Wedding Fun and CrossFit Nerves

I have no idea how my sweet little baby is still asleep right now, but I am going to start this blog post and most likely get interrupted within the next 5 minutes.

This past weekend was Jackson’s first sleepover with Grandma and Grandpa since Jon and I had a wedding to attend! I have to admit that I was probably a little too excited about it. The thought of uninterrupted sleep was pretty amazing (minus having to pump).

We got up early on Saturday morning because we wake up early every day because we have a baby now so sleeping in is a thing of the past, sadly. It took awhile to prepare Jackson for his sleepover and I had to shower and fix my hair since I knew I wouldn’t have time in the afternoon. We headed up to my mom and dad’s to drop Jackson off.

I missed him for like, 5 minutes and then I was over it and ready for some husband/wife time! (Not that kind of husband/wife time.) We tried to get my nails did at my favorite nail place, but they were all booked up, so I just decided to go to the wedding with some gnarly toenails. I’m a mom now. People can’t expect me to look put together anymore. But then we decided to eat Smashburger and I had a delicious shake.

We came home and I was so freaking tired but I had to pump so I couldn’t even nap. Then we changed and I was super grateful to have bought a dress awhile back that managed to fit these big ol’ titties. We headed out to the wedding after that!


That’s what two crazy parents look like on their first big night out! The wedding was really nice and simple and then we were off to Chris and Rachel’s house (the bride and groom) since the reception was in their yard!


They really did a fantastic job with the yard! It was a really casual wedding! Like, no announcer (I seriously cannot remember any words anymore. I have to ask Jon like, 2,099 times a day, “What’s that word for that one thing? I think it starts with an M.”) or anything, so really simple. It was fun though cause Kassie was in the wedding, Gina was there, and a few other acquaintances that I know through Kassie.


How handsome is he?! I love it when Jon gets dressed up!


13055419_10100413535853142_3209460554455025736_nGina, me, Kassie.


I really like this picture of us, except I’m wearing Jon’s jacket and look ridiculous!

We ended up hanging out for awhile and chatting with everybody, and then I think around 9:30 we finally left. I was so tired and I needed to pump and didn’t feel like trying to do it in my dress in the car again (and get milk all over my dress! dangit).

Once we got home, I couldn’t fall asleep! So my great night of sleep was two four hour increments of sleep because of pumping! Fail!

I won’t even lie- it was hard to go pick up Jackson. I was happy to see him, but it was so nice on Sunday morning laying in bed with Jon and getting ready without one of us having to tend to a baby. It was like a little flashback to my old life and I miss my old life so much!

I spent Sunday afternoon at home. I was bummed cause it was a beautiful day, but Jon had a friend in town so they went to get dinner and then his friend stopped by for a bit. I was busy trying to get schoolwork done and clean up the house, so I just never got out.

Monday was another day spent at home doing work. I went on a walk at night cause it was so nice out! Jon and I also made tacos for dinner- my first night cooking since Jackson was born! I just make simple food all the time so I was pretty proud of myself for actually making food for once! And Jackson slept from 10:30pm (Jon fed him then) until 4:40am! So I got 6 whole hours of sleep! Uninterrupted! Even when Jon does the night feeds, I still get out of bed to ask him to do them and I hear Jackson fussing, so that was my first solid 6 hours of sleep! Thankfully too, cause Jon got up right after I pumped and I never went back to sleep!

Today Jackson and I made out first trip out solo! Just to Costco because I figured if he cried there, it wouldn’t be as obvious. But it went so well! He didn’t fuss when I put him in the car seat (that never happens) and I wore him in Costco so he just looked around. He was half asleep by the time we left and didn’t fuss again when I put him in his seat! He’s such a good baby! I wanted to go to Target, but I figured my frozen stuff needed to get home and I wanted Jackson to nap at home for a bit too, otherwise he gets all grumpy.

I think I’m about to try and head to the CrossFit gym to do my barbell “test” after I pump again. I’m nervous to go and do it still! I feel so intimidated since I feel so out of shape! I don’t even know if I can squat! I don’t even know if I can run because my boobs hurt SO much these days! What if I can’t even do that?! And I haven’t even tried to lift since the c-section, so what if it hurts and I look like an idiot? But I’m going to try and just suck it up and go, cause I’ll never feel less nervous unless I get out there and just do it! I really hope that if I just tell the girl that I just had a baby 7 weeks ago (by c-section), she’ll understand. It’s not like I was breaking any records while I was pregnant either. It’ll be  a slow comeback. AND my right knee is killing me from sitting cross legged so much to rest my pump bottles on my legs! I stopped sitting like that but it’s still super painful. I’m worried about squatting with it hurting. UGH! But, I went to Target to get sports bras the other day since these girls are out of control and I took a quick postpartum picture. I know I’m still thin, but I mean… that isn’t my body. At all. My boobs are huge (although they don’t look nearly as big in the photo as in person) and I guess my stomach was way flatter than I realized before!


