of shorts and then came home. I headed to Whole Foods for a grocery haul and now we’re home.

I’m so excited because my sisters are back in town this week! Annie and Tank (my nephew)  fly in on Wednesday, so I’ll probably stay at my parent’s house with Jackson on Wednesday and Thursday night. I’m sure Jon will enjoy having a break and it’ll be nice for me to be able to run out (GYM! And I CAN GET MY TOENAILS PAINTED!) when I want. Friday, Tonie comes back in for the weekend, so I’ll stay back at my house, but I’m sure we’ll be at their house all weekend.


7 thoughts on “Weekend Recap! Wedding Showers & Coffee Time

  1. I’m becoming less of a Starbucks fan. Their pastries are not good, they can barely make an espresso, and their new rewards system just sucks. I LOVE a place with a good donut, but I never go into them because I have no self control over it once I’m there haha. I love drive-thrus, too lazy to get out unless I’m there to catch up with a friend.

    I want to sell my Jeep too! I’ve been telling myself to hold off to at least get my money’s worth. I love Tahoes, if I ever have more than two kids, I would get one too.

    Shopping for shorts is the worst. I don’t know why is it so hard for any company to make a proper cut on shorts. I tend to go for the cotton one now because the jeans are just a disappointment.

    • Yep, Starbuck’s sucks. I used to really like them years ago before I became a real coffee drinker, but now that I actually appreciate good coffee, I just can’t do Starbuck’s! I go if somebody wants to meet up there, but that’s about it. Why do you want to sell your Jeep? I thought you liked it! I would normally want Jon to hold off to get his money’s worth on this thing, but I hate it that much that I am so happy he wants to get rid of it!

      • I did like it and then I changed my mind a few months later haha. The engine is just so loud and its such a small car. I want something roomier and more quiet. I also want a lower payment option.

  2. Once again, don’t worry about the mom bod! You are still a very new mom recovering from a baby AND surgery. Plus you will get back to the gym soon, just give yourself some grace. Shopping for summer clothes can be super frustrating… I’m at that point where you were before Jackson, a lot of the stuff made for people my age just doesn’t fit me right but I don’t want to wear a bunch of juniors clothes or look like I’m 15 you know?

    • Haha, YES I know!!!!! I think that’s why I LOVE the Banana Republic petites section (at the outlet because the regular store is WAY too expensive). Their clothes fit me so well and are actually made for adults. I also really like Von Maur because although it’s hit or miss, they do have more mature looking clothing (they also have really hideous stuff that I’d never wear). I found a pair of shorts that fit me so well the other day but they had all these rips all over them and I just feel like I’m too old for that now. I have a pair of jeans that are torn up that I still love, but I don’t think I’d spend money on clothes now that already have holes in them (I sound like my mother!). I know people constantly say they wish they were small, but I don’t think they get how frustrating it is. I am so glad that I can wear scrubs to work!

      • ^ THIS! I hate going shopping and only seeing shorts and pants that are all ripped up. I am sad that Aeropostale stores are closing because that’s where I always bought my khaki pants. It’s a teenybopper store but the only place I could find basic khaki work pants to fit.

      • I didn’t even realize they were closing! I used to work there seasonally in college. I find pants at American Eagle but I don’t think they even have khakis. Also, Kohl’s has khaki pants usually that fit me. I haven’t had to wear them in awhile but I needed them at some point and that’s where I went!

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