“Weekend” Updates

Happy Friday guys! Although I feel like it should be more like “Unhappy Friday” since I have to work all weekend and this day will be my day to hopefully get sh*t done since it’s my 3rd day off in a row. I started it off by staying in bed till just after 11am though, so we’ll see if I get a swift kick of motivation or not! I think it’s just the impending doom of schoolwork looming overhead ruining all motivation. Womp womp.

I’ve had the last two days off and while I seriously considered picking up some shifts, I think I needed that time off to let these fat little legs recoup. While my legs are feeling better (although still a little fat), I have horrible lower back/upper butt pain right now. I’m sure it has to do with my new posture, since my belly protrudes so much, and I also wonder if my hips have started widening. Since I’ve gained so much elsewhere though, I really can’t tell if my hips are any bigger or not. I also reached this level:


Wednesday and Thursday ended up being gym days both days! I’m not even going to lie and pretend I wasn’t surprised that I’ve gone two days in a row. I’m shooting for a third today, but it’ll have to be somewhat light because my back hurt even worse yesterday after doing legs. (Random side note: I don’t get why people hate leg days. Back squats are my favorite move by far and I really love all leg moves best.) Also, since I cancelled my ClassPass, one of the coaches who owns a CrossFit gym near me emailed me asking me when I was coming back to see them. He’s an Army veteran also so we connected well when I went, but I told him I had cancelled ClassPass because I didn’t feel like it was working out to have to modify at so many different gyms. He told me to name a price and we could see what we could work out till the baby is born, which was super nice of him. However, I had kind of comes to term with just having to use LA Fitness and saving some money, so I’m not sure what I’m going to do. I would love to keep on doing CrossFit, even if just once a week, but I’m going to think about it this weekend and then make a decision because I can’t help but think of all the baby stuff we could buy with even $50!

Other than that, Wednesday was an errand running day. I worked out, went grocery shopping, and made corn tortillas with beans and cheese for dinner for Jon and me. I did some reading for school and we called it a night pretty early!

This is totally random, but Jon just got home from work a few minutes ago and the cats are going nuts because a bird is trapped on our porch. Cats do this little meow thing when they’re hunting so both cats are just sitting at the patio door doing this bird call. Jon just yelled at Tom and I was like, “Don’t yell at him! He’s just bird calling!” and he was like, “He’s barking.” I have no idea why I found it so funny, but he’s definitely not barking.

Yesterday I got out of bed around 11. I have been waking up a ton at night and then usually wake up for about 2 hours around 5:30 or 6, but I still feel so exhausted when I wake up! So my mornings have been super late mornings in bed. I relaxed in the morning and then went to the gym. Gina and I met for coffee around 3, where I planned on doing schoolwork but we really just talked the whole time. And then we had a book club meeting for a book that I didn’t even read (The 5th Wave- I couldn’t get into it because of the style it was written in- way too young sounding). It was still fun to see the book club girls though! Jon crashed as soon as I got home last night so I caught up on an episode of Teen Mom because I really wanted to elevate my legs before going to bed, even though I was super exhausted when I got home at 10pm. Old lady right here.

Today I need to cook up some veggies for work this weekend, finish laundry, pick up the house, go to the gym, and read as much as possible for school and get started on discussions cause I’ll be busy next week on Monday and Tuesday. Jon has a case downtown around 3pm, so I’m not sure when he’ll get home again tonight. But hopefully we can hang out for a bit this evening, even though it’ll probably just be at home since we’re on that baby budget.

Jon is moving our guest bed to my parent’s house this weekend so Jackson’s room will FINALLY be getting started! We really need to empty out the bookshelf and organize the closet so we have some room to put all of our stuff! I can’t believe my baby shower is next weekend! We’ve already received gifts from two people in the mail and I just feel so humbled that people actually buy us gifts for our baby! I know this is what happens, but still, the fact that people even think about our baby or want to buy gifts for us just sort of makes me speechless. I don’t even know how to describe it! I feel really weird about receiving gifts in general because I feel like as adults, we should just buy the things we want/need, so next weekend is going to be a struggle accepting gifts at a baby shower and being the center of attention. Jon doesn’t even buy me gifts! I would rather just have an experience with people than get an object. (Fun fact if you don’t remember: I never even had a bridal shower because it’s just not my things. We asked for “honeymoon donations” on our wedding website for those that wanted to get anything for us.)

Okay, time to go cuddle up with Jon for a few minutes before he leaves again and then I need to start being productive…



4 thoughts on ““Weekend” Updates

  1. Okay, you have to excuse me because I was so bad at keeping up with your blog because I wasn’t following it right! I don’t use bloglovin I add blogs to my reading list in blogger and I had yours in wrong. So whenever you commented on my blog, I’d try to click back over and it would open up something weird. First of all, YOU’RE THE CUTEST PREGNANT PERSON EVER! I want a little belly to use as a table top lol! But I’ll pass on the back pain. Ouch. How tall are you? I imagine being short makes it worse, no? (Or maybe you just look short since I skimmed your last posts and there was one with you next to your husband who looks super tall lol.) And don’t feel bad about the baby shower, for real, I think people LOVE buying baby stuff. I feel much better buying things for a baby shower than a wedding shower where I’m usually like “really, you’re an adult buy your own dishes!” (peeve of mine lol.)

    • I have blogs that come up weird in certain feeds, or just stop showing up entirely for some reason! But no problem 🙂 I’m 5′ tall, so definitely short! And my husband is 6’2″, so he is definitely quite a bit taller than me! And thank you for the compliment, haha 🙂 I always hoped I’d be a cute pregnant person! I actually always hoped I wouldn’t have a low baby, but Jackson is definitely a low baby! Although, I’m not too tall so he doesn’t look as ridiculous as I assumed a low baby would look. If that even makes sense…. I definitely feel less cute these days and just more oompa loompa-ish, but I guess that’s normal when you’ve got a baby taking up a bunch of space in your belly! I always really like buying gifts for baby showers and love doing it, but I STILL just can’t get past feeling weird about it! And I’m not one to get really excited when I open gifts like, “OMG I LOVE THIS! THIS IS SO CUTE!” so I feel like people think I don’t like their gifts. I’m more like, “Oh thanks! This is great!”

  2. I still think you look pretty cute pregnant and it’s basically what I’ll look like pregnant since we’re the same size ;).

    Congrats on making it to the gym two days. So sorry about having to cancel ClassPass and drop CrossFit. Maybe you can work something out with that gym after the baby is born and when you’re used to life with the baby and can work out consistently? Sounds like you’ve been super productive the last few days too.

    • I thought you didn’t want to have babies! But you probably would look a lot like this! And we’d probably have the same struggles of nothing fitting! I’m hoping to figure out something for before the baby is born but if not, I’m not stressing out about it! My back has been hurting so much that it’s hard to do much at the gym this past week! Everything is constantly changing with my body so whatever happens with the gym, happens! No big deal 🙂

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