Hello out there on this fine Wednesday! I can’t even remember what my Monday entailed, but I assure you all that a workout wasn’t part of it! I believe a trip to Whole Foods and the Fresh Market (because Whole Foods puts their eggs in a big tub fridge thing in the middle of an aisle and I always forget eggs) was, along with some cooking. And some adult coloring. Oh, and The Bachelor! Of course! I told Jon about 190 times that I want to marry Ben, even though I think his whole “unloveable” insecurity would probably get annoying. Like, come on dude, just know your own worth. Then again, this is coming from an “older woman,” haha.

I had to work yesterday at my PCU/tele job, which I was totally dreading. Weekdays there always end up being miserable because it is always crazy and I’m always on the tele side and I don’t particularly enjoy that side of things. But it was slow and steady and I had great patients, so I’m going to call that a successful day!

Jon came home right before I did, so we ended up hanging out for a bit together. I tend to need lots of winding down time after work and for some reason, I was seriously exhausted last night. We had a pretty early night and I was glad, cause I think I needed it!

I stayed in bed till just after 11 this morning! I was up briefly for about an hour off an on in the morning while Jon got a bunch of stuff together this morning, but I surprisingly had no problems going back to sleep. I did wake up hourly after that, but it was so warm in my bed and the cats were snuggling with me so I just enjoyed my morning being cozy. Besides, grad school starts back on Monday so I’ll have more to do on my days off, and my countdown till Jackson’s arrival keeps getting smaller and smaller too!

I got up in time to grab something to eat and then head to CrossFit. I was feeling extremely unmotivated, which is how I just feel overall towards working out. I know I can technically quit working out whenever I want to, but I’m really trying to make it till delivery being active. I also am so tired of feeling like a pain in the ass because of the minimal movements that I am actually comfortably doing. For example, this is how today’s WOD went:


Back Squat 5×3

Increase weight each set. (I increased for 4 sets and did the 5th at the same weight. Sets were as follows: 55#, 75#, 95#, 125#, 125#)


4 rounds of 4 minutes each:

200m Sprint (I did 15 wall balls at 10#)
12 Hang Power Snatches (95/65) (I did a 35# bar)
10 Pullups (I subbed ring rows)

Rest the remainder of the round. Record finish times for each round. (I didn’t record my time because I do not care one bit how fast I work out these days.)

And then I did one strict pull up afterwards just to see if I could. All 125lbs of me made it up, but one was definitely all I could do.

I actually felt pretty good, except for the last round. I was glad to have built in rest because I get so extremely short of breath when I’m working out now. But the last round, I started feeling nauseated, which is what has been happening lately. I guess 16 minutes is my max these days, haha. I was pretty glad not to feel completely depleted of energy after we finished, although I am definitely feeling it now… DOEF (Delayed Onset Extreme Fatigue).

I came home to throw some clothes on, where I tried about a million things on hoping they’d be warm and then I got irritated that Jon has to be twice my size so I can’t even wear his hoodies while I’m pregnant. I should have married a smaller man. I’m kidding. I’m glad he’s big, but I do wish he had just one hoodie that I could fit my belly in!


Excuse that face. I was just being silly and then tried to retake a better one, but this is the one my belly looks the best in! 31 weeks,  4 days! Random thought: I took my rings in to get rhodium dipped and for some reason, it’ll take 3 weeks? (I hope they’re back for my baby shower on the 23rd!) So now I feel like people are judging me for being an unmarried, nonworking, pregnant 20 year old because everybody always tells me how young I look. And you know, I’d totally own it if I was 20 and unmarried and pregnant and not working, except I’m really 29, working (just not frequently during the week), married, and pregnant… Jon’s always like, “Why do you care what people think?” and I guess I don’t really care that much, but the thoughts cross my mind. Whatever. I’m hormonal and pregnant. I can care about whatever I want.

After finding something to wear (glad this Nike shirt still fits), I grabbed a bacon, egg, and cheese bagel from Goldberg’s because I wanted one and was totally disappointed that they forgot to put cream cheese on it too. I decided to be a big girl and just eat it that way. I ate it on my way out to Chattahoochee Coffee Company since it was a beautiful day out and I wanted to write my 2 year anniversary letter to Jon! It’s the same place I wrote my one year letter last year too and I sat at the same table! I guess when it feels like 40 out, people aren’t dying to sit outside.


I even spent 30 minutes watching nature from the hammock that they have by the water! Love that coffee place! Especially since it’s less crowded during this time of the year and there are plenty of places to sit outside!

I just got home a little while ago. I have to shower and clean up all my dishes in the sink. Laura and I are getting together tonight to do something. Perhaps we’ll go search out baby shower decorations since I’m slacking on that. I’m pretty exhausted, so hopefully it’ll be an early night so I can chill on my couch and prepare for my day at work tomorrow. I just have 8 to do in the ER tomorrow and am hanging out with Crista in the evening, so hopefully I’ll have enough motivation to squeeze in some sort of afternoon workout tomorrow. Who knows anymore these days though.



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  1. Not even pregnant and the ring issue happens to us. One time I forgot to wear mine (I take them off for things like gym) and Clay wore his and we were like, people are going to think he is having an affair! I think it’s awesome you are still working out and doing CrossFit even if you have to modify a lot, most people would just give up on and not try to modify.

    I hate when restaurants get orders wrong and I’ve already left! I try to remember to check everything now…

  2. Wow you’re getting so big! This is great insight though on being pregnant and how hard it is to continue exercising. I still don’t know how you do it haha.

    That’s so cute that you’re writing him a letter where you did previously!

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