Weekend Updates

Happy Monday night! I forgot to update on this last week and even though it’s not really that exciting, I’ll include it because as a new parent, it’s the little things like this that are exciting! Jon and I started pulling up houses again for some reason last week and there was one that looked cute just down the road from us! We hopped in the Jeep to go look at it since Jackson happened to have just finished eating so it was perfect timing! Jackson was being good and for some reason, I had been craving sandwiches all day long! I remembered reading about this sandwich place on Yelp awhile back, so I pulled it up and we went!


It was this little Italian place and it was so good! The meats were delicious there! I happen to freaking love salami and my sandwich was awesome! Everything is always so planned these days with Jackson, so it was nice to just kind of get up and go without much planning. We didn’t even take a diaper bag with us since we had only left the house to go drive a few minutes away!

We had a busy weekend around here and I’m feeling a little more refreshed (but exhausted) after having some time out of the house! On Friday, I went up to my mom and dad’s house and dropped Jackson off so I could go to Target and drop my card off at the vet! Dr. Lobeck (the one who talked to Jon) came out and reassured me again that we made the right decision and even said that he was personally glad that we didn’t drag out a bad situation. I felt even better after hearing that, because as a nurse, I’m always aware of when patient’s family members are dragging out bad situations and I would never want to put somebody (or my cat) that I love through that! Although, I still miss Tommy a ton and I still wish he could be here with us! I came home fairly early on Friday night and relaxed with Jon since that’s really all we do after 7pm these days! #thatmomlife

Saturday morning I slept until 10:30! 10:30!!!! Jon got up and did the morning feeds with Jackson and I seriously had no idea it was 10:30 when I got up! I had a message from Crista when I got up about meeting up with her and Billy at the Dogwood Festival, so Jon and I decided we would do that. We totally thought we could make it down there by 12:30, but life with a baby is much harder than without a baby. Being somewhere in 2 hours without notice is pretty much not going to happen anymore.

But we made it to the Dogwood Festival and had a really good time! We went last year and it was so hot last year! This year was way cooler! It got warm in the sun, but I kept having to put my jacket on whenever we would walk in the shade! Thankfully, Jackson was pretty good the whole time we were there and only fussed around the time that he was supposed to eat.



This is the first picture I have of the three of us! I can’t believe it! I need to get a better one where you can see his face and I’m not wearing him!


Piedmont Park, Atlanta.

Once we finished up at the Dogwood Festival, I was really craving a burrito for some reason so we went to Chipotle and grabbed dinner. After that, Jon and Billy went to watch golf at Crista and Billy’s and Crista and I went to Ponce City Market for some ice cream. It was about 7pm after that and I was beat and so ready to get in bed! Once we got home though, I somehow managed not to get in bed till 10pm and that is just way too late for me (but that keeps happening!).

Sunday morning we woke up and Jon’s parents came over right after we got up. They only stayed for about 30 minutes since they had to get going to Nashville for a conference, but it was good to see them and I’m glad that they got to hang out with Jackson for awhile! Once they left, I decided to be productive and head out to Whole Foods.

Once I got home, I prepared some breakfast stuff (ham, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, and shredded cheese for my morning eggs) for the first time in forever! I’ve been making egg and bagel sandwiches every single day lately so I thought I’d switch it up!

As soon as I finished up preparing my breakfast stuff, Jackson got up so we headed up to my mom and dad’s house again just to get out for a bit. We got there around 4:30 so we decided to just stay for dinner. We ate some burgers and then headed back since I had a grad school meeting at 8:30.

Unfortunately, that meeting lasted an hour (turns out, our paper is due on the 13th and I thought it was due on the 17th!). A group of three of us have to put together a business proposal and now we have to merge all of our parts and edit them. This one girl has been a big “follower” in the group and has been somewhat difficult to work with. Today, she texted us, “Good morning. With only a limited amount of time left to complete this assignment, I would like to forgo my portion of passing around the paper for correction. Please send me your suggestions for my section and I will correct them myself and resend them to add to the completed paper.” Um. What?! Let’s not try to play off your laziness as being helpful somehow! I basically told her that we all need to edit the paper because it’s a group project! She completely disregarded that after I said I had been editing for 2 hours so far and told me she would fix her part as soon as I send her the corrections. Why should the other group member and I have to spend all the time editing and you think you don’t have to? We have three full days. I got through editing her section and mine today, and the other group member was going to do it tonight. That gives her TWO full days to read through and make edits. Through a million texts today, she still never mentioned when she would read it and make her edits to our portions. Jon said I should email the professor about her (he listens to our conference calls since I usually do them in the dining room when he’s room) since she has been kind of difficult the whole time, but I’m not going to. But really. Come on. Do your dang part and read through the paper! I didn’t want to read through 15 pages either but I’m doing it! And she said she is busy tomorrow cause her daughter has cheerleading. Um, take your laptop. I sat there for an hour in the middle of the night while I was pumping, so I’m sure you can open up a word document while you’re at cheerleading.

Anyway, this afternoon I went and met up with Lizzie, a girl who I went to nursing school with and used to come out clubbing back in the day. It was so good to see her and she bought Jackson so much stuff! It was so sweet of her, but I always feel bad when people buy gifts for him! But either way, I still hadn’t seen her in way too long and was glad to catch up with her! She just started working in my ER and moved out there (she was living about an hour away) so I’m sure I’ll be seeing more of her!

I need to get ready for bed and get to sleep! I was going to try to be in bed by 9 but forgot that I need to pump again! Dangit!


4 thoughts on “Weekend Updates

  1. Sounds like you’re adjusting better to being a new mom! I’m not sure if it gets any better from here, but you will get more free time as he grows older!

    Jackson’s such a blondie, so adorable!

    Ugh, that’s so annoying I hate group projects for that reason. Do you guys get to at least evaluate each other? My professors used to do that so that they would know who’s doing the work and if others are just lazing around.

    • I wish we could evaluate each other! As far as I know, we don’t get to though. And it’s not like she hasn’t done anything at all, so I’m not going to the professor about it, but she has been a slacker. The other group member and I posted our parts early last week and we waited till Sunday morning for this girl to post hers, so she’s the reason we only had 3 days to put it all together and now she doesn’t even want to edit the paper. So irritating. And she texted this morning saying she didn’t like all the edits (which was fine) because it didn’t reflect her writing style. It’s a group business proposal! It shouldn’t reflect ANYBODY’S writing style. And she didn’t edit a bunch of stuff that didn’t even make sense… Whatever. I give up!

      • Ugh that’s annoying! After this paper is this the last group project with her? I hope so! That would drive me completely insane!

  2. I’m so glad you were able to get out and enjoy the weekend and are adjusting well to being a mom and juggling school with that. Love the picture of the three of you!

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