Sleeping In & New Friends

Hello 🙂 I feel nice and refreshed since I just got up for the day at 11. I had asked Jon to do the morning feed at 6:40 since he has to be up at 7 for work, and he said he was too tired. I was so irritated so I went back to bed with Jackson and fed him, and then Jon came in and offered to do it. No dude, thanks, I got it. He apologized later for it while I was pumping but it’s still so annoying. I never sleep uninterrupted! If I slept for an entire 6 hours straight, I would be ready to run a marathon or something crazy. Even when I have slept for 6 hours, I wake up listening to Jackson and have Jon go feed him, and even that is rare since I have to pump. Ugh. I get so irritated about things like that and really, Jon is fantastic and super helpful. I couldn’t ask for a better partner in this whole parenting thing. I know I come across as being angry with him when I’m really just angry at this whole new lifestyle. I want him to go hang out with friends and to go work out and to do anything else he wants or needs to do! But then I get frustrated because I’m stuck at home with a baby all the time and I don’t ever get time away! I always have to worry about pumping, even if I do get out of the house! Or my boobs hurt nonstop while I’m gone! I can’t ever just “get away” from being a mom.

Anyway, yesterday I had coffee with my Facebook friend, Carley. She’s the one that I met online in a mom type group. We had planned on going on a walk and it was a perfect day for it, but as soon as we were about to leave, I realized Jon had the stroller. Of course. So Carley and I met at Starbuck’s instead. It was great! I haven’t made many new friends since I got out of high school other than Crista (I did make a handful of friends in college, but nobody that I have really stayed in touch with), so this is like, my first real adult friend. Not that I ever really minded not having tons of friends. I kind of like my few friends that I’ve had for 16 years now. But it was really nice to talk to another mom! Her baby is only a week older than Jackson so we were discussing parenting and life and it was just really nice. We got along great and it wasn’t awkward at all! I feel like I had known her for awhile!

I’m about to shower (I hope- Jackson is stirring so the shower may just wait till tonight or tomorrow) and then head out with Jackson. I really want to run to CVS and print off a few pictures of Tom to put in a thank you card for the vet. I also need to run to Target for a few things, but I think I’ll drop Jackson off at my mom and dad’s house before I head down to Target. No need to take the baby if I have somebody to watch him!

Jon’s parents will be here tomorrow for a few hours. They’re driving through on their way to Nashville so I think we’re having dinner with them either here or at Stone Mountain. I’m glad they’ll get to spend some time with Jackson alone, since both times they’ve seen him, tons of people have been around.

On Monday night, the children’s hospital is having a recruitment event that I think I might go to. I really don’t want to work full time, but I still think I would love to work on an inpatient unit there. I also don’t know if I feel like going to an event like that alone, but I think I might just branch out and do it. I can always leave if it’s awkward. I really liked the atmosphere when I had my interview last summer, but I think I’m just comfortable with my ER job right now and I know juggling two jobs with a new baby is too much. I still have to quit my second job now and keep putting it off! I just hate to leave a hospital where I have 6 years of experience, a ton of flexibility, and good pay!

Alrighty, I finally finished my coffee (and this blog post, 3 hours later), so time to hop in the shower and get Jackson ready to go see my mom and dad!


One thought on “Sleeping In & New Friends

  1. When Jackson gets a little older and you can stop pumping, you’ll start to be able to get away from being a mom for a bit during the week. I know it’s tough right now, but you’ll have more Liz Time before you know it!

    I love meeting new friends, I think it’s because I make so few friends in the adult life now haha. It was so much easier in school.

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