Cabin Fever

I think I have cabin fever. I have been in the house for 2 1/2 days straight now! Jon should be home early-ish from work today unless a case comes up, so I’m hoping to venture out to run errands this afternoon at least! Jon’s parents stopped by on Wednesday morning again for about 30 minutes, but that’s it. Oh, and I took a walk yesterday and listened to Jackson groan with every single exhale for 90% of the walk. But other than that, I’ve remained in my pajamas the whole time (I actually did for the walk, too).

My, how times have changed! Jon had a regional meeting yesterday for work with a mandatory fun event last night (that was a comedy show at a local venue- I actually think that’s pretty awesome and he said it was a lot of fun), so he didn’t get home till almost 11pm. It was my first day with Jackson ALL day long, especially since he left at 6:30 in the morning. Surprisingly, I didn’t go too crazy, even though it wasn’t Jackson’s easiest day that we’ve had. Laura came over for about two hours in the evening and man, it just really is shocking how much things have changed! Instead of going out and grabbing dinner, I was feeding and bathing Jackson, putting him to bed, and preparing his night bottles. It’s just a little reminder of how monotonous life is right now and how my days just go in these cycles that revolve around this little 10lb fella.

My brother sent me a few of Jackson’s newborn photos! They’re definitely more of his style of photography and less of that typical soft newborn style, but I love them! Of course. Cause Jackson is adorable! And he smiles nonstop when I put him down for naps now and it is way too cute!


Ohmygosh, his back fuzz. It’s crazy how when you’re the mom, you think things like his back fuzz is just the cutest thing ever. It’s also crazy how dark this makes his hair look cause he is totally blonde!


I do sort of wish Jon had a head there, haha. But Jackson looks precious and so tiny in Jon’s big hands!


Anyway, I got the clearance to go back to working out! I haven’t yet… It’s not even that I’m not ready to work out, but it’s more that it seems so hard to juggle another thing with a baby. I feel like so much time is spent planning around him and when he eats and naps that it seems so hard to just get out! But I think I just need to go reactivate my LA Fitness membership and go when Jon gets home from work in the evenings, even if I hate going when it’s busy. Even if I just do the elliptical or run if the weights are too crazy, at least it’s something. I want to get the Groupon for the CrossFit gym too, but the owner said I need to come in for a barbell test before I can buy it and use it for the regular classes. I guess they typically expect people who buy it to use it for the beginner’s class. So, I should probably email them about that too. I’m just used to working out with the afternoon crowds which are usually smaller, and for some reason, I feel a little intimidated to go into a brand new CrossFit gym with the big evening crew postpartum. Not only have I not worked out at all now in over 2 months and even those were easier workouts since I was pregnant, but I also have to come back slowly from the c-section. At least when I went to new gyms while I was pregnant, if I was slacking, it was obvious why. I don’t even think anybody else would care or notice, but it’s just hard to have to scale everything after I used to be so in shape so competitive way back in the day.

I suppose I should go work on my powerpoint presentation! I have two powerpoints to do and two discussion postings before next Sunday and then I’m out of school for the semester! Woohoo! One year of grad school down! I’m glad that the group paper is over with. That was so frustrating and I won’t even get into how frustrating the rest of the week was with it (asking ME to write your part twice when I’ve said no, especially after you told me that my edits to your part took away from your “writing style”)! And I need to shower cause I haven’t showered since Wednesday morning and I’m feeling the need to make myself presentable!

Tomorrow night is the big wedding night/Jackson’s first sleepover at Grandma’s! Gone are the days of just showering and getting ready for a wedding! Now we have to pack bottles and sleepover stuff and diapers and drop Jackson off at my mom and dad’s house (25 minutes north of here)! But we get one whole night without any feedings! And I am SO excited about it! Although I’m sure I’ll be happy to see Jackson on Sunday! I miss him when I leave for a few hours!

Okay, time to go be productive for real. Jackson will be up soon and I don’t want to miss this window to shower!


6 thoughts on “Cabin Fever

  1. Jackson is absolutely adorable! He’s so gorgeous! He looks like you but blonde like Jon!

    Yeah, it sucks having to go slow when you used to be beast, I know the feels. But muscle memory helps you get back a ton faster. I hate going when it’s packed too, makes me more unmotivated. But it is something! In two months you can put Jackson in the gym day care while you workout though!

    Group projects are the worst, it’s over now! With school out, you’ll be able to juggle a lot more!

    • I feel like school hasn’t been THAT hard and it’s more of an excuse to stay home, haha. Although, I do get stuff done during the week, it just really is super spaced out depending on how well Jackson is napping! I hate the gym when it’s packed! I do similar workouts all the time so I’m comfortable with it, but I just hate being all smashed in! And all the squat racks are always taken at night and I like my squats! I think Jackson looks so much like Jon! His eyes look like his!

  2. Jackson is beautiful, just so perfect!

    I hate a busy gym too, my friend prefers a busy gym but I get so frustrated it puts me off!

    Have a great time at the wedding xo

    • Aw thank you 🙂 I just love him! I can’t believe anybody prefers a busy gym! It makes it so hard to get stuff done when so many people are juggling the same pieces of equipment!

  3. First off and most importantly, I hope you made the window to shower.

    I understand with the barbell test and going to the new crossfit gym and being nervous. It looks like you’ve lost a lot of the pregnancy weight so someone might not know you’re a new mom and the gym people may not know either, plus it would be kinda weird for your first workout or two back to be like an “audition” for the regular CrossFit classes. Still I’m glad you got cleared to because I know how much you love lifting and Crossfit!

    It sounds like Jon’s event was fun even if you were home alone until 11 and haven’t been getting out much. You def. have cabin fever! I love the pics of you guys though- Jackson is very cute and you all look like a happy family!

    • That it totally how I feel- that this is an audition, haha. I’ve done all the lifts a million times, but I’m sure my flexibility has suffered from all this time of not stretching, plus it usually takes a few times to get back in the groove of things and get your form down again. At least I got to get out of the house for a wedding yesterday, even if most of today will be spent inside! Only one week of school left though and then I can start getting out more!

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