Weekly Updates

I’m in the middle-ish of a 7 day stretch off work! Can I just tell you all how happy that makes me? I feel like I should pick up 4 hours either tomorrow morning or Monday morning, but right now, I’ll just hold off and see how I feel!

I worked Tuesday at my PCU job. It was a tough 12 hours. Easy as far as the workload there, but I was definitely feeling the effects of standing up for so long at 36.5 weeks pregnant. My back hurt as soon as I rolled out of bed, my feet were sore, my legs started swelling, and I was just overall really uncomfortable. I’m so glad I only have a few 12 hour shifts left before Jackson makes his debut.

Yesterday morning I had my 36 week appointment. They did the group B strep test and checked my cervix for the first time. The doctor said my cervix is still closed but is nice and soft, so I guess it’s getting ready for the baby! Unfortunately, my next two appointments are with other doctors but I see her again at 40 weeks, where we will discuss induction if we need to. Jon is going to that appointment with me so we can both be on the same page. My doctor said she’s on call a lot in March so I’m really hoping she’ll be the one to deliver Jackson! (Jon totally doesn’t understand why it matters who delivers our baby. Technically, it doesn’t, but I’ve been seeing her for the last three years now and she’s done all of my prenatal appointments so far.) Honestly, I don’t want to induce if we don’t have to since it can make labor even longer, so I’m asking my doctor her call days and we’ll be eating Polynesian sauce from Chik-Fil-A, eggplant parm, raspberry tea, massages, sex, whatever, in the 12 hours before her call shifts start! Hopefully he’ll just decide he’s ready and make his way out around 40 1/2 weeks (I want to make it without a baby for March 5th so we have just one more childless weekend!).

After my appointment, I picked Laura up since she was playing hooky from work! We went downtown and ate crepes at Julianna’s Crepes! The guy forgot to place the order for my dessert crepe so we were there for awhile, which was totally fine. Then I wanted coffee, so we went to get coffee, where we hung out even longer. I had been wanting to look at this baby consignment shop downtown so we went and spent forever decided if I should buy another diaper bag! It was the one that I really wanted but Jon said was too feminine and they had it for only $30 (originally $65). I decided against it since we have a really nice diaper bag already, but it was taunting me. And then we went to TJ Maxx and they had the SAME ONE! But I stayed strong. Instead I spent $60 on two new bracelets but I love them. And I actually wear bracelets a lot so at least I’ll get my money’s worth!

Really, I think I’m just so insanely bored with my clothing options that I just want anything to make me feel like a normal person! I know I’m coming to an end here with the pregnancy thing (which is kind of sad) and I’m hoping I take after my mom and get back into my pre-pregnancy pants within two weeks, but right now I am just so bored with getting dressed! I wear black leggings every day with my one maternity sweater from Target or I have three maternity tank tops that I’ll throw under a button up sweater (unbuttoned, of course- the only way it fits). My feet are also so swollen that I can only wear my slipper boots or gym shoes comfortably. I’ve always been a pretty boring person when it comes to fashion so I never thought I’d get tired of only having two options of what to wear basically, but I am!

Anyway, after I finished up with Laura, Jon and I went out to eat with his old coworkers. It was actually a lot of fun and it was good to see them. We used to play trivia on Wednesday’s with them but it’s a much larger group there so it was nice to just talk to them without quite so many people there! I did feel bad cause I asked for a cheese quesadilla and they put chicken on and it I had to send it back. But I don’t want chicken right now. At all. And I didn’t ask for it either!

I stayed up way too late last night reading The Cynical Pharmacist on Facebook and watching trash TV and then of course, at 6am, I was super uncomfortable again. I decided not to lay in bed forever like I usually do, but to get up and nap later.

So far, I’ve completed a discussion for school and started on my paper. I ate some breakfast. I’m on my 4th load of laundry (including sheets! FINALLY!) and did a load of dishes. I put the sheets on the crib even! So I’m making some progress at least and getting something productive done.

Tonight is book club so I have to read one more chapter for that. I’m considering going to the gym but really don’t feel like it cause I’m so tired, but I’ve only gone once this week so far! We’ll see. Jon and I are headed to the cabin tomorrow for our last little pre-baby trip and I’m super excited! And once we get home Sunday, we need to get in prep mode for Jackson’s arrival and get our floors/bathrooms deep cleaned! I’m sure he’s going to love that!

Alrighty, time to go work on my paper some more! I haven’t even finished the intro but at least it’s progress!


6 thoughts on “Weekly Updates

  1. I hope your doctor managed to deliver Jackson, I know it doesn’t matter but if she seen you the whole time it would be nice, even for her too!
    My future mother-in-law is a mid-wife and reading this just made me think…what if she would want to deliver her future grandchildren?! That would be weird, haha!!
    I’m still in awe that you even think about going to the gym never mind work 12 hour shifts!! Not long to go now!!!

    • Well I don’t ever do a 12 hour shift and the gym in the same day! And I’ve had to take the day after a 12 hour shift off from the gym while pregnant out of sheer exhaustion! No excuses for today, haha. I’m just tired. If my MIL wanted to deliver this baby, I’d have to say no! The only person that will be in the room is Jon! Aside from not really wanting everybody to see my vagina, I also just feel like that is mine and Jon’s moment to welcome our baby to the world! I want it to be JUST us with our child for a little while before letting everybody else in to meet him. Ya know, you just never get those first few minutes back and I want to be sure they’re spent with just our little family of 3 šŸ™‚

  2. I thought you were all done with 12 hour shifts. I’m sorry they sound like a pain while pregnant.

    It would be weird if he was born on February 29th since it’s a leap year, hopefully you’ll get to have that weekend!

    • I’m done with working 2 12s in a row! I actually just looked and only have 2 more 12s to go though šŸ™‚ I’ll probably pick up some 8 hour shifts at my other job, but I was waiting to see what happened with my newer job before doing that. Jon keeps hoping for a leap year baby but I want him to come a few days late so I have more time! I’m tired of being pregnant but I’m not THAT ready yet!

  3. I hope you don’t have a leap year baby and I hope your favorite doctor gets to deliver Jackson! It sounds like you’ve had an eventful week with the appointment and lunch and work. I am sure you’re ready to get back to wearing what you want (or at least something other than the few pieces of maternity clothes) too!

    • Uh yes! Can’t wait for real clothes! I’m not sure what the appeal is of a leap year baby, but I feel like that would kind of suck to only have your actual birthday every 4 years! I just want a regular calendar day baby!

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