Weekend Updates

Happy Monday! It was a beautiful weekend here, thankfully, since it’s supposed to start raining for the next week or so! Friday night Jon and I took it easy. I really wanted to go out and do something, but Jon wasn’t feeling well so we decided just to stay at home. It would have been too late to make plans to go downtown and I figured I’d be nice and take care of Jackson since Jon wasn’t feeling well (since evenings are usually Dad-time when he gets home from work).

I went back to work for the first time on Saturday! While it was really nice to feel like myself again, it was also a nice reminder that I actually don’t love my job and don’t really want to get back that bad! Unfortunately, if I want to put Jackson in daycare, then I have to keep working to pay for it! So, to work I’ll go! The ER is under major construction so it was completely different! Half our bathrooms are gone and there is only one way into the back for patients, compared to all the access we had before. It was so strange. I had an easy morning, thankfully! However, I think I may have thrush on my nipples or maybe they’re just super irritated from always pumping and I seriously broke out in an insane hormonal sweat. Like, my cleavage was a slip n’ slide. After that, my bra was wet and my nipples drove me INSANE! (I’m only including this story because I want future moms to be prepared for what’s coming their way.) They were so itchy and uncomfortable. I had thought about picking up more hours at work but honestly, my nipples were so uncomfortable that I couldn’t do it.

I got home around noon and it was beautiful out, so Jon and I decided to head out and enjoy the day!

We took Jackson to get some coffee at Land of a Thousand Hills, as usual. There was some art show there and it was super obnoxious because the people set up their artwork on the stairs for the patio so it was nearly impossible to get back on the patio and go back into the coffee shop from the grassy area. It would have been nice had they been a little more considerate of all the rest of the guests there. Jackson started fussing there so we decided to go look at cats at the humane society!

Atlanta has two really nice humane societies and I really love the one we went to. I got my three legged cat there (that was before the blog- he had been a stray and he didn’t last long because he was the worst cat EVER! I never thought I could get rid of a pet once I got it but holy moly, that thing was the devil) and they give you a $400 vet voucher and the cat didn’t even have fleas! We didn’t really see anything we were interested in except some adult cats, but we can’t do an adult cat with Kitty. I tried that with the three legged cat and I’ll only get a kitten while Kitty’s still alive. I really want to wait to find a blind cat which are all over Instagram, but all the cat rescuers and cat foster moms that I’ve found live too far away!

We were going to head home after that, but I’m so tired of being at home all the time so I really didn’t want to go back home! I found a Scoutmob for this pizza place so we went there and got some personal pizzas that were good! We ended up getting them to go because Jon bought me really good root beer that I wanted at home! We rented a Netflix movie and sat home and had a movie night together!

Jon fed Jackson around 11pm cause Jackson woke up crying and then he slept until 6am! It was AWESOME! I woke up at 5 cause he started fussing a little then, so I got up to pump since I hadn’t pumped since 9pm. It takes me an hour, and by the time I finished, Jackson was just waking up. After feeding him, I went back to sleep till 9am (Jon got up with Jackson at 8). So much sleep! I’m so glad we’re making progress cause I missed my sleep so much!

Jon went over to Andrew’s house, so I pumped and ate breakfast since Jackson had just gone down for a nap, and then I fed him and pumped again before Jon got home. We went up to my parent’s house around one yesterday.

I laid out on the deck at their house and it was so nice! I have been super pale since delivery and I don’t need to be super tan or even tan at all, but I don’t want to be translucent! I had two people at work ask me if I felt okay cause I looked so pale! It was nice to just relax outside too. It’s hard to take Jackson out in the middle of the day when it’s warm because his stroller is so hot (he’s still in the car seat) and wearing him is also super hot. I also can’t put sunscreen on him and don’t want him in long sleeves to block the sun in the heat. So we spend our days inside mostly! I miss getting out in the nice weather and going on my Stone Mountain hikes or taking walks or hanging out by the pool for a little while!

We had dinner there and then headed home after since it was almost Jackson’s bed time! We just hung out at home and I boiled pump parts and cleaned up a bit and that was it…

And now’s it’s Monday! I’m hoping to make it to the 4:30 CrossFit class tonight. There are a lot of pull ups and I have no idea what to do for pull ups now. I don’t know that I can kip 15 pull ups anymore. I haven’t used a band for pull ups in FOREVER though (I did them jumping off a box when I was pregnant after I stopped kipping because of my diastasis recti) so having to use a band seems so strange to me! But we’ll see. I also want to go lay out for a bit, but it’ll have to be in the parking lot in front of my house which is a little weird. But just for like, 20-30 minutes. I need some more vitamin D. Staying in the house so much (or running errands and going right back inside) is not working for me! I had planned on cleaning bathrooms and the floors today, but I may just take a nap instead. I’m tired today for some reason!

Actually, I think I’ll take a nap now. I have 30 minutes till Jackson wakes up!

3 thoughts on “Weekend Updates

  1. I am so sorry about the boob pain! Normal pain is already though, I can’t imagine how painful and uncomrtable it is while feeding! It sounds like a nightmare.

    I know that babies have wicked sensitive skin, but why can’t you just put on baby sunblock and have him with you for 30 minutes at a time? A little sun would probably do him some good too.

    • Babies can’t wear sunscreen until after 6 months. I’m guessing because of the chemicals? Either way, I’d feel bad with him in the sun. Even just on walks, he’s always squinting his eyes and we keep the stroller covered, but it’s just looking at the bright light! Jon gets home early some days so I’ll just enjoy the pool on those days and suffer in my parking lot on the other days 🙂 Haha.

      • Oooh I didn’t know that. Yeah, I would feel bad leaving him out like that. You have those loungers by the pool right? Can you have him right by you lounging and use an umbrella to block the sun for him?

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