CrossFit Dojo and Life Updates

Welp, I made it to the gym again. I went to CrossFit Dojo since I bought the Groupon for it. Oddly enough, back in 2007, my ex-boyfriend Andrew started dating this girl who messaged me about how I couldn’t call him anymore cause she didn’t trust him around me (it was a lot of 20 year old drama) and blah blah blah. Come to find out, he was just lying to both of us and we’ve been friends on Facebook ever since. She actually is going to this gym too on the Groupon and I ended up having to go the Fundamentals class since Jon got home so late from work and that was all that was left. So after being friends with her on Facebook since 2007, we finally met. She was super nice. I’m glad we’ve both grown up in the last 10 years!

But, I wasn’t impressed with that CrossFit gym. At all. They did the CrossFit total, which is a total of your max deadlift, back squat, and press. Our warm up was a 100m run (maybe it was 200m, I don’t know), 10 squats, 10 push ups, and 10 sit ups. That’s it. THAT’S IT! Our entire warm up for a max lift day! I judge CrossFit gyms harshly on two things- the warm up and the form. This one failed big time. I hurt my hip because I dropped into a gym with a shitty warm up after being in the car for an entire day and I honestly thing that would have been avoided with an adequate warm up. I was squatting light weight when I hurt myself. So, they failed on the warm up.

They failed even bigger on the form. If I was grading them, I’d give them like, a 20%. I think it’s scary when gyms push heavy weight on people who are new to lifting. The coach harped on how in a deadlift, if he says “DROP IT” it’s because your form is bad and you could really get hurt. He talked about how if you have to dump weight out of a squat, you should dump it a certain way not to get hurt. But then, the form. The form on these people was unreal it was so bad on the squats. Knees were caving in left and right. Heels were off the ground. These people were seriously struggling to stand up with the weight. And the coaches were watching them and telling them to add more weight. WHAT?! I don’t get it. These people are new to lifting or haven’t in a long time! Doing a max day is pretty stupid in my opinion anyway, but if you do, take it easy. There is no reason to push your hardest when you just started CrossFit 3 weeks ago. How about focusing on as heavy as you can lift with GOOD FORM?! I get that sometimes, people need to be pushed a little to go up in weight, but not after 3 weeks of a Fundamentals class! If I didn’t buy a Groupon, I’d probably never go back based off that one day because two of the coaches were there for that. (Actually, I think 3, but one was just kind of there and not actively coaching the class, but he did give input.) But maybe they’ll redeem themselves. However, I doubt I’ll stick with them because their prices are outrageous and CrossFit Chamblee (the CrossFit gym that I like) is cheaper and I like the gym better.

And not that I even care, but my back squat was 105 and my hip hurt pretty bad at just that weight. I feel like my hip regressed during pregnancy. It felt so tight. Hopefully with a better warm up and exercising more, it’ll loosen back up. My press was 65, and my deadlift was 155. I didn’t actually max on any of them because I don’t care to max on Day 1 at the gym after 3 months off.

(Side note: Jon literally just fell asleep on the couch next to me in like, 30 seconds flat. Impressive.)

I had planned on going back to CrossFit last night (since Jon made it home too late for me to go to book club- I was hoping he’d be home in time for me to at least make it to the gym), but Jon got home late and I wouldn’t have made it to the gym. And today, the workout looks killer and I had DOMS apparently, cause I’m so sore today!

In other news, Jackson and I ventured out on our own to the store! We went to Costco one day and Jackson looked around nonstop and then fell asleep (I wore him in the Ktan again). We went to Target today and he just slept the whole time. We were going to go to Target yesterday, but somebody (not me) was being a little grump yesterday. It actually wasn’t bad going to the store with him. Jackson is so good, but I keep waiting for a meltdown while we’re out. He actually hasn’t had a meltdown since he was born, so the odds of it happening at the store seem pretty slim, but still. It is way harder to go to the store with a baby cause I don’t want to be running around looking for everything and if I get to the checkout and forgot something, well, too bad.

Gina stopped by yesterday for a bit. I had Kassie’s bridesmaid dress for Gina’s wedding and Gina wanted to compare swatches to it. She stayed for a bit and hung out with Jackson. It was good to have some company but Jackson was just such a handful. He was good while Gina was here, but he spit up all day long, cried EVERY time I burped him, and did not want to nap at all yesterday. And when he did fall asleep, he woke up 45 minutes later. So, we had a long day. By the time Jon got home around 6:15, I was so done and so tired. And it was rainy, so it just made it worse.