And here is a photo I had uploaded before. The photo on the left was 9 weeks pregnant, so I was still not showing at that time. I have no idea anymore how far along I was in the other photos. Not far, since I still had no belly.



8 thoughts on “Wedding Fun and CrossFit Nerves

  1. I’m so glad you and Jon got to go to the wedding, and to Costco, and to make tacos for dinner. I guess it’s the little things that are making life special lately.

    Good luck with the CrossFit test. IMHO, if I were the person at the gym and you told me you were 7 weeks postpartum I would totally give you props and points for coming into a brand new to you gym to even do the test that soon. Besides I think most CrossFit boxes will work with people because they realize most people are there for a workout and community not so much to do competitions.

    I bet your belly will go down a lot more. As far as the pregnancy pictures, I don’t know how far along you were but half the time my belly looks like that after a meal…

    • Haha well I always was bloated after eating a meal! But my belly is much softer now. I should have posted one from another angle where my abs looks separated. It’s a totally different look than my old bloated belly ever was! I feel like girl coaches in CrossFit are never as welcoming as guys, so maybe that was part of my hesitation too! Although she was fine, I guess!

  2. That’s great that you guys had a night out to yourself! I love casual and simple weddings, I feel like they’re a ton more fun.

    Jackson will start to sleep through the night more and more now! Pretty soon you’ll get 8 hours of interrupted sleep!

    You’ll do great back at the gym! I was worried at first two with my first lifting session and my first yoga class post-op, but it was almost as if I had never had surgery. A few things were a bit more difficult, not a ton though. The incision didn’t hurt while exercising and moving. I know we had two different surgeries, but they have a few common grounds. Try using a tighter and more supportive sport bra for running if you have pain? I know for me, if I’m having pain somewhere but if it’s wrapped up tight so it’s closer to my body and can’t move, it’s a lot smoother to workout in. Unless a tight sport bra makes it worse lol. For the nipples, putting on a band aid helps a ton. If they’re not understanding of your situation, you may not want to go to that gym, you want instructors who are helpful and accepting. I’m sure you’ll rock your test, good luck!

    • I bought new sports bras from Target that work really well, but still, me bouncing up and down in the dressing room is different than all out running! And as long as my nipples aren’t rubbing on anything, that part should be okay! It’s just the actual boob that hurts to move all over. I figure the Groupon is only 30 days, so even if they aren’t that understanding, it’s short term! But I went last night and talked to one of the coaches and she seemed great. Fortunately, I at least have experience with CrossFit so I know when to scale back if I need to and what I can do instead. I hope the c-section incision is the same! I don’t get much incisional pain, but occasionally I’ll feel a pulling feeling if I twist weird!

      • Yeah it’s completely different. I don’t like the Target supportive bras, I have one and it barely does nothing. Nike works the best and it’s pretty easy to find then on sale. Hopefully they work and you don’t feel anything!

        Your incision is like half the size of mine, so you’ll have less then an issue about me. Yeah I know what you mean, twisting to reach back behind me, I feel a pulling feeling. It’ll go away once the sutures dissolve and the muscles and tissue creates their own bonds.

      • Target had two high support ones and one did nothing. And that’s the one they happen to have in a ton of cute colors. The other ones have mesh down the whole middle and those ones were WAY better! I’m not sure if you have tried them both? I had to search for the ones I liked. I felt fine just lifting at the gym, but I’m not sure how I’ll do with a bunch of other more active stuff. We’ll see! I’m not as worried about the incision now!

      • That’s so odd that the mesh one did a ton better! You’d think it would have less support wow. I haven’t shopped at Target for gym clothes in a bit, I almost did last week but told myself no haha. The high support one I got at Target, I use for sleep because it does nothing at the gym. I need to find a few that’s not showing off my cleavage when I need to go down, especially for yoga. I knew you weren’t going to have an issue with your incision. Does your incision hurt in the rain? Mine is more achy and it makes working out a bit miserable when it’s like that.

      • I haven’t noticed it hurting in the rain! It’s going to start raining for a week though so we’ll see! We’ve had good weather here since it’s been better. The bra only has mesh right in the middle, and I think it’s just a layer sewn on top. But I do feel like it’s a little cleavage-y but hey, whatever. It’s supportive and that’s all I care about right now. It’s already obvious my boobs are huge!

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