Weekend Update & Daycare Thoughts

Happy Monday! So, I didn’t specifically say this, but Jon went to Florida this past weekend so Jackson and I had our first weekend alone! Last week was really rough with him but he ended up being great on Friday and aside from his meltdown on my coffee run Saturday morning, was also great on Saturday. I actually really enjoyed my time with him and am definitely liking spending time with him a whole lot more these days. He smiles and laughs and talks to me and I love it. I do look forward to the days when it’s even easier to get out and about, but we’re making it! I won’t run to the store to pick up eggs, but we do go out a lot more now. But anyway, I’m just thankful he was so good this weekend. I think that when it’s just the two of us, he’s much easier to get to stay on a schedule. He goes down for naps really well and things just go smoothly!

Sunday morning, I had brunch with Katy and Laura. The three of us were best friends in high school, but Katy and I kind of parted ways earlier on in college (after a bad trip on shrooms- my how times have changed!). We have been acquaintances for a few years now, but she moved to Europe years ago and is living in Spain now, so I only see her maybe once or twice a year. But it was great to see her and have brunch! Jackson did amazing the entire time and seriously smiled and laughed at me the whole time. Melts my heart!

After brunch, I headed straight to my mom and dad’s house. Of course, Jackson doesn’t want to nap at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, so after really fighting sleep, my mom and I sat out on the patio and chatted while Jackson napped on her for 45 minutes. Jon got in from Florida and came to their house and hung out with us! By 5pm, Jackson had only had one two hour nap, a 20 minute nap in the car, and a 45 minute nap on my mom (compared to three 2 hour long naps), so he was not happy!

All three of us came home and Kassie met me at our house to work on some stuff for Gina’s wedding shower that’s this Friday (HOW did that happen already?!). Jackson was so fussy last night from not sleeping enough. Oh goodness- overtired babies are terrible.

Anyway, Jackson is back to normal this morning. It’s SO nice out today! I want to get out but at the same time, I kind of want to be lazy at home after getting out all weekend long with Jackson by myself. It’ll be a busy week anyway. Wednesday I’m having lunch with Lisa and Baby Ella and on Friday, my oldest sister will be in town for half the day. I’ll have to run out this week to get all the stuff for Gina’s shower. If I get around to it, I need to get her a shower gift also (or else I’ll get it for her for her wedding). Laura and I are also going to meet up one night this week and go shopping for another pair of shorts for me. I’m hoping Jon gets home in time for me to run to the gym today…

In the last bit of news, Jon and I went to check out our future daycare two weeks ago. He had been wanting to ask some questions and I wanted him to see where our baby would be going! We got there and I knew they said he would have a daycare slot in June or July, so I asked how the wait list was looking. They told me he’d have a slot on May 14th! I was so shocked and when we went to show Jon the infant room that Jackson will be in, I was trying so hard not to cry! And then as soon as we walked out, I started crying! Jon was like, “I thought this was what you wanted!” and it is! I don’t want to be a stay at home mom! It’s honestly just not realistic with being in grad school. It took so long to get anything done this past semester once Jackson was born. He was napping for 2 1/2 hours at a time when I was in school still, but by the time I pump, I have 1 1/2 hours max to get stuff done for school. And I need to eat and shower during those time periods too. So unless I want my entire day to be spent hanging out with Jackson and trying to squeeze in grad school or doing it when Jon is home in the evenings (and not getting any family time), then I need time without him during the day. And to pay for daycare, I want to work to make up for that money, plus it’d be nice for me to be able to make extra to put directly into savings every month. I like having a job too, just in case anything happens with Jon’s job. I want to be able to pay our bills if I need to. But, I don’t know. It’s really hard to think about being away from Jackson regularly and trusting strangers with him. I’m totally fine leaving him with my mom and dad. I loved mine and Jon’s entire weekend away from him! I know my parents are giving him one on one attention and my mom is cuddling him and loving on him! This is definitely going to be harder though. I know that I’m not, but I feel kind of like I’m abandoning him! It’s so crazy how before he was born, I was dead set on daycare. And I still totally am, don’t get me wrong, but it is much harder than I thought it would be. But it’s May 16th and I haven’t heard from the daycare. If I don’t hear from them this week, I’ll call them and try to get something set up next week. My sisters will be in town all of next week (the one who is coming through on Friday will be coming back), so I’d rather not pay since I won’t be working anyway. I do need to get back to work though! This week makes 12 weeks (which reminds me that I need to quit my other job…) so maternity leave should technically be over!

Okay, I’m going to go hang out and be lazy and watch TV, haha.


6 thoughts on “Weekend Update & Daycare Thoughts

  1. He’s such a calm baby! He’s two and a half months old?

    I would be feeling the same way as you about daycare. You need it to do the things you want to do in life, but it’s real tough to leave him with strangers. It’ll get easier and then you’ll get teary eyed when he goes off to school. One of my co-workers was excepting the first day of school for her son for him to be sad and crying. But he just waved her goodbye and started playing, she was teary eyed instead lol.

    • I definitely think once we get past the first week or two, it’ll be much easier! Especially because I really am okay with being away from him, but I think I just need to get in the routine of dropping him off and gain some more trust in these people! I’m sure once I pick him up and he’s still a happy baby, I’ll feel much better! Yup, he’s 2 1/2 months 🙂 Getting so old!

  2. I think putting a kid in daycare brings up a ton of emotions no matter what. I agree with you on wanting to work and have a job and of course you will want Jackson to have the socialization too. Maybe it was that particular daycare? You could consider an in-home type daycare where the person only keeps a few children, maybe? My MIL does this; she keeps like 7-8 kids in her home (whatever the max is that one person can keep in a house; there’s laws and regulations on that). I guess that seems like a lot of kids but they get attention and socialization but at the same time, she knows each kid super well.

    • The only in-home daycare near here is sketchy! Also, I think our hours make it hard, because we need 6am-7pm hours because of our jobs. I actually feel pretty good about this daycare. The people seemed great and all the babies seemed happy, but it’s just hard leaving your baby with random people! They do a max of 10 babies for 2 people and it seemed to be running smoothly, but still 😦 I’m sure once we get in a routine, it will be totally fine, but the initial leaving him part is hard!

  3. First off…I am right there with you on the struggle to go out and get things done! It’s so hard to squeeze in errands and other work when you’re trying to keep a little one occupied and keep them on a schedule of sorts. Caleb gets so upset and worked up when he hasn’t had consistent naps all day and it makes going out and screwing things up just not worth the effort sometimes!

    Second….I just wanted to reach out and say how grateful I am for all the thoughtful comments you’ve left on my blog since I went on a maternity leave of sorts! I love that you always share about your experiences with Jackson so honestly and thoughtfully. This motherhood business is not easy and I love connecting with other moms who are honest about both the joys and the struggles of it. Long story short, I just wanted to say that I’m grateful for all your comments, even though I have epically failed to respond to them in any sort of timely manner. I always look forward to reading them when I see you’ve left one! 🙂

    Hope you are doing well and continuing to adjust to the new mama life! I can’t wait to read more updates!

    • I don’t mind at all if you don’t comment back to my comments on your blog 🙂 I know how hard it is to get to them! As I’ve said before, I love reading your blog! I love that Jackson and Caleb are so close in age and you are always so honest on your blog. It makes you so easy to relate to and you admit that being a mom isn’t always easy!

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