Girls Night and Other Ramblings

Ah FRIDAY! I’m off work tomorrow (YAY!) since I emailed my boss saying I can’t work two 12 hour shifts in a row at this point, so she took me off the schedule tomorrow. I’m actually supposed to be meeting up with my grad school group for a big project, but nobody is really quick to respond to anything so I have no idea if that’ll happen. Can I just say that I hate group projects? Maybe I feel more rushed since my brain isn’t functioning like normal anymore and I know it’s going to get worse when the baby comes (and we won’t be able to meet in person either then), but I just wish people would have the decency to respond. I started emailing the group over two weeks ago now and we still don’t have a meeting time set for tomorrow.

I spent all day yesterday working on my paper. I’m having such a hard time focusing on school and I realized I kind of wanted to take my 1/3 of the way finished paper in a different direction, so I barely made any progress. It was kind of disappointing. Also, our breaker tripped the other night and the lights in the front half of our house went out. Yesterday, the lights flickered ALL DAY LONG! It’s super dark in my house so I have to have lights on to see, but I was getting a headache from them and getting so distracted. I’m surprised I didn’t rip the chandelier off the ceiling over our table out of frustration! Unfortunately, I’m not productive if I go out of the house to get work done, so I knew it’d be pointless to try and take my huge spread of papers to a coffee shop. So I suffered with my obnoxious lights and barely made any progress on schoolwork!

Last night I met up with Gina, Kassie, Rachel, and Laura for a last girls’ night before Jackson arrives! We met up at Grub Burger Bar, which was decent. For a burger, fries, and shake, it cost $15 though. A little steep in my opinion. The burger was good though. It didn’t taste beefy at all, thankfully. Then we all went to Old Navy and then Babies R’ Us. Rachel just passed her 20 week mark with her baby girl, so it was fun looking at all the baby stuff and talking about what we’re going to do when our babies come!


Rachel, Laura, Gina, Me, Kassie.

I was shocked that those boots fit over my cankles, by the way! They were super tight on my calves, but oh well! I tried on other boots but they wouldn’t even zip up over my ankles! And let’s not talk about how tight the top of those leggings were when I put them on yesterday.

I got home last night and actually worked on my paper for a bit. I would have kept going, but Jon wanted to sleep on the couch and I couldn’t see any of my research articles that I had printed out so I had to stop working!

I slept in late again today. I wanted to get up early and go to a 9:45 class (so I had to get up at like, 8:45- not early really) at LA Fitness since I’ve been so unmotivated to work out, but I couldn’t drag myself out of bed. I’m so tired of feeling so drained lately. I have a feeling that although the pregnancy is a large contributor, it’s also my horrible diet and lack of physical activity. I have basically been living off of fruit, dairy, and grains, and I basically never ate dairy or grains before. Well, I’d have cheese on my eggs and that was about it. My vegetable and meat intake is super low compared to my norm. I’m really hoping my appetite goes back to normal once Jackson gets here because I hate that all I want to eat is stuff I would normally never eat.

I definitely woke up today hoping to go into labor again today! My hands were bothering me so much this morning and just sitting down at dinner last night, it was incredibly uncomfortable with Jackson being so low. I wonder if I can just reach up there and pull him out! Is it sad that I’m hoping the 12 hour shift I have to work on Sunday will put me into labor?! It’s even at the hospital that I’m delivering at, so it would be perfect! And my doctor is on call this weekend! Maybe tomorrow I’ll go to the gym and hop on the elliptical and just go crazy for 20 minutes and hope it jump starts everything. Jon has been so nice though and he picked me up out of bed again this morning so I could get up to pee when he left for work! I’m feeling pretty thankful for him right now (even if he wouldn’t massage the uterus spot on my feet last night when I asked- I NEED TO GO INTO LABOR!). Too bad I just really don’t feel like he’s coming early… I have a feeling I’m going to be induced at 41 weeks.

An electrician came by and fixed my lights for me! Hallelujah! It was a simple breaker part that needed to be switched out so now I can happily work on my paper again today!

Jon should be home fairly soon. He though he’d be home around 2-3, which I really am hoping for. It’s a BEAUTIFUL day out and I’d love to get some time in with him for once in the afternoon. Lately he’s been doing a lot of late cases and he has been falling asleep really early on the couch, so I don’t get to spend much time with him. We need to try and finish up the baby room if we can (we won’t be able to hang anything yet since we need to wait for our glider to get delivered before seeing where the pictures go), and I’d love to get our pictures finally hung up over our couch! Maybe I’ll even pack my baby bag this weekend.

Alright, time to go work on my paper some more before Jon gets home.


2 thoughts on “Girls Night and Other Ramblings

  1. I hate group projects! I was lucky that on most throughout engineering that I became friends with my group because it worked out so much easier that way.

    Hopefully you won’t start feeling anymore discomfort! Jackson will be here at a blink of an eye, those two weeks will fly by.

    • I hope the blinking seems faster than it did last night/today! Haha. MISERABLE night last night! I was hoping so and that I was going into labor! But then it just stopped! UGH! It’s hard to become friends with people in online classes and I think both of the people I’m in a group with are older women. And they’re a real pain in my ass.

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