21 Question Survey

I stole a quick survey from Jessie to do since I’m tired and my hands are so numb these days that typing is honestly getting kind of obnoxious. Plus, I’m about to start working on a paper and that’s enough to have to type.

One//Are you named after someone?

Nope. But my mom did want to name me Elizabeth Rae and my dad hated it, so I’m Elizabeth Marie. I actually wish they had named me Elizabeth Rae since Marie is so common.

Two//When was the last time you cried?

Today. Like, a few hours ago. Just a little bit but I was just thinking about if Jackson comes out and isn’t a healthy baby boy! I literally cry all the time. Like, probably 4-5 times a week. And always when I’m driving and thinking about various things that could happen related to Jackson.

Three//Do you have kids?

So close!

Four//If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?

Who would answer no to this? I like to think so. I’ve managed to keep the same friends for 16 years, so I must do something right!

Five//Do you have a guilty pleasure?

Naps. I don’t even know if that counts. But I just really love naps lately. And sleeping in. That never happens anymore, but I always feel like I should be doing something productive with my time but I seriously love to sleep!

Six//Do you like handwriting?

What? Handwriting? Handwriting what? I don’t prefer to handwrite anything. I have cubital tunnel syndrome in my right arm and tend to get pretty uncomfortable if I have to write anything longer than half a page. And now I have carpal tunnel from being pregnant so even holding a pen is a chore.

Seven//What is your favorite cereal?

The 365 brand Frosted Flakes! Only three ingredients!

Eight//What is the first thing you notice about people?

Their teeth. I wish it was something better, but really, it’s teeth.

Nine//Do you have any pets?

YES! I will have cats for the rest of my life. And a dog because Jon wants a dog (but we have to get a house first. I’m in no hurry). But we have Tom and Kitty! I’ve had both since they were kittens. Kitty is turning 7 next month and she’s my favorite fluff ever. She’s seriously the most perfect, typical cat you could ever dream of and she loves her mama! Tom is about to be 3 next month and he’s a typical orange cat- so he’s obnoxious and loves attention.


A very old picture of Tom sitting on Kitty. He likes to sit on top of her and lick her face before he attacks her. He’s way fatter now though. This is also the only picture I care to include in this survey because cats.

Ten//Scary movies or happy endings?

Both. I won’t watch a scary movie if I’m home alone, but I like both for sure. We’re not big scary movie watchers around the house though cause Jon kind of hates them, so I only get to watch them when he owes me!

Eleven//Favorite TV Show?

I watch Nashville, The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Teen Mom, Catfish, Jane the Virgin, Real Housewives of the OC, Below Deck, and Southern Charm. Wow. Please, judge me! I’m actually not a huge TV watcher and the only shows I watch every week are Nashville and the Bachelor/Bachelorette. The others are my go-tos On Demand that I watch if I’m feeling lazy and just want something mindless on TV.

Twelve//Summer or winter?

Summer. There’s no competition. I’m more of a spring/fall type of girl, but I hate being cold. I prefer shorts, tank tops, and flip flops. All day, e’ery day.

Thirteen//Hugs or kisses?

Hugs. Is it crazy to admit that I’m not actually big on kissing? It can be fun when you first start dating somebody, but overall, the thought of mixing all our spit is just not really sexy.

Fourteen//What is the furthest you’ve been away from home?

Australia or China. I know I spent longer in transit to Australia (exactly 24 VERY LONG hours) than China (17 hours), but technically, I’d have to look at a map to see which is farther away from here. I believe those times both included my layovers, although I never have long layovers.

Fifteen//Do you have any special talents?

No. As a matter of fact, when Jon and I broke up one time, he even told me that one of the things he didn’t like about me was that I don’t have talents. He said, “I can sing, dance, and play the piano!” (He played the piano when he was a kid and he sings to the radio. He also danced in clubs, although his rhythm is good.) He denies ever saying that, but honestly, how could a person ever forget a line like that? I’m pretty sure I told all of my friends immediately after he made that ridiculous comment.

Sixteen//Where were you born?

I can’t say because then you’d know the answer to all my secret questions, but it was just outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Seventeen//What are your hobbies?

TRAVELING! I also like hiking and working out. And long walks on the beach. I like reading too, actually, but since I’ve been in school for the last bajillion years of my life, I just don’t get to read like the old days.

Eighteen//What color are your eyes?

Green. I actually wore green contacts in high school to make them even more green, but I stopped. I guess I decided my own eyes were good enough or something. And then I had Lasik when I was 22 so now I don’t even wear contacts.

