Weekends with Jackson

Hey guys! It’s a beautiful Saturday outside! I’m on Single Mom Duty this weekend, which kind of sucks because it’s a beautiful weekend and I want to be out enjoying it! Unfortunately, all of my friends had plans today, so I’m just spending the day alone!

Let me start with my morning though. Jackson has been sleeping until 6:30ish in the morning (HALLELUJAH!), so we had our hour of hangout time before he went down for  a nap. I managed to pump, eat, and shower during his first nap, so when he woke up, I decided we could enjoy some of this weather!

Jackson does great when I wear him! He usually looks around for awhile and then falls asleep, so I knew we’d have a good morning. It isn’t even very hot out either, so perfect for baby wearing (wearing them is incredibly hot because your bellies basically become heaters against one another). We went up to get coffee at Mugs on Milton and I got lucky and found the perfect parking space and parallel parked like a champ (it’s been awhile). I put Jackson on and wished I had remembered to bring a hat. He doesn’t have any, so I usually use Jon’s to block the sun from his bald little head and sensitive blue eyes. I decided to just hold his burp cloth over his head to block the sun. We went to the coffee shop and another baby in there was fussing and of course, my baby was being perfect. I ordered an iced coffee and a biscuit and then went outside since I can’t wear him sitting down. It’s not comfortable and he doesn’t like it. So I ate my biscuit standing up at a table, dropping a million crumbs down my cleavage… Then we started walking and I realized how hard it was to cover his head with one hand while drinking coffee. Since it was iced, I decided to drink it as fast as possible so I could shade his little head more effectively and then we could head over to the Farmer’s Market. On our way to the Farmer’s Market, he started fussing. And fussing more. It hadn’t even been two hours since he ate, I knew he hadn’t pooped, and he normally does great! I realized he wasn’t going to stop fussing, so I put him in the car seat. He was crying but he normally stops once the car gets going. (By the way, all of that happened in about a 15 minute time span.)

Nope. He didn’t stop crying. Instead, he just had a meltdown while I drove and looked for shaded parking lots so I could get out and try to feed him. I finally found one a few minutes later at an ENT surgery center, so thankfully it was closed. We sat in the front seat and I fed him and thought about how it’s a good thing he’s so dang cute or I’d probably have gone crazy. He calmed down enough to go back in his car seat once he finished eating so we got back on the road. He chatted up a storm for about 15 minutes and then passed out.

We got home and I found one dirty diaper so we took care of that and I immediately put him down for a nap. Whew.

My, how times have changed. In my pre-baby days, I would have been sleeping in or going to the gym and having brunch with Laura. Or I would have made plans for my Saturday off work, since I used to work so many weekends. I would have at least enjoyed a cup of coffee slooooowly. Instead, I experienced my first public meltdown, although we were outside (thankfully).

I have no idea what the rest of my day has in store. Not much. It’s just Jackson and me, so we may go walk around outside later. Last night we went to the Town Center and walked around since it was so nice out. Jackson crashed, but I still enjoyed it. Even if I just walked by a bunch of people having dinner without any children…

I didn’t do a ton this past week. I did finally clean my floors and I ran a bunch of errands. I bleached all of my diapers since I managed to give Jackson a yeast rash on his butt with the antibiotics I’m on for mastitis. They are also causing him to poop a ton. Like, 7 times a day. I started him on a probiotic so hopefully that will help, but I haven’t changed this many poop diapers in forever. And since I don’t want t bleach my diapers repeatedly, I’m using disposable diapers and I am reassured 100% that cloth diapering was the best decision for us. Disposables stink. I hate the smell of them! And my trash can is filling up so dang quick with all the diapers (I don’t have a diaper pail because we don’t use them with cloth).I don’t know why I just talked about poop and diapers for so long. Cause I’m a mom now. That’s why.

I need to get new shorts to fit this mom-bod. I can only fit into one pair that I own. Maybe when Jon is available again, I can go. I can’t babywear to try on shorts and no way am I taking a stroller with me to the mall on a weekend. Too many people.

Okay, this was boring. I’m done pumping and am going to go nap since Jackson is still asleep!


6 thoughts on “Weekends with Jackson

  1. It sounds like you and Jackson had a good day. I know it’s not what you are used to, but it IS kind of an exception with Jon being gone for the weekend. I can see where baby wearing would get really hot too especially in the summer months and how dealing with a stroller would be a hassle anywhere, especially a crowded mall. I would totally just buy the shorts online if I were you- Old Navy or Gap!

    • I don’t know what size I am anymore! I think last year, I tried on some shorts at Target and they were just a little too big, so I plan on trying those on. And I have a pair of shorts from Hollister from like, 10 years ago that have been in my dresser forever because they were too big and they fit now. So I’m not sure if the sizes even run the same! But I love these ones! I can’t wait till Jackson can walk and we don’t have to have the huge stroller anymore (we have to have the one that fits the carseat) or wear him!

  2. The disposable diapers are smellier than the cloth ones? I would have thought it would have been the other way around.

    What do you use for the baby carrier? I want to get a good one for my friend.

    • I use the Ktan. It’s good for running to the store, but I’d use a more supportive one for longer distances. I have an Infantino one too that I haven’t used. People love their Tulas, Ergos, and Lillebaby carriers too. I’ve never looked at those though. Disposable diapers smell more chemically? I never notice poop smell at all when Jackson is in cloth until I open it up. I usually can’t even tell if he’s gone unless I hear it. In disposables, they just smell awful to me. I’ve heard a lot of cloth diaper moms say that too!

      • The Ktan was the one that I was thinking of getting her. She has an Infantino on her registry that someone already got her, but it’s so structured that a newborn would be so uncomfortable with. I feel those are better when they get older but the wraps are a ton better when they’re that little.

        A the chemical smell makes sense.

      • Yep, I liked the Ktan! It said not to use until 8 lbs (same with the Infantino) but it was fine. And it still is and he’s 12lbs now. Definitely easy for grocery trips. It goes by shirt size though and I bought an XS since that is my normal size, and I almost wish I got a S since I didn’t go back down to my regular weight after having him. But he still sits comfortably in it.

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