2015 Recap

2015 was a good year! Although I had hoped to pick back up and start travel nursing again for at least one or two more assignments, there were plenty of other changes in our household that kept me home!


The year started out with me getting reacclimated to living back at home with my husband after six months of travel nursing in 2014! My sister-in-law’s family came up for a visit to my parent’s cabin in the mountains for a long weekend and Jon and I also celebrated our one year anniversary (of being married) at The Melting Pot. Jon and I also quit taking any steps to prevent getting pregnant for the first time ever and decided to see if we ended up getting pregnant.

IMG_9891 11111



I traveled to San Antonio for a sister trip with Annie and Tonie! We did a day trip to Austin and other than that, I kept working on my fitness and started picking up more hours at work since I began realizing I was going to be home from travel nursing for longer than I initially expected!

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After weighing pros and cons of staying in Atlanta or going on some more travel nurse adventures, I finally bit the bullet and started applying for a second, non-ER job. I began partaking in pre-wedding activities for Kassie’s 2015 wedding so I had my fair share of girl time. Jon and I made a weekend trip to Florida to visit his family and for him to walk in a 15k road race. Jon bought a new Jeep, which was probably the highlight of his year so far!



Jon and I booked a flight to Amsterdam in May and began throwing around ideas for our 3 week long “honeymoon.” My friends and I also had an early birthday celebration for me at the end of the month!

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I turned 29! Woohoo! I also had my first interview in five years for a pediatric nursing job but never heard back. And best of all, Jon and I took our trip to Europe! We visited The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Austria and had an awesome time! Those countries definitely rate at the top of my list so far and I am so glad we had a chance to go!





Jon and I decided to hold off on having kids after our trip to Europe. Maybe it was mostly me, but my love for traveling and my lack of wanting kids prevailed! Jon and I also had another weekend in Florida for Father’s Day with his dad and family. I had an interview for a tele/PCU job at a hospital that I had worked at previously at the end of the month. And last of all, Jon and I found out that I had gotten pregnant in Holland, despite deciding to wait to get pregnant!



I ended up getting hired for the tele/PCU job and beginning orientation at my new job, while still working in my ER job. My sister came down from Wisconsin with my nephew for over two weeks. After not living in the same state as her for years and only seeing them for 5-6 days at a time, it was so fun having them in town for so long! I also headed straight into morning sickness, where I apparently rediscovered my love of bread. Jon landed a new full-time job with a company that he has ended up loving!



Jon and I had our first prenatal appointment and saw our baby for the first time! Most of August was spent getting ready for Kassie’s big day! I went to Asheville, SC for Kassie’s bachelorette party! We rented a cabin in the mountains and I had a wonderful time with so all of Kassie’s friends! I also stood up in Kassie’s wedding as a bridesmaid! Lastly, I headed out to Grand Tetons National Park and Yellowstone National Park for a week long pre-baby bestie trip with Laura! August also marked seven years of on/off dating for Jon and me.


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I started grad school for a master’s in nursing in healthcare administration and leadership. Jon and I made another trip back down to Florida for our nephew’s 3rd birthday party. We also paid $40 for a sneak peek ultrasound to find out that we’re having a baby boy, and then I threw a “gender reveal party” for my close friends.



Jon and I visited my parent’s cabin for a weekend in the mountains for the first time alone in over a year. I joined a Book Club (founded by Kassie). Wedding preparations started for Gina, although her wedding isn’t until June of 2016! Jon and I celebrated his 32nd birthday together at Capital Grille!



Jon and I had planned on going to Paris for our babymoon, but those plans were changed with the issues over there. Instead, we booked a trip to Lake Tahoe for December. Jon and I had our official anatomy scan (ultrasound) with our OB and of course, we loved seeing Jackson moving around in my belly! We got our first piece of baby equipment: the stroller and infant car seat! More wedding preparations happened with Gina and I spent a ton of the month spending time with friends! I worked Thanksgiving, but had a nice Friendsgiving and a low-key holiday dinner with my parents.



Jon and I went on our trip to Lake Tahoe for a super relaxing babymoon! We followed that up with a trip to Florida for Christmas with his family, and then I immediately went to my parent’s cabin again for a girls’ trip with Kassie and Gina! Jon got a promotion at work. I brought in the New Year with my ER family (well, actually asleep- but the surrounding time was with them).