So much for a money making weekend! Saturday I went into work and it was pretty slow. I think I had 3-4 patients so I kept joking with my supervisor that she should just let me go home. And then she said I could go! I left around 1pm and called Jon to give him a heads up that I was leaving work and that we could spend the day together! Woohoo! Except, I think I was grumpy and Jon was grumpy and we both got home and argued with each other over nothing. And then I was so irritated that we argued when I actually got to leave work early on a weekend that I was just frustrated with that and stayed angry! So it was a disastrous afternoon off, which ended with me running errands and then both of us went to Babies R’ Us and to let Andrew’s dog out. I was seriously exhausted last night, so we were in bed by 10.

Today I went back to work and was scheduled to float for 12 hours. That rarely ever happens! I don’t work with adults much anymore, so they typically don’t schedule me to float. At 7am, my supervisor was asking me if I wanted to go home! I told her I’d stay and somebody else could go, and then she was all, “Just go drink some tea and come find me later.” So I wandered around and chatted everybody up and then at 8:15, I walked past her again and she was like, “Just go home!” Woohoo again! I know I need the money (like, for reals), but how can I not go home on a weekend when Jon and I have so few left together before the baby is born?!

I went home, showered, and then Jon and I went to have breakfast with my mom and dad at J. Christopher’s. It was a lot of fun seeing them this morning actually. I always enjoy spending time with them and really am super grateful to have healthy parents who are going to get to spend so much time with their grandson! Jon and I headed back to their house so Jon could help my dad load up a TV to take to Goodwill and I crashed on the couch. 5am wake-ups are just way too much for me. I do okay if I’m at work, but I totally just crash as soon as I walk out.


I had Jon get in a picture with me today since we have so few of us together while I’m pregnant! I think this might be our second one total where you can actually see my belly! I should also try and make my hair not look like such a mess right before we take photos.

After that, Jon and I decided to check out Buy Buy Baby cause we’ve never been. I was in cloth diaper heaven, even though they still have a limited selection. Once we left there, we cancelled Jon’s golf membership and came home. I’m not even kidding when I say that as soon as we got home, I took off my shoes and crashed. I think that was the best sleep I’ve had in weeks! I set my alarm so I could sleep for 45 minutes and I seriously felt like I had been asleep forever.

I still wanted to take advantage of some sunlight, so Jon and I decided to finally check out PDK, or DeKalb Peachtree Airport (I have no idea why it’s PDK but isn’t actually named in that order). We live so close to it and see planes land and take off all the time but somehow get distracted whenever we plan on going. Unfortunately, it was super cold when we got there and I think less planes are coming and going on Sunday evenings. Still awesome to check out and one plane did leave and two came in! Definitely need to go back and it’s fun cause they actually have a little playground area! I told Jon I was going to take Jackson and he made fun of me! I just think airplanes are cool! Even if I do hate flying in them!


We had to go let Andrew’s dog out again (he lives a good 25 minutes away so it’s not like a next-door type of thing) and now we’re home! Jon’s finishing up a game on TV so I assume we’ll do some relaxing together. I picked up a 4 hour shift in the ER tomorrow morning since I decided to miss out on 17 hours of work this weekend and then I’m going to be working on some baby shower stuff with Gina, Kassie, and Laura tomorrow afternoon!

I also figured out my AppleID password and used an app to make a comparison photo of my pregnancy so far!


9 weeks and 33 weeks. 


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  1. that traveling nurse

    you look glowing. basically, the same except for the baby belly. good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

  2. Wow your belly has really grown! That’s a really good picture of you and Jon!

    I don’t blame you for not working all those hours haha. I would do the same and spend as much time before the baby comes.

    Airport names changes but airport codes do not. So if the aiport code does not match the current name, it changed its name. Like Orlando is MCO and Chicago O’hare is ORD, they had previous names.

  3. AWWW the comparison picture!!! You look super happy in both. And super cute 😉 I love how you took like 500 naps. I require at least one nap a week, so I have a feeling pregnant me someday is going to require like five lol. Also, totally laughed when you said you got home and you guys argued over nothing. That was our day yesterday lol.

    • It’s so stupid what people argue over! I texted him to tell him he can’t leave a space heater on when he’s not here, and he just forgot! But he always tells me I’m dumb for not leaving the dryer on when we leave cause he doesn’t believe it’s a fire hazard, so I thought maybe he didn’t know! He was like, “Do you think you married a retard?!” and I guess I didn’t say no to that, so he was all angry. How dumb. Who even argues about stuff like that?! I never used to like naps really but I take SO MANY now! I took another one today and then just fell asleep on the couch when I came home for a few minutes. I just need to start nesting so I have energy to do stuff!!!!

  4. I have been totally with ya on the sleeping front lately! All I want to do is sleep! Those pictures are so cute of you! Bet you guys are getting so excited for the baby now!

    • Yup, we are 🙂 Maybe it’s the cold weather making us want to sleep! This has been really the first few cold weeks we’ve had! Winter has been so mild so far!

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