36 Weeks Pregnant and Other Weekend-ish Updates

Hey-o. Late Monday post. I should hop in the shower and get back to schoolwork since I’ve only spent about 2-3 hours on it today and really need to start a huge paper that I have due in 2 weeks (I have two other big assignments due over the next two weeks also). I really wish I was more motivated these days.

Thursday night I hung out with Laura. I’ve been feeling extremely lazy lately, as I’ve discussed on here plenty of times. I know I need to soak in friend time but really, I don’t even feel like showering and getting ready most of the time. Sitting at home sounds just fine with me. I used to go crazy sitting inside for one entire day and now I feel like I could probably spend a few days at home before getting the urge to leave the house. Regardless of my lazies, I had a good time with Laura. We went to Fresh 2 Order and I ended up getting the chicken and sweet potatoes as always, plus a mozzarella and tomato sandwich. I was seriously famished. Laura was willing to run errands with me so we headed to Target after, which I was super grateful for because I haven’t had much desire to go to the store these days lately either. (PLEASE let the nesting start!) And that was our night. Always super exciting when two almost-30 year olds get together. But really, that’s about how all of our hangouts go. We eat and run errands together.

I woke up around 3am on Thursday night/Friday morning feeling awful! I have heard from plenty of people that you’ll feel sick when you’re about to go into labor and I was so extremely nauseous and also felt like I needed to have diarrhea. I sat on the toilet with a bucket on my lap for probably 30 minutes before deciding nothing was going to happen and really hoping that I wasn’t going into labor! (I also spent that 30 minutes looking at all the litter on the bathroom floor and thinking about how badly I wanted to sweep it up.) Jon sleeps on the couch usually, so I asked him to switch with me so I could sit up for awhile comfortably since laying down made it worse. I feel like whatever was on that sandwich really upset my stomach. I got super sick this pregnancy after eating a caper salmon recipe that Jon and I used to love and I think there was the same spice in both of those recipes. I ended up watching a bunch of Master Chef Juniors, falling back to sleep around 6am, and then staying on the couch until 2pm. Seriously. I got up once to pee in the morning and then around noon I decided to eat something and sat back on the couch to eat for the next two hours.

I had planned on gym time but accidentally forgot to go to the gym and went to Whole Foods first instead (I usually go to the gym and then head south to Whole Foods, but if I miss heading north on a specific highway to get to the gym, it messes it all up). I figured I’d just grab groceries and then head to the gym after, but I ended up feeling terrible again while walking around the store. So I came home, sat at the table, did homework for awhile, and then hung out with Jon once I started feeling a little better. I also folded all my cloth diaper laundry and am now prepared to diaper a newborn! And that was my exciting Friday.

I had to work all weekend and it was really busy. I was expecting a slow weekend since I worked last year over Super Bowl weekend and it was fantastic! Not so much this year. I’d say 8/24 hours were good and the other 16 hours were just ridiculous. I even transferred a baby down to our Children’s Hospital and when I got home, I realized I never even called report on the patient. (Thankfully the transport team for their hospital is fantastic so I wasn’t too worried about it.) But really, I’m just thrilled because this was my last time working two 12 hour shifts in a row before Jackson arrives! I was so exhausted after work both nights and these last two work weekends have caused me to have tons of Braxton Hicks contractions during my shifts… Hopefully my uterus is preparing to push Jackson out extra fast!

Today I stayed in bed till 10:30. I wanted to get up earlier but I was catching up on my sleep after working all weekend. Besides, I only get a few good hours of sleep before waking up with numb/painful hands, and then I sleep off and on usually from about 5am till whenever I get up. Apparently my sister had the same hand pain, except hers was so bad she couldn’t even hold a pen to write. My sister was also hugely swollen. But this hand pain is no joke. My left ring finger is stiff 24/7 now and it hurts all of my fingers to make a fist. Plus, my nerve in my right elbow has been causing me tons of pain (I have cubital tunnel syndrome in that arm). Honestly, aside from that pain and having to pee NONSTOP, I feel like things overall have improved from last week to this week. But the pain is getting worse every single day, so I’m dreading having it for the next month.

I spent the morning cleaning up from Jon’s Super Bowl party and working on school stuff. I went to the gym at 3:30 and felt fantastic on the elliptical for once! I still only did about 12 minutes but oh well! Then I had a decent leg workout. I just did step ups onto a bench, did deadlifts with a 45# dumbbell, and did a few squats holding a 20# plate. Then my back started spasming and I had to quit working out. But the part I did do felt good and I even started sweating just a little (I usually can’t even work up a sweat these days because I get too uncomfortable before I ever get to that point now). It was pretty cool realizing that in 3 1/2 weeks, I’ll have made my goal of working out for this entire pregnancy though. Granted, I’ve been averaging going to the gym twice a week recently and my workouts are definitely short and easy, but I’m still counting it and I’m almost there!


36 weeks, 2 days. Ignore my face. It’s looking  a hot mess. Also, notice Fluff coming to check out what’s going on. She has been SO needy lately. Maybe she can sense that Jackson is about to be here. Whatever the reason, I love it! Also, take notice of those fingers. It may not be so obvious, but these are some swollen fingers!

Anyway, Jon just walked in from work. I’m hoping to get the bookshelf in Jackson’s room taken apart tonight so that we can make some progress on the room! And I need to try and get some ideas for my paper so that I can start writing it this week! I’ll be back later on this week!


4 thoughts on “36 Weeks Pregnant and Other Weekend-ish Updates

  1. What is nesting?

    That hand pain sounds terrible! I never knew that could happen! The women in my family do swell so if I ever get pregnant, I know I am expecting that haha. I can tell that it’s swollen. Hopefully it will go down!

    • Nesting is just where you want to get everything ready so you go crazy cleaning and being productive. But it’s not happening 😦 I think everybody swells in pregnancy at least a little! Everything is just so compressed and blood doesn’t flow very well. It’ll all go away when I deliver!

  2. You look great, you definately rock that bump. Do you think you’ll miss the bump once Jackson is here? I hear a lot of Mum say they miss it!

    • YES! I am already sad about not having a bump! I’m getting tired of not being able to wear anything I own (I seriously live in leggings and the same 2 long sleeved tops or same 3 tank tops and button up sweaters that I have to leave open- and now I can only wear my slipper boots comfortably cause my feet are so swollen!), but I’m definitely going to miss the big ol’ belly and Jackson tumbling around in there!

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