Random Lists

I’m just going to make a quick list since I’m lacking motivation to formulate any sort of blog post that makes sense or flows.

  1. I’m tired. Very very tired. I’m really hoping that I start nesting soon and that I’m not one of those people that magically skips the nesting phase. There seems to be so much to do before this baby comes, but with work and school, I just feel so insanely exhausted. The couch seems much more appealing than doing anything productive.
  2. Jon really wants me to quit working two jobs now. He’s never pushy because I think he knows it’s pointless and that I pretty much do what I want, but he has expressed some dislike for how much I’m still working. (I did work more in the last two weeks, but I will only be working 8 12 hour shifts a month till Jackson is born.) I told him I was going to pick up a few extra hours at work (probably just 4 hours at a time!) and he was kind of irritated. Most people work full time till their babies are born (bless those nurses working three 12s until they’re 40 weeks pregnant!!!), but I think he can just tell that 12-13 hours on my feet in one day is taking its toll. I’m going to see how these next two work weekends go, but I may end up needing to figure out how to get out of my last work weekend on Feb 20 & 21. At 38 weeks, I may not make that!
  3. My legs are like stuffed sausages with numb toes. The edema (swelling) is real. And it’s no joke. I forgot my compression sleeves when I went to work yesterday and about had a meltdown. Jon actually surprised me at work in the middle of the day with them, so I got to put them on for about 7 hours and they made such a big difference in how my legs were feeling, but they were still huge when I got off work.
  4. School started and I already hate it. All I’ve done is post my introductions but looking at the assignments just made me feel overwhelmed. I’m overwhelmed knowing I need to still prepare 100% for a baby and work enough hours to get some money back in the bank (so we don’t start diving into savings before I even go on “maternity leave”), and then the second half of the semester I will probably be distracted by lack of sleep and a new baby. It’s only four months out of a lifetime though. I can do it.
  5. I cancelled ClassPass officially. I thought about keeping it, but that extra money right now convinced me. I didn’t work out Monday because my legs were hurting so much from working all weekend. I need to go today, but now I’m so exhausted that I don’t feel like it. I really hope to make it. Eight weeks left in this pregnancy and I really don’t want to get out of shape this early. It’s just getting harder and harder to keep working out, and I really just want to go to CrossFit but financially, I think the best decision is to stay in shape at LA Fitness for right now. Even if I only make it twice a week, I’m going to be happy with that right now and stop feeling guilty for not working out like I want to.
  6. I had an OB appointment today. I’m sort of sad that I only have a few appointments left with my OB and then I’ll see random doctors since my OB is all booked up for my weekly visits from 36-40 weeks. I love my OB (she also did a surgery on my lady parts in the past and I have been seeing her since- I think she’s absolutely fantastic) and I’m really hoping she’ll be able to deliver Jackson, but I doubt it. They have too many people on call at that office so the chances are slim! But anyway, I asked her how Jackson is laying in there and he’s head down, laying on his side with his feet to my left side and his butt since to the right of my belly button. It totally makes sense now. So it’s always his little arms that I see swooping across my belly and it’s probably his elbows that always stick out right at my belly button. I always assumed that, but wasn’t sure where his head was. Glad he’s already in position!
  7. Speaking of babies, I can’t stop looking at cloth diapers. I want to buy all of them. I even dream about diapers. Like, regularly. I want these Workhorse diapers so bad for the newborn phase, but I was trying to keep that phase super cheap and fold my own diapers. But these look way easier! I’d still need to buy covers, which I’m buying anyway, but prefolds alone are only $12 for 12 diapers.
  8. I need to go see if my beef is still good enough to make chili, go to Whole Foods, and go to the gym. And then try and get some school stuff done. But I don’t even want to make chili. I just don’t want to waste a pound of expensive beef (but it may have already gone bad). I still just want nothing to do with eating meat. I did start drinking my Orgain protein in the mornings. I was just starving all morning long so I knew I needed something, and with not eating meat for protein too, I figured why not? I’m not typically big on protein at all, as you all know if you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, but there was no filling me up! I was seriously eating almost my entire lunch by 11am at work. So I pulled out my ol’ jug of protein that’s been sitting in there for months on end and have been mixing it with my whole Grassmilk and for some reason, it just tastes so insanely good now. It must be a pregnancy thing, but the chalkiness of it is seriously delicious and I’m always super sad when it’s all gone. And now I can make it till about 10am before I start wanting a snack, which is back to normal for me (I eat breakfast on work days at 6:10).

What a long, random, boring post. Bye Felicia.


2 thoughts on “Random Lists

  1. That seems like a lot to work those hours while so close to your due date! But I totally get why you want to work straight through it.

    How much longer do you have of grad school left after this semester that just started?

    • Another 2 years 😦 This semester and next year are all online, and then my 3rd year of grad school is basically all internship type stuff. I’ll have 144 internship hours to complete per semester, so that’ll be the tough part. I would totally quit working so much if we had more money in checking right now, but we don’t! Might as well keep on saving! And I suppose it’d shorten my time at home with the baby too, so I’d rather just keep working now!

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