Nineteen//Favorite movie?

I don’t even have one. I like chick flicks though. I also love food documentaries on Netflix! I’ve seen pretty much every documentary about how unhealthy food is in the US and GMOs. I’m really not a huge movie watcher. I really have to be in the mood to sit down and watch a movie. My attention span is too short for all of that. Jon and I try all the time to watch movies and I almost always get up and do something else.

Twenty//What color is your car?


Twenty-one//What did you want to be when you grew up?

A bus driver. Then I turned 7. Then a teacher. Then I turned 18. Then I realized that not only do I not like kids, but I don’t like any subject enough to teach it. I declared my major as psychology. But then I took a 2000 level psychology class and totally hated the professor. He even asked me how I plan to start IVs if I can’t figure out a podcast. Douchebag. I already knew how to start IVs and for the record, I still have never in my life listened to a podcast and don’t even have a clue where podcasts come from, nor do I care. So I decided I wanted to be a dentist, even though getting a masters in psychology seemed like it would take too long. But then I realized that I really would never want to be in school for that long. So when I joined the Army, I decided to be come a nurse (I was a medic in the Army and thought, “Self, I could do this. I could be a nurse.”). Then I became a nurse and have spent the last 1290 years in school anyway so I could have really been a dentist or a psychologist. And I also love working with kids now too, so I could have also been a teacher. But nursing has actually been super flexible and I can make some pretty stellar money doing it, plus the schedule is great so I’ve also taken a ton of trips, so I’m good with it for now. Although, I do not want to be a nurse for the rest of my life. I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up now. (Hopefully a manager, since that’s what I’m getting my masters in!)


8 thoughts on “21 Question Survey

  1. Australia is my top place to visit someday but 24 hours… yikes! As long as I can hold a koala, it would be so worth it, haha. I think naps totally count as a guilty pleasure! I miss the days of being able to take a nap after an 8am class or in the afternoons. My degree is in Psychology & if I could go back, I would definitely pick something else. It’s not my calling for one + you have to go to school for ten years if you want to make any money.

    • Well, it’s estimated that 1/2 the koalas in Australia have chlamydia now, so who knows what’s going to happen with the koalas there! I will never forget the 24 hours of travel there! And then we spent one day in Sydney and got on an 11 hour overnight train ride to Melbourne the night we got there! And we were in regular hard seats on the train too. It was AWFUL! But so worth it. Australia was amazing. I LOVED the vacation! It’s super expensive though compared to most other countries. I could have gotten a masters in psychology, but nursing was nice because I started working with my associate’s and was making decent money. I feel like with psychology, there’s really nothing you can do with it at all until you get a masters and it takes longer to establish yourself. Then again, I used to pay $100 out of pocket for 1 hr with my psychologist and I definitely don’t make $100 an hour right now!

  2. I can’t believe that your professor told you that! Wow! I don’t listen to podcasts, they sound so boring but some people live them. It’s basically talk radio that you connect through iTunes. Who cares about podcasts that much?!

    Hahaha you’ll be done with school soon enough! Then it’ll finally be over!

    Do you plan on getting a new car soon with the baby?

    • Nope, no new car! I would LOVE one, but I paid mine off a few months ago and I really want to pay Jon’s off before getting one. We have $13k to go on his, but we’re going to pay our delivery amount off on his car since hospital bills don’t have interest and then pay off the “car payment” amount to the hospital instead. Once that’s done, we’ll look into getting a new one for me. With me working so much less though, I’d hate to commit to paying anything extra until we see how things go financially! That professor was so rude! I stayed in his class for 2 weeks and dropped it. I actually was only in his office talking to him because I think I had to sign off on him dropping psychology as my major, since the department head had to sign off in it.

  3. I was so confused by that handwriting question. Like, what about it?! And yay, Milwaukee baby! 🙂 I miss that city.

    • I just did the one you put up today too (or yesterday? Who knows. The TME one) but it’s saved as a draft still. But the OTP one I didn’t get. I figured I’m just not cool enough anymore to know what that means, haha.

  4. OMG that professor sounds horrible! I had one who did something similar, told me I could never really succeed in life because of my grades on my freshman mid-term (seriously!). Oh well, guess I showed him! I also had some nasty English professors and I was an English major!

    Loved reading through your answers… would love to travel to Australia one day too.

    • People loved that professor and I never understood it. I’ll never forget him though! I can’t believe a professor told you that either! I can’t imagine being a professor and telling a student anything like that! I hope you can make it out to Australia eventually! It was amazing!!

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