Too Young to Be Pregnant?

Ah Thursday ūüôā So glad to have another day off today! Actually, I’m so glad to have three days off this week. It’s amazing how much more I’m able to get done when I have three days in a row off instead of just one or two. Usually I’m on an every other day type of schedule, so my days off consist of sleeping and running errands and trying to make the house look decent (although skip that part currently). I feel like there’s never time to get any real schoolwork done on that schedule, so today was nice since I spent a solid three hours on schoolwork (and trying to get Tom to stop harassing Kitty) and actually made a fair amount of progress!

Yesterday was a no gym day. I thought I might go, but really, I ended up working on school stuff right up until it was time to shower and head to Gina’s. I had to go to the post office to pick up some packages. I hate the post office because it’s always so slow and it’s irritating because our mailbox is right next to our building, and I guess my mailbox was full the other day so they couldn’t deliver my mail. But USPS delivers stuff to my door all the time! So the guy could have literally walked 50 steps and put it on my doorstep instead of making me go all the way to the dang post office. The lady working there was super cheerful and helpful with everybody and making jokes! I handed her my little missed delivery slip that the postman left in my mailbox. She went and got my packages and came back and goes, “Your mailbox was too full to deliver this. If they can’t deliver your mail for 10 days, they’ll return it to sender.” And that was it. And she was rude about it too. I was like, “Okay, thanks.” I really wanted to be like, “Hey rude lady. I’m pregnant and got about 15 baby shower packages and diaper packages within a period of 5 days (I actually got about 8-10, but still) so there is no way it can all fit in my insanely tiny mailbox at my condo. And obviously I already checked my mail because I brought you the stupid tiny slip that they put in there instead of just leaving my packages on the doorstep like they do every other time!” But I didn’t. I was annoyed though.

Last night I went over to Gina’s to pick out a color for our bridesmaid dresses with Kassie. We also discussed taking a girls’ trip next year out of the country and now I’m just dying to travel! But… babies… We also were talking about Gina’s bachelorette party in June and I am so beyond excited to go on another weekend getaway with them! We’re going to leave Thursday and have everybody else join us on Friday evening. Although, it is totally weird making plans for stuff like this now because I have to think about the fact that if my parents can’t take off of work, then I will have to take Jackson with me and Jon will have to come out on Friday night to get Jackson. So, I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that my mom wants to take a day of vacation (she probably won’t mind) and that the breast/bottle thing is working well and that I have a stash big enough for 3 days saved up.

Tonight I’m hanging out with Laura! We’ll probably grab some dinner and maybe I can convince her to run to Target with me! I hate running errands lately and need to pick up some stuff from the store. I was in the bathroom the other day while Jon was in the shower and I smelled my conditioner! I was like, “Um, are you using MY conditioner?” and he was like, “Oh yeah, mine ran out the other day. I need to buy more.” I was like, “That is $40 conditioner! YOU CAN’T USE THAT ON YOUR HAIR!!!!!” and then he just laughed at me. And he probably just throws a ton on his hair that is barely even there anyway (seriously, he doesn’t even need conditioner at all) and is wasting all my good stuff! So I need to buy him more conditioner ¬†as soon as possible so that I know he isn’t using mine. Men. Seriously. I bet he has still been using it every single day.

I just got home from the gym today. As soon as I walked in I just thought,¬†wow, I really don’t want to be here.¬†I even considered turning around and walking out but I was too embarrassed to walk right back by the girl who just scanned my member card. So I decided to suck it up and at least do 10 minutes on the elliptical. I did that and then I ended up actually having a really good arm workout. It was short, but I did dropsets and supersets (I did supersets in dropsets, actually) so it was still a good workout, just in a short period of time! Besides, I’m going back tomorrow so no reason to get too crazy today. I’m pretty limited on what I can do because of my back pain, so I didn’t want to use all my moves today.

Anyway, I should hop in the shower. I had Jon snap a picture of me just now though since I haven’t put up a bump picture lately. It’s pretty awful because the lighting is horrendous and I’m also in gym clothes (as usual). One of my patient’s moms the other day said I look too young to be pregnant. I’m not sure if people think these are compliments, but I just find it kind of offensive. I think I’m easy to annoy though because my patients think it’s appropriate to ask how much I weigh, how old I am, what size clothing I wear, etc. and it is really¬†not¬†appropriate. They also tell me how I look too young to be their nurse, too young to be married (and I can’t even fit into my wedding rings now so my patients also probably judge me for that), too young too young too young, blah blah blah. I never, ever tell patients my age unless we have developed a relationship where I don’t think it’s as rude of them to ask (I usually say that a lady never tells her age) but I was just like, “Um, I’m almost 30,” probably with attitude. And then she proceeded to tell me how I look way too young to be almost 30 and I just wanted to be like, “Whatever lady.” But I wasn’t. Instead I smiled and provided VERY GOOD care (just in case they read this and want to rate us on Press Ganey). (Also, can anybody believe that I’m actually almost 30?! When did this even happen?!)

But it really is rude to tell me that I look too young to be pregnant. I mean, what if I was 18 (and their nurse??? whatever)? Then that would be really offensive to be commenting on that. Or what if I was 22 and got pregnant accidentally, right out of college, and now all these people were telling me I looked too young. Rude. Or what if I’m almost 30, married, own my house and cars, have traveled all over, and they’re telling me I look too young? Well, now you’re just kind of annoying, cause I was responsible enough not to get pregnant till I thought I was ready (and then I decided I wasn’t and should have kept traveling but too late).


35 weeks, 5 days. My coworkers have also been telling me that I “look¬†pregnant in my face,” which really just means that my face is getting fat. But I don’t notice it too much here. Maybe I’m just getting used to¬†having a fatter face. I mean, my¬†cankles are really starting to grow on me.

Apparently I just needed to get that off my chest, haha. Okay, time to shower now for real so I can be dressed when Laura gets here!


10 thoughts on “Too Young to Be Pregnant?

  1. I think that’s one of those odd and weird comments that I would be upset about too. I don’t find it to be nice or even compliment. I’m sure you get it often too but it’s not fun for people to say “you look like your 18…”, at least I don’t appreciate it.

    • Yep, I think that’s why it’s so irritating. Because I hear those types of comments ALL THE TIME and it’s just like, really?! Especially when you’re WORKING! And honestly, I only get this comment about looking too young to be pregnant when I am actually at work. Nobody else has ever said anything along those lines, and plenty of other people have commented on my pregnancy (to congratulate me or tell me how cute I am or at the gym). I imagine if you and Tim have kids, you’ll experience this same thing!

  2. Haha I’ve had days where I walk into the gym and want to be home already. At least you did something!

    That it is rude people telling you that. When I was a kid, I grew into my height quick, so I ended up looking older than what I was and it ALWAYS made me feel bad about it. People need to have a better filter.

    What conditioner do you use that’s $40? I need a new one, the blonde has damaged my hair.

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