Weekend Updates

Well guys, the holidays are over! I’m sort of glad. Although this means grad school starts back next week (which I am totally not looking forward to!), I’m just over the craziness that came with December! It was not nearly as relaxing as I had imagined! And at over 31 weeks pregnant now, I am really feeling the need to have some relaxing!

It has been a week now since I’ve been to the gym. With working the holidays and going on a cabin trip with Gina and Kassie, I didn’t even try. And this past weekend, well, I just wanted some time with Jon without even worrying about the gym. The last few times I’ve gone, it has been so physically exhausting that it basically ruins the rest of my day because all I have the energy for is sitting on the couch and I was a little worried that would happen and our weekend would be shot!

Saturday morning was finally Christmas with my parents! My brother went over on the actual holiday, so it was just Jon and I for brunch over there. Brunch is my favorite meal and I happen to have an insatiable appetite in the mornings these days, so brunch was perfect! After eating, my mom asked if we wanted to go look at a model home to get ideas for redoing their bathroom. I seriously love looking at houses, so of course, we were up for it! The model home was in a new subdivision so they had a ton of houses to walk through and they were all amazing! The layouts were literally exactly what Jon and I have been looking for and they were just so perfect! And they were at least $350,000, so there’s that too. But they were gorgeous and I WANT!


After our house adventures and a quick game of Scrabble (I WON! And my dad played “clit” and “sexy”- too much for a 67 year old man, haha), Jon and I headed out since we had plans of meeting up with Crista and Billy!

We headed downtown to Joystick around 6:30. I had no idea what it was, but it was a gaming type bar with all sorts of board games and arcade games. I’ve been out of the whole bar scene since long before getting pregnant, so it wasn’t necessarily my type of place. Not to mention the fact that people really do stare at pregnant women in a bar. We grabbed some pizza afterwards and then it was almost 10pm, so Jon and I headed out for the night while they went on to the next place! Jon passed out as soon as we got home, so it was a pretty early night for us!


Sunday morning was a total disaster. My pregnancy hormones are back in full swing again, which the babycenter website warned me about! (Babycenter has been right on with all of my symptoms of pregnancy, oddly enough.) So we had a very rough couple of hours where I had a meltdown over not being able to communicate and I threw a hissy fit and cried all morning long and laid in bed. It’s pretty impressive that Jon still loves me, even when I act that ridiculous. About five hours later (for reals), I decided to get it together and we went and ran some errands and rented Southpaw since my mom got us a Blu-ray player for Christmas. Ours stopped working a long time ago and we just never replaced it, but we used to love Redbox nights so it was fun to do that again! I actually spent the entire movie coloring in my adult coloring book and then we laid in bed with candles and talked to each other and felt Jackson go crazy in my belly.

Speaking of Jackson, I am definitely getting way more excited about meeting him. The change in lifestyle thing is still not looking very fun to me, but I am starting to really look forward to having him lay on us while we’re watching a movie or laying in bed with us (we are not co-sleeping because Tom would probably suffocate him- so he will be in his crib in his own room). I can’t wait to see what he looks like and watching all his little movements that he’s been doing in my belly! I know they say babies sleep about 20 hours a day in utero, but this baby is nonstop and I love it. However, I am definitely more emotional. I even cried at watching a cartoon baby being born on the babycenter website last night cause we’re getting so close to our own baby being born! I also cried at the Christmas Shoes song on my way to work the other morning. I am rarely ever completely comfortable anymore and sleeping is becoming a real challenge some nights, but it’s still not too bad! I just can’t believe that we’re technically in the 8 week countdown now (8 weeks, 5 days till the due date!).

Anyway, I better be off to get stuff done for the day! I stayed in bed till 10:30 even though I had wanted to get up early. I plan on just going to LA Fitness since I don’t have the energy or the motivation for ClassPass at some point today, but I need to run out and get groceries and work on cleaning up this house a little bit more. It’s super sunny out and I feel like I should be outside, so I considered going to a coffee shop but eh, we’ll see.  Honestly, I feel like the workout will be the first to go. I need to get my motivation back to work out but it’s hard to gather any motivation when I’ve felt so depleted of energy after even the easiest, shortest workouts lately! But I have almost 9 weeks to go so it’s too early to quit!


6 thoughts on “Weekend Updates

  1. Ahh only 9 weeks to go! That’s so exciting! The lifestyle change might be hard at first but reading about your excitement for Jackson to be born definitely shows just how great a Mom you are going to be!

  2. I think you’re doing a good job keeping up with workouts. I don’t know anyone who manages to get every single workout in during the holidays, pregnant or not. Missing a week isn’t too bad considering you were traveling and being with family, honestly.

    That joystick bar sounds like so much fun- almost like a Dave and Busters. WIsh we had something like that here. Also, with model homes… I loved looking at them when we were in the market to buy a home. It was so much fun, even though we bought one that was already built and in an established neighborhood. Good idea to do that to get decorating ideas, never thought of that…

    I love the picture of you and Jon.

    • The model homes are awesome to get ideas from! I can’t wait till we have a house where we can implement some of the things we saw! I don’t know why we haven’t been looking at more model homes because they’re tons of fun to look at and there’s a ton of new subdivisions up north of here! I feel like a week is a long time not to work out when I’ve had some opportunities! But then again, I’ve made it 31 weeks still working out while pregnant, so if they get a little less regular now, I’m not going to stress about it too much!

  3. The holidays can be so exhausting! I dont understand how people can whip and an entire meal for rhe holidays! Im exhausted just making pies and cookies!

    Model homes seem cool because you can design your house. But I’ve always been afraid of their structural stability. But I haven’t done any research in it so it could be all in my head haha.

  4. *This was the picture I was talking about lol* You look teeny tiny

    • This is exactly the picture I thought you were talking about! Jon and I have almost NO pictures of us together during this pregnancy. Actually, I think this is the ONLY one, aside from one where I’m facing him and you can’t even tell that I’m pregnant. We need to get a few more before the baby is born cause I just feel like it’s something we should have!

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