Pregnancy Ramblings & Life Complaints

Hey-o 🙂 This week flew by! Maybe it’s because I’m in the last two months of pregnancy and told myself that this time would go way too fast! And it is!

Wednesday night, Laura and I went to find some mini pine trees with burlap sack bases for my Lumberjack themed baby shower! We ended up going to Hobby Lobby and I was in love! I have no idea why, but I always thought Hobby Lobby was a ghetto version of Michael’s! I was so wrong! I loved everything in that store and all I want to do now is decorate Jackson’s room, but I’m not going to because the cost of that stuff is insane! We did find everything Christmas for 80% off at Michael’s, so I got four of those trees that I wanted for less than $12!

I barely slept at all on Wednesday night. Jon was out of town and the cats were annoying and I was uncomfortable. So Thursday morning was rough getting up to go to work! Thankfully it was only an 8 hour day! I had big plans of going to the gym after and then getting together with Crista, but Crista had to cancel and the gym definitely wasn’t happening. Jon gave me a cold so I’ve been even more exhausted than usual, so I came home and crashed on the couch for awhile. Then I spent my evening watching TV and coloring in my coloring book before falling asleep.

I woke up at 5am today and couldn’t fall back to sleep. Everything in my belly just feels off. My muscles feel weird. My ligaments feel tight. I feel like I might be having Braxton Hicks contractions occasionally too. And Jackson has been getting hiccups and for some reason, every hiccup was so uncomfortable the other night. And my back has started hurting again and my feet also hurt just a few hours into work these days. But anyway, enough complaining. So I just felt kind of miserable this morning and laid in bed till 6:50. At that point, I told myself if I couldn’t fall asleep by 7, I had to get up and start my day. Apparently that (and laying on my stomach) was all I needed to go back to sleep!

9am rolled around and I dragged myself out of bed so I could go drop my car off near my parent’s house to get an oil change and new brake pads. My dad picked me up and took me to their house. I was going to watch TV, but the TV wasn’t turning on so I took that as a sign to nap instead.

I woke up at 11:46 and realized I had set my alarm for 11:30pm! Woops! So I threw on some shoes and went to my super old CrossFit gym! It’s the one I went to when Jon and I were broken up for that year, where I really lifted heavy and got way into the whole gym thing. I haven’t gone there in so long due to some odd situational stuff that happened shortly before I ended up moving, but it was so good to see the owners there and work out with some of the same people I used to work out with three years ago there! Thankfully, the WOD wasn’t super insane! I did do 75# thrusters which felt insanely heavy going overhead. Sad, considering all my WODs used to be Rx’d usually with 85# going overhead tons in WODs. But, whatever. I’m pregnant and don’t ever lift heavy.

After the gym, I went to eat lunch with my dad! I definitely carb loaded and had grilled cheese, sweet potato casserole, and mac n’ cheese. I LOVE  the barbecue chicken there, but for some reason, I’m still really not feeling meat at all and actually felt kind of nauseated (probably from the cold- I tend to get kind of nauseated with colds) so eating barbecue chicken just sounded unappealing. And I’ve actually heard that at the end of pregnancy, your appetite changes completely again, so maybe I’m just in that phase now too.

My car was finished after that, so I picked that up ($175 for that- $78 of which was labor for brakes! I totally should have had Jon put the brakes on my car!) and went to Whole Foods. I really hate trying to feed myself for a workday now. Honestly, all I want to eat is yogurt, pineapple, oranges, apples, and hash brown soup. And more yogurt. I eat way too much yogurt now.

I’m home now. I need to clean up since we have a guest staying with us for 5 days starting tomorrow. I’m actually excited to have her stay, but I have a problem with anybody seeing our house messy. Right now, I don’t care too much that the room she’s staying in is a mess, because we’re obviously transitioning it to a baby’s room so that’s understandable. But the rest of the house is a mess because I’m sick now and pregnant always and lazy as can be. And I DON’T want to clean it. I also don’t want to cook anything to take with me to work tomorrow. I really just want to sit on the couch and take another nap.

This is a really inopportune time to get sick. I was just scheduled for a work class on Monday morning, so I now work 12 hours tomorrow, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday next week, plus I have a work class on Monday from 8-12 and an OB appointment at 9:30 on Wednesday. And I can’t sleep for shit. So, having to work 60 hours in the next week is really looking super exhausting right now and I can’t even sleep in until NEXT FRIDAY! Plus grad school starts again on Monday, so I’ll be trying to get back into the swing of things there and I’ll have schoolwork to do, which is usually fairly time consuming. Ugh. I also want to try and make it to the gym on my three days off next week because I really can’t get out of the habit of going now! And I’m 32 weeks pregnant 😦

Maybe I just needed to write today’s blog so I could complain. I mean, life is good and this pregnancy is still going really well overall and I still love all of Jackson’s tumbles, but I think I’m just feeling really overly exhausted and discouraged about how many hours I have to work this coming week. And my lower abdomen has been hurting a ton since I left the gym in one spot and I keep getting sharp pains, so that’s no fun… Oh wait! I actually just looked at my schedule and I’m only on call Thursday morning from 7a-11a! We have Book Club that night but if I’m really THAT tired, I’ll skip that. I feel better now. I’m still tired, but I feel about 10% less stressed! And the good part is that this is really my last rough week before my hours drop back down. I didn’t put in for ANY extra in February at all (although I may pick up some hours because we really need the money before my “maternity leave”) so I will be doing my best to take it easy. I also just realized that Jon and I only have three weekends off together before Jackson is born (although, one of those is my baby shower weekends so my sisters will be here for most of it).

This is getting long. Too much procrastinating. Jon just got on an early flight home from New York so I should probably go get stuff done so that we can relax (/fall asleep) when he gets home around 8 tonight!


2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Ramblings & Life Complaints

  1. Wow, time does fly because Jackson is almost here! That’s exciting! The babyshower theme seems super cute! It seems to go with his name too cause Jackson is such a manly name and there’s this lumber company in my town that’s called Jackson Lumber haha.

    Do you have long term disability for maternity leave? My co-workers told me to get long term instead of short term because it will come in handy when I get pregnant. Pregnancy leave is so much better in Europe.

    I can’t believe you’re still making it to the gym while pregnant! You’ll bounce right back into your pre-pregnancy body in no time!

    • I don’t have anything for maternity leave! Since I had planned on traveling more and we hadn’t actually talked about trying to get pregnant beforehand, it just wasn’t something I looked at. We sort of just decided suddenly to try and see what happens. And you have to have the disability in place for 9-10 months before being able to collect it, so I just never bothered cause I figured I’d get pregnant before that (and I did). Although it’ll be a big change, we SHOULD be fine financially without having to touch savings too much. Pregnancy leave is pretty much better in every developed country than it is in the US! But there are other perks to the US (like good breakfast), so I’ll deal with it! And I’m not technically taking maternity leave. I’m dropping my PRN level down at my ER job and taking a full month off there, but I’ll go back the second month for a total of 24 hours (however I make that work). I only really make it to the gym twice a week! I just talk about how I planned on going a lot and then never did, so I think it seems like I’ve gone more! Kassie wanted a “Lumber-Jackson” party, so that was all her idea, haha. It was actually that or a winter wonderland theme, but I’m from the north and like all that plaid and burliness! 🙂

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