CrossFit and Sunbathing

Hey guys! I’ve posted two days in a row! It’s like old times around here!

Yesterday Jon came home from work around noon. Mondays are usually his short days and a lot of days, he doesn’t even go in for any cases. He just stays home. I had just put Jackson down when he got home so I headed to the pool for about 45 minutes. It’s not open yet, but it was nice to lay out there and get some sun! I really want it to hurry up and open though because hanging out in the water is so relaxing. I know I mentioned it yesterday, but I have really missed being able to be outdoors as much this year. I love spring and fall!

I came home and ate and fed Jackson before heading out to the 4:30 CrossFit class. I was so glad to be able to make it to that one since I feel like 4:30 is a less crowded time, but it was actually pretty busy! It was the same coach as last week (I don’t know his name) and he asked what I did for deadlifts last week since we were doing them again. I said 155 and he asked if I was going to go for 160. I said maybe and explained to him that I’m really just working out now to stay active and healthy. I’m not here to break records and honestly, at this point, I’m not even really there to challenge myself a ton. I’m trying to ease back into it after being pregnant and having a c-section, and besides, after two injuries that took me out of the gym for a long time (and out of work for 3 months), I just don’t have the same mindset anymore. I also don’t want to get too crazy because I want to keep up my milk supply and I don’t know that I’d eat enough calories to support extremely high intensity activity and milk making (I didn’t tell him that part)! When I said I had been hurt twice, he said, “Oh, you let your ego get the best of you, huh?” Who says that? I definitely don’t feel like I come across in that egotistical way at all at the gym. I was like, “No, actually, I was lifting super light when I hurt myself,” which is true. My thumb was an overuse injury and my hip popped coming out of a light squat.

Anyway, the workout was double unders (I did single unders), pull ups, and cleans after working up to heavy deadlifts. I did 95# deadlifts easily and added 30#, and when I went to do that, my back pain was so bad! It felt like it was in the same location as the back pain I had while I was pregnant, but I felt like there was no way that pain could have come back! I’ve been pain free since delivering! The coach asked how the weight felt and I said my back was hurting so I was going to take some weight off and he told me to go foam roll, so I did since that always helped when I was pregnant. I have the same pain as when I was pregnant! Ugh! I was so disappointed! The foam rolling was literally the same- same location, same feel to it when rolling out, everything. I was pretty bummed to realize my back pain stuck around. That’s the whole reason I had to quit working out in the first place before I was due (since I had wanted to make it to my due date working out). So, I’m not really sure what to do from here. I may just use lighter weights for everything and roll it out and see if it starts to get better, otherwise I’m thinking I may have to look into physical therapy. I know other moms said they had to see PT after delivering to overcome some of the aches and pains they acquired during pregnancy, but I just really don’t want to have to do that. Maybe I should check and see if insurance covers that, since I did already meet my out-of-pocket max for the year.

When I got home from the gym, Jon ran out to work out with Andrew so I was left with Jackson. Jon let him sleep an hour longer than usual so his schedule was off last night, leading me to spend forever trying to get him to go to bed and then he woke up hungry 45 minutes later! Once Jon got home, I spent my night eating and pumping. I have been so hungry lately from breastfeeding and the increase in activity yesterday put me over the top! I need to find healthy things to eat and keep them prepared cause I opened the fridge/freezer/pantry 45 times last night trying to find something to eat. Feeling full is a thing of the past! I haven’t even come close to that feeling since I started producing milk.

This morning I happened to realize the sun hits my front porch perfectly during Jackson’s morning nap, so I took my yoga mat and got about 25 minutes of sun before Jackson woke up! It was nice and cool out and felt good to see the sun again! I’m liking getting outside for the little bit during the day!

I’m planning on going to CrossFit this afternoon again. It looks like a pretty insane WOD with 2 miles of running total (a bunch of 400m runs). I’m not excited about that part at all, but I’m just going to take it easy and if I have to walk, well then, I’ll walk.

I’ll leave you all with this picture because it is my absolute favorite picture so far! I wish it was on my camera so that it was high resolution, but this is just an iPhone picture so I’ll never be able to print it out in a good quality, sadly! Isn’t that the cutest face ever?! I love his smiles!



5 thoughts on “CrossFit and Sunbathing

  1. that traveling nurse

    aw, so precious! 🙂

  2. I love that picture :).

    Bah, I get a bad feeling about your CrossFit box already listening to that coach judging why you got injured. When I was injured that was the worst part, everyone had an explanation. I was running too much, not running enough, not cross training enough, not eating enough, or my favorite, “over trained”. Turns out my injury explanation was that shit happens and it just happened to happen to me; all athletes get injured at some point. But he sounds like kind of a jerk to not respect your wishes to just work out for health for awhile instead of pushing it… especially after having a baby, a C-section, and while breastfeeding.

    I love sunbathing and can’t wait to! Our pool is now open which makes me excited but it’s too cold to get in there!

    • I don’t even know when our pool opens. They always stick these huge NO SUNBATHING signs up too so I feel like I have to be all sneaky about using the chairs! I love sunbathing at this time of the year- but in the summer when it’s hot it’s way more miserable! Yep, the coach is kind of different. He’s older than most coaches and I just don’t really know how I feel about him. He seems nice enough, I guess, but I thought that comment was kind of offensive! I definitely agree that over time, injuries will happen. It would be hard to prevent them all, no matter how hard you try!

  3. Awww! What a cutie! Love that picture. 🙂 They don’t open the pools around here until Memorial Day weekend so no sunbathing anytime soon! It’s so relaxing though so good thing you can get out on your patio for awhile! Obviously I’ve never done Crossfit before but the coach doesn’t sound too great. You would think that they would help offer modifications or something rather than making comments about being injured previously? I don’t know. Hopefully you can find another coach or class to go to!

  4. Wow I can’t believe that coach told you that without even knowing you! That was rude! That Crossfit gym is sounding less and less great.

    I didn’t know some women after post-pardom have to do PT! Pregnancy does not sound that great haha. Hopefully you just need more time off it? Try doing some stretches meant for that region of your back?

    He’s so adorable! He has such a gorgeous smile! He looks so much like Jon in that picture. Maybe if you print out a smaller size picture it won’t be too bad?

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