Weekend Updates. 37 Week Updates (sort of)

Just stopping by for a quick hello (it will probably not be quick) since I need to get my butt into gear and get some grad school stuff done for reals. I’ve been slacking so much lately and have some big assignments due soon!

This past weekend Jon and I went to my parent’s cabin! We used to go once a month or every other month, but lately it has just been so busy that we rarely go. We both love going though so we decided before Jackson’s arrival, we needed to make it out there!

I won’t recap the entire time because we tend to just sit around and read or talk or watch the fire a lot. I did eat fried plantains two nights in a row for dinner and now that’s really all I want to eat. We also finally took my topless photos! Not that I will ever be showing anybody and Jon totally did not understand why I needed to have pictures of my boobs, but this is the last time my boobs will probably ever be perky and full! They’re going to breastfeed Jackson and turn into little flappy pancakes probably. I just want to remember how nice they once were!


36 weeks, 6 days. Also, take note of that outfit. I wear those boots every day because my feet are too swollen for my other boots. I wear either those leggings or black leggings every day. Always one of those Target maternity tank tops, but sometimes with a v-neck t-shirt, and some sort of sweatshirt that’s open in the front. That has been all I’ve been able to wear for weeks now. SO BORING.

We headed up to Chattanooga on Saturday morning. For some reason, when we go to the cabin, Chattanooga always comes up. However, it is actually way closer for us to go to Chattanooga from our house than it is to go from the cabin! But we really wanted Maple Street Biscuit Company so it was worth the drive! Besides, it’ll be nice to walk around, we thought! Except it was freezing so we literally walked around for like, 15 minutes after eating and that was it! However, we stopped into an outdoor store and Jon found a really awesome Black Diamond jacket for 1/2 off and I found a North Face fleece for 20% off! I never find sales on them and my size, so I was super excited! Turns out, it was 1/2 off! This is my favorite jacket hands down and I wear the one I have ALL the time. I have a girls size though and it just seems so short now, so I wanted to get the women’s style since the sleeves and length are longer in general.

We also had coffee in Chattanooga since that Maple Street doesn’t make lattes (so disappointed! the lattes at the Jacksonville location are so good!) and I posted this photo that is probably my most liked photo ever now on Facebook. I think more people liked this photo than the photo I posted when Jon and I got engaged, and since we have like 200 mutual friends (from the Army), you’d think that would have gotten more likes. Nope. Apparently pregnant woman with coffee on her belly wins.


Almost the same outfit as above. But this time I had on a white tank top with a gray v-neck over it. You can really see my swelling there too. My hands, my face, my double chins. It has gotten pretty bad.

Yesterday we headed home around 11:30 and stopped by my mom and dad’s to drop off the towels and a blanket that I thought stunk (I think I’m hypersensitive to smells these days). We hung out for awhile and it was really nice to spend time with them. We try to go over on Sundays for dinner occasionally, but it has been so busy that I don’t think I’ve seen them since my baby shower on January 23rd! My mom keeps asking to come see the nursery but it’s really just a crib with random stuff scattered all over the floor still. One day.


Our “Valentine’s Day” picture. Again, same outfit. But that’s my new jacket!

finally spent forever cleaning last night. I’ve been asking Jon to help since I cleaned the last time over a month ago, but his friend’s truck died so Jon left and went to take his friend’s dog all the way out to his house. I was in so much pain last night. I’m so glad the cleaning is done because I was seriously miserable after leaning over to vacuum under all our couches and beds and scrubbing all 1100sq/ft of our house on my hands and knees. Not fun. I also noticed that under our kitchen table, two of our wood slats are ruined! The whole top layer bubbled up and I have no idea what happened! The cats spill water off the table all the time, but I’m always super careful to clean it all up. I was wondering if one of the cats threw up there and the acid ate up the top layer of wood. Uh. Homeowner problems! But the house is now baby ready! Except for Jackson’s room. But we’re going to work on that this week.

Anyway, I need to go get some stuff done. The gym might happen tonight. I’m not motivated though and feel like I have other things to do (like blog). I have to get groceries and I wanted to go to Michael’s to find a frame for two pictures I bought in Belgium. Once we get these two framed, we can hang up our photo collage behind our couch finally! I have three other framed photos from our trip to Europe this year waiting! (I pretty much only hang artwork from travels up in my house. Although we do need to print out a wedding photo since we spent like, $200 on a custom made frame for that.)



8 thoughts on “Weekend Updates. 37 Week Updates (sort of)

  1. I love the osito jackets! I have one but with a hood I got at a discount at Nordstrom Racks. Unfortunately, it sheds like a mother. So I rarely wear it haha. Porbably why it was half off.

    You’re so big! That’s crazy! Soon you’ll be back to your normal clothes!

    • Yours sheds?! My old one never shed and this new one hasn’t either! Jon told me to throw my old one out and I was like, “No! It’s still good! That jacket has traveled all over the world with me! I can’t get rid of it!” Hah. I have definitely gotten larger, but surprisingly, I only gained 1lb in the last 2 weeks! And when I gained like, 13lbs in one month, I didn’t even look any bigger! I thought for sure with all my swelling it would have been more! Not even sure how that worked!

  2. Girl, you are looking so beautiful! 🙂

  3. You look fab!! I have a girls North Face jacket too, I picked up a women’s one just after Christmas but sadly it wasn’t in the sale 😦
    I feel like your pregnancy has been really quick, I’m sure it won’t have for you though!!

    • It definitely doesn’t feel fast for me! I feel like it’s gone at a really good pace though! Not too slow, not too fast! I was super excited about the sale! I see sales occasionally but they never have XS! And thank you for saying I look fab cause I sure don’t feel like it!

  4. I just love looking at your pics. You are so damn adorable! (Hopefully you don’t take that in a patronizing way! I just look at you and think “Cute!”, while I look at myself and think “Omg I’m so big, wahhh!”)

    • Haha well thank you! I don’t take it patronizingly! I definitely don’t feel so cute anymore though, so I’m glad others still see me that way! I feel like a big, swollen blob!

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