I am definitely taking more enjoyment in Jackson though. Still not enough to feel like having kids was the best decision for us (because really, going to Iceland and moving to Amsterdam for 3 months still sounds way better than having a baby), but I actually like when he wakes up and I get to hang out with him for an hour before he goes back down for a nap. Getting out of the house is still a pain in the ass and I still feel constricted by him cause I have to plan around when he eats and wakes up, but guys, he smiles now! Like, he gets so happy when you scratch his little face and he makes this baby laughs but he’s not old enough to really laugh yet. So it’s just the cutest freaking noise ever. I would totally upload the video of him smiling and laughing to Facebook (since I’m friends with some of you on FB), but you know I’m weird about having my baby out there. But omggggg, it just makes me melt. I have three videos of him doing it and I can just watch it on repeat.

Well, I’m off to go eat. I’ve been slacking on eating today since I had to juggle a baby and running errands. I kind of want to do something tonight with Jon, but we usually say that and then we don’t cause Jackson wakes up in the evening during rush hour and goes to bed by 7:45. I’m going back to work tomorrow too, so I need to make sure I have food prepared since I doubt I’ll want to take the time to prepare food so early in the morning. I already have to wake up early to pump at home and then pump again when I get to work. That’s definitely the downside of exclusively pumping. I take an hour in the mornings to empty completely (I usually get 12-16oz) and then if I’m busy at work in the morning, I can’t risk not pumping till 11, so I need to get one in before my shift starts… So I have to get there a little bit early and pump again (should be quicker though since it’ll only be 2 hours since my last pump) before work… I’m only doing a 4 hour day unless it’s going well and then I’ll stay for 8. I’m sort of torn about working longer shifts right now because I don’t want to work more than 4 hours at a time right now, but we’re about to take a few thousand out of savings this month to pay bills (since we had to pay the IRS over $3k and we just paid our car insurance and we had also just paid for my delivery). But I mean, this is what we have money in savings for. So maybe I should just enjoy my princess shifts until Jackson goes to daycare and then I can get back to working more. I did already decide that I’m not working 12 hour shifts (except on weekends) until Jackson sleeps through the night.

Okay, that was a tangent. I’m off to fill this belly.


5 thoughts on “CrossFit Dojo and Life Updates

  1. Those gyms are what gives Crossfit such a bad name. The coaches care more about weights than the well being of their customers, smh.

    I’m having hip pain too (from what is a mystery) but my doctor has me taking 500mg a day for an entire month to help. Maybe you could try that?

    I’ve never seen a baby having a total meltdown at the stores, maybe because they are far too entertained with everything about them lol.

    Good luck at work!

    • Anti-inflammatories won’t work this long after an injury. Initially they’ll help, but I remember talking to the hand surgeon about it with my hand back when I tore the ligaments. He said ice and anti inflammatories were pointless after the initial injury, and this hip injury has been going on a long time! I don’t want to mask any pain to work out either this late in the game cause I’m worried I’ll just irritate it more in the long run! I have totally seen babies having meltdowns out in public! And I never want it to be my baby! I am still hesitant to take him grocery shopping because if he ever has a meltdown, we’re leaving no matter what! And I don’t want to leave a cart full of groceries in the middle of a store!

      • Oh, I didn’t know that. My hip started hurting a bit at the gym back in January but it stopped until I had my surgery and now it hurts even when I’m driving. The anti-inflammatories won’t work for me either since it started in January.

        Maybe I just tone out children when I’m out haha. Except on planes, that’s a bit hard to tone out. Will be babies get accostumed to going out?

  2. That gym sounds terrible. Form is everything with lifting, otherwise someone will get hurt. You might not *think* you’ll improve as quickly focusing more on form than weight, but the quickest way to lose strength or speed is to be injured! Glad you know someone there at least so you can use the Groupon.

    Hooray for getting out with Jackson and going to Costco!

    • I think form is still the best way to improve in strength! Without a solid base, you’ll only get so far in your lifting journey. You have to have the proper body mechanics to really support heavy weight! But that gym is definitely just asking for its clients to get injured!

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