It has been so nice here in Georgia! I am seriously loving this weather! We’ve had our windows open the last few days and it’s amazing! I’ve also been enjoying walks with Jon and Jackson on a fairly regular basis! I really hope this weather sticks around and that some horrible cold front doesn’t move in!

I had my first two outings alone this past week! I left on Thursday night to go to book club (we read Sweet Tooth- I do not recommend this book) and it was SO NICE leaving my house alone! I got teary eyed just for a second thinking again about how much my life has changed. I mean, I actually enjoyed sitting in Atlanta rush hour because I was alone. For the first time in 13 days! I went to Babies R’ Us to make a few returns and get some items for a baby shower I’m going to next weekend and then headed to book club, where I had adult conversation and it was wonderful.

Yesterday Gina came over to hang out with Jackson for a bit and we went and had coffee and ran some errands. I feel like my conversational abilities are lacking now because literally all I do is take care of a newborn. How much is there to say about that? I think I mentioned my boobs 1000 times because all I do is pump and think about my boobs and when I have to pump next. So lame. But again, very nice to get out of the house and feel like a person again.

I’m so grateful for such a helpful husband who is totally fine with staying home with Jackson. But I wish I could go to Europe or something for awhile. Just to get away 😉

We’re supposed to be going over to my mom and dad’s today so my brother can take newborn photos of Jackson. We need to get them done cause he’s already outgrowing the newborn look! But I think my brother may need to cancel (he’s still asleep now and was working last night so we never fully figured it out) so I’m not sure what today will consist of. Other than grocery shopping. Jon is out to brunch with Andrew right now, so hopefully he comes home sometime soon so we can get this show on the road! Tonight I have a meeting with my grad school group online at 8:30pm, but I feel like whenever we have to meet, it gets messed up. I hate group project so much! Also, as a random side note, people charge like, $300 to take newborn photos. I wanted this girl to do them and holy cow, is that’s a lot of money!

Anyway, this is another boring update. Because my life is boring now. I need to start getting back into a more normal routine where I leave the house on my own to do things like grocery shop! Because clearly, that would make my life more exciting… Haha. Okay, time to go do some schoolwork!

4 thoughts on “Randoms

  1. Way to go for not spending $300 on pics! It is amazing how often some people get pics taken of their kids with the crazy sitting fees for photography! I understand maybe once a year or something, but some people seem to get the pics made each month… not happening! Especially when you can take pretty good pictures with your own camera or even phones nowadays.

    Glad you got to spend time with the book club and with Gina! Have fun at brunch!

    • I wasn’t even going to do any sort of newborn photos, but now that he’s here, I want to remember how adorable he was at this age! But I’m not willing to pay THAT much! Especially when we just had to pay a whole delivery fee, haha. I’m not huge on professional pictures though. I thought about just going to one of those places in the mall that are probably like, $100, but then I figured I might as well ask my brother!

  2. Wow that’s a lot of money on pictures! It’s a small session, why so much?

    Yay for outings! You’ll get to have more and more. It has been nice out even up here.

    • She said it takes 6-8 hours for newborn photos?! I’m not sure that I would even want to spend THAT long doing them! And I think she sets up stuff in your house- so probably lighting/background stuff. My brother may not take quite the same, soft newborn photos, but he is a professional (although he normally does totally different stuff) so I’m sure he can capture something cute! I LOVED his wedding photos he did at our wedding and he just did that for fun!